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Cheney made the statement that President Obama retained the authority to order torture in a national emergency. Hardball and Chris asked David Axelrod senior adviser to Obama if that was true?

Axelrod then went into a diatribe about what Obama has said about torture and it is a violation of our core values and the like! After he was through Chris asked the question again? AND again Axelrod went on and on about what Obama had said about torture.

It was a simple question and only needed a simple answer! Yes or No, to burst into a diatribe instead of simply answering is worse than the answer (either answer) would have been.

Often what is truly alarming is not what someone said it is what they did not say!


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Why in the wide, wide, world of sports is SINGLE-PAYER not even mentioned in the mainsteam media? Maybe because the MSM is riding a gravy train provided by advertising prescription drugs? And why in the hell do they need to advertise anyway? Shouldn’t they cut the ads and pass the savings on?


With Obama’s failure on the Gitmo vote, is that an omen on the healthcare fight? Congresscritters are being lobbied daily by the insurance agencies, where’s our seat at the table?  ~sekanblogger


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Is Obama too Incremental???

Iquiring minds would like to know!!!

Tell us what you think…

iggy donnelly


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MFC_Election_Vote_RepublicanThe results of a new online poll offer cold comfort for anyone hoping that Barack Obama’s election might be the beginning of a post-partisan era for American politics.

A total of ninety-one percent of self-identified conservatives described Obama’s political philosophy as “Socialist,” “Marxist,” “Communist” or “Fascist,” according to the poll, which was conducted between May 12 and 19 on ConservativeHQ.com.

Nearly 2,600 people voted in the poll, including 1,848 individuals who identified their own political philosophy as “conservative.” Only a total of 7 percent of participants described Obama to be liberal (5 percent) or progressive (2 percent).


One can only conclude, then, that conservatives obviously know what they’re talking about. After all, if Obama is a combination of a Socialist, Marxist, Communist AND Fascist, he has to be THE most dangerous person who ever stepped foot on this planet.  There is no way this poll can be skewered to reflect anything BUT the truth. Included is a video that tells you exactly why you should vote Republican.



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Torture In Order to Invade Iraq, or Were There Other Reasons?


 It is becoming increasingly clear that we did not torture detainees to protect America, but rather to provide political justification for invading Iraq.

Time to indict Cheney.

iggy donnelly


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Thursday, 05/21/09 Public Square


Who knows the names and locations of all 105 counties in the state of Kansas?  Usually at this time of year when there are severe storm warnings I tell myself I’m going to learn that!  That’s because of the scroll across the bottom of the television screen with warnings in ‘such and such’ county.  I wonder where is that county and which direction from here?  I prefer the tiny map that doesn’t make me think to the scroll listing counties by name.  Then summer comes, severe storms aren’t a threat, and I forget all about what I said to myself.

For our out-of-state bloggers, the original group that started Prairie P&P’s are in Sedgwick County (that’s where Wichita, our state’s largest city is located) and we have one in Trego County, another in Labette County.  Did I leave anyone out?  I don’t want to do that!

This is your thread, bloggers.  Take it and run with it, name the topic of discussion, share your thoughts.



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