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Almost daily the phone would ring and it would be the same caller. Some days the calls would be up to three times. A recording would start and it would say that the factory warranty would be running out soon. And we could extend it then giving the option of pressing 1 to speaker to an operator or 2 to be taken off the call list.

At first I would press 2 and the phone would go dead, but if not again the same day. Then the next day it would be the same call. I took to pressing 1 and when the operator would come on I would try to say
“ I want to be taken off the call list!”. But all I could get out was “I want to be ta” then they would hang up.
Only to call later that day or the next, so I did something different. When they would start their sales pitch I would say “ I have an 83 Ford pick-up do you really think there is any left of the factory warranty?”.
There would be a moment of silence than “ ahh no”, then I would explain that I have repeatedly asked to be taken off the call list but keep getting the calls!

They would explain that there are several companies making these call and that there is not just one call list.
But as many times as I had done this little dance I am sure I would have gotten all of them told.

Well Yesterday it was announced that the Federal Trade commission had filed charges against several companies for being responsible for rob-o calls concerning car warranties!

YEAH!!!!! These calls are bothersome and a hassle I even started getting them on my cell phone too.



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Limbaugh? His Truth is What, exactly???

In an incredibly weird thread, Rush compares his Oxycontin addiction to the dynamics of liberals.  Strange?  Without doubt…

Read more here:

Politics Foils
In this photo, Rush says “I’m keeping my eyes on you, dems/libs …”
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Who is Fibbing to Whom?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears before reporters.

Is Nancy correct in asserting that the CIA were not honest with her?

More here: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0509/22550.html

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Friday, 05/15/09 Public Square


Many of the Prairie P and Ps are in Kansas!  All of us appreciate the insights, ideas and thoughts from readers and bloggers everywhere.  What are you thinking about today?



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