Sunday, 10/1/17, Public Square

protest at work


by | September 30, 2017 · 9:01 pm

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  1. Rick Liebst

    ” Freedom of speech”, such a familiar sounding concept yet often it is seeming that it the the hing that is wanting to be silenced ? Of course when we use it, there is always that chance of offending someone else. Lord knows I can not manage to get through my day with out someone being offended by what i say. I promise myself that today I will set quietly in the corner. Staying out of it and being a pleasant soul. I actually do! But you my friends know how that going in your own life’s. LOL I have always been in such good company here.

    speech out against trump, against the religious right, against the banning of choice. I keep coming up with the counter of , Why did you fall in love with that person? Hair color? Height? Gee no one actually get around to it is because of their gender. That often is not even on the list of what it is about someone else that we love. I love my best friends, shoot often it feels as if they understand me better then Joyce does. But then the other side of that it true too. It often jut takes a glance toward her and the message is sent. The same can be said of a hoomoosexual couple. If two people are that close and attuned. It is not up to me to say that they should not be together.

  2. Rick Liebst

    Does anyone else have the impression we are witnessing a collapse? The Collapse of Trump and in a side issue that of the Neocons. Trump can not seem to help himself in being his own worst enemy. HIs handlers are about to have strokes trying to both keep up with him and to control the news of his escape of eggo.

    • I hope so, Rick! Except, at the same time, I know Pence is even more dangerous. My best hope is that people actually get out and vote and the Republicans are left in the dust of history.

      • I agree 100% – Pence is more dangerous – IMHO

        Pence has that self-righteous, sanctified, glorified, holy-fied and Jesus-fied thing going for him – which makes people think he is okay.

        NO – just think about how false prophets – and CON men – work their victims. They ‘appear’ to be so nice but in their hearts, pure evil comes from darkness.

        Pence has very cold eyes – IMHO.

        Any Kompassionate Kristian Konservative Republican that continues to argue that any person needs that modification to make assault rifles to be able to shoot 400 bullets per minute is not a ‘real’ Christian – IMHO.

        And then to add extra stupidity on to the Republican crazies – these are the same folks who voted to allow mentally ill people to legally buy guns and ammo.

        And that was on top of them refusing to close the loophole on all those suspected terrorists on the No Fly List to still be able to legally buy guns and ammo.

        Every damn time any of these FAKE Kristians offer their prayers to victims – I just want to shove it down their throats.

        Empty words from FAKE Kristians and I suspect their prayers simply bounce off the damn ceiling.



    I stand with Jimmy Kimmel. This is not about the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms to protect yourself.

    This is about a country where these tragic mass shootings have become nothing more than just another ‘news story’ and the masses won’t even look up the next time because we have been become numb to all this craziness.

    But BY GOD – when Trump and his Trumpublicans continue to hold people like Alex Jones (the dude that has pushed the Sandy Hook school mass killing of 1st graders and their teachers as a damn hoax) on their pedestal of what is ‘real’ news – the problem is not just Trump.

    Kimmel hit the nail on its ugly head – it’s these POLICIES that Trumpublicans have pushed for years and then they send their prayers to the victims?

    To HELL with their empty prayers – we need action and now.