Limbaugh? His Truth is What, exactly???

In an incredibly weird thread, Rush compares his Oxycontin addiction to the dynamics of liberals.  Strange?  Without doubt…

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Politics Foils
In this photo, Rush says “I’m keeping my eyes on you, dems/libs …”
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15 responses to “Limbaugh? His Truth is What, exactly???

  1. Limbaugh and truth don’t belong in the same sentence.

    Limbaugh and money, yes.

    Limbaugh and hate, yes.

    Limbaugh and where’s the money, yes.

  2. lilacluvr

    My thoughts exactly, fnord.

    Limbaugh is only in this for the money. He does not care where he gets it. You see, if Limbaugh thought Liberals were his best target, then he would be on the liberal side ‘fighting the good fight’. But, the truth is, the social conservatives are an easier target.

    You know the old saying ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’?

    Being a true Social Conservative requires the ability to put your entire thinking ability into someone’s hands (usually their preacher) and to never question anything. Rush or their preacher will stroke their ego and tell them they are better than the other person and somehow this makes them feel secure.

    Remember, Rush Limbaugh’s talk show was given free to these desolate radio stations within the Bible Belt (you know those sections of the country where you’re driving through and cannot get anything on the radio worth listening to).

    Why do you think that was done? To build up Rush’s audience and these people usually show in droves to vote.

    Then when Rush can claim such a large audience, the sponsors will come in with their big bucks.

    It is all marketing, folks – When money talks, bullshit walks.

  3. lilacluvr

    I told my neighbor, who is a big Rush fan, to really listen to Rush one day and count how many times the man starts on a rant – then pauses – and changes the topic of the rant and totally making the entire rant a mumbled bunch of nonsense.

    To me, this is a sign the man is just making this stuff up as he goes along.

    Has anyone else noticed when Keith Olbermann shows videos of Rush ranting about something, the habit Rush has of pulling on his shirt when he is ranting? The man is constantly pulling at the front of his shirt – not the collar area, but lower. Does anyone know anything about body language and does that mean anything?

    Or is is just really annoying to me?

  4. What bothers me is people want to be ‘riled up’ with hate and discord. Isn’t that kinda scary? Is it just too much to expect peace and harmony and good will?

  5. tosmarttobegop

    For some of those who listen to or watch him that do not agree with anything he said.
    It involves that sick humor of laughing at handicapped people. Enjoying seeing a car wreck and torturing kittens! Did I miss anything that would be a fitting description of Limbaugh program?

  6. lilacluvr

    fnord – I graduated from a private Fundamental Baptist College in 1975 and I started seeing a disturbing trend in Evangelical Christians at that time. These people were becoming very money-hungry, power-driven and very into this ‘my God is the real God’ attitude.

    Then when I married my husband in 1976, my preacher said I was marrying the devil himself because my husband-to-be’s hair touched the top of his ears (or that was the excuse given).

    The fact of the matter is, I was marrying a Southern Baptist preacher and my leaving his church was a certainty but he did not want my parents (who were very big givers) to leave with me.

    It was totally about money; but this preacher caused alot of heartache and tore not only my family into two camps but then the entire townspeople got involved. It was like the Hatfields and McCoys.

    Church people can be very ugly in the name of God.

    This explains why I am so cynical about these Social Conservatives professing to be such moral Christians.

    There are church people, then there are spiritual people. I’ll take my chances with the spiritual people and whatever God they choose to worship. These people don’t seem to thrive on the hate and discord.

  7. You’ve been through a lot, Lilac.

    I’m glad your heart stayed full of love.

  8. jammer5

    Limbaugh never has and never will care about the truth. He’s the Jim Jones of the Republican party, feeding his dittoheads koolaide full of hate. Those people have been so brainwashed, they couldn’t tell the truth from chicken sandwich. They’ve sold their souls for the pieces of silver Rush throws them. And they still call themselves Christians. It’s a sad commentary on what the politics of hate does to a country.

  9. Bad Biker

    Okay, I am sorry – please accept my apology in advance – but I could not help wondering about the Limbaugh photo…………..

    “So Rush, you claim to be a real lover. Are you a Big Dick Cheney Republican?”

    “No, just two inches, but the overdose of Viagra helps!”

    “Rush, how many cysts did you have on your ass before the Selective Service let you out of the Draft?”


    “Rush, how many truthful statements have you made since your career as Jeff Christie?”


    “Rush, you have had three wives – how many of them have you actually had sex with?”

    “Two – if you count masturbation.”

  10. ….”the rank and file, madcap insane liberals that you will find blogging, that you will find emailing, that you will find on the protest march. Their lives are basically meaningless, their addiction to power and dominance and control is what drives them.”

    Like my momma always told me,…. life is like a box of….no no, no she didn’t say that.
    She always says; “The pot can’t call the kettle black.”
    And even if Rush has good intentions, like my momma’s momma always said….it’s always something,….no, no no.
    She didn’t say that either.
    Gramma always said: “The highway to Hell is PAVED with good intentions!”

    So there, you don’t dare argue with that.

  11. lilacluvr

    But when Rush is putting down liberals for blogging, emailing and protesting, isn’t he also putting down his dittoheads – the fellow tea baggers and his phone bank dittoheads?

    That’s what I meant when I said it takes a certain kind of person to give their entire capability to think over to one person and to never, never think outside the little box.

  12. They’re desperate. They don’t have numbers to win national elections with all their factions, and they’re so splintered they can’t even find a leader or an idea. A party led by rush or cheney isn’t going anywhere!

  13. wicked

    Is it just too much to expect peace and harmony and good will?

    I heard John Lennon’s Imagine on the radio today as I was driving home. It brought tears to my eyes. Nothing has changed much since then. There are still those of us who beg for peace, and those who will do anything to keep anyone from having it.

    • lilacluvr

      As long as there are Dick Cheneys in the world lining their pockets with no-bid war contracts for their companies at the expense of our dead and wounded soldiers, nothing will change.

      You will know the war mongerers – they are the ones willing to send ‘your’ loved ones into war.

  14. wicked

    My ex was a big Rush fan and listened all the time. I decided to give it a try and learned I was smarter than my ex and Rush combined. 😉

    But my ex did once admit that he didn’t think Rush believed everything he, himself, said. He was in it all for the money. So even a few Rush fans no he’s not all that truthful. Or maybe my ex actually felt a little guilty for listening (and agreeing) to some of that drivel?