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Many of the Prairie P and Ps are in Kansas!  All of us appreciate the insights, ideas and thoughts from readers and bloggers everywhere.  What are you thinking about today?



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  1. frigginloon

    Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite films, despite the fact that all of the actors had tragic demises…poor old Aunty Em.

  2. I survived my trip into Indian territory.
    Got my estimate just like car repairs.
    $2,100 for new sandwich chompers.
    Anyody here ever had 21 teeth pulled all at once?

    fnord, yer right, I must be a natural born story-teller.

    • wicked


      My oldest just had that done. Actually, they pulled all the back teeth first, waited a little over a month, pulled the front ones on Wednesday this week and put in the “choppers”. Two days later (today), she’s doing pretty well, although she did go in yesterday because she was having gag reflex problems. They fixed that. It cost her $1800 total, and I think now she’s glad she did it. I know I would and think you will too. 🙂

  3. Morning Loon.

    Isn’t there some ‘hidden meaning’ to the movie? I have forgotten more than I currently know, but someplace in the deepest crevices is a memory of having heard… I’ll have to look into my friend ‘the google’ to see what it was.

    Yesterday turned into an unbelievable and busy day! I was so worn out, by 9 o’clock last night I went to bed and to sleep! Stayed there until 6:30 this morning too. I feel a bit groggy, can’t remember when I’ve had that much sleep. Off to the park with Ginger! That will wake me up.

    • frigginloon

      “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”
      OK Fnord this is what I know. Hmm for starters Prairie P&P’s The Wizard of Oz is a parable on the POPULIST movement, the feminist movement and the Marxist movement.
      Original actor Buddy Ebson nearly died from the friggin silver paint used on Tinman (he was replaced) …Suicides -Aunty Em (head in oven), Judy Garland (on toilet). The wicked witch Margaret Hamilton received severe burns in a scene which went terribly wrong in Munchkinland. Rumors abounded that a munchkin committed suicide on the set and he could be seen hanging in one of the scenes…false. If you watch carefully you will see a crew member moving in the background though!
      Judy Garland had her boobs strapped because they wanted her to look like a young girl.
      The tornado was in fact a woman’s stocking!
      Oh and before I forget Toto’s real name was Terry and she starred in 12 films before dying in 1943. The horses of Emerald City were covered in jelly crystals…Phew anything else Fnord?

    • wicked

      I’m NOT a Wizard of Oz fan. It’s shown way too often. I remember seeing it on TV the first time when I was about 4 or 5. Of course, Oz wasn’t “in color” back then on TV. 😉

      I get tired of hearing Toto jokes from people outside of Kansas. In fact, my comeback has become, “Kansas really isn’t in black and white.”

      I’d rather watch Mary Martin in Peter Pan, which was a TV play and is rarely shown.

      Fnord, if you want to really get into the WofO, you should read Wicked, on which the Broadway musical is based, and the other books by Gregory Maguire about Oz. My daughter loves them! Almost as much as Gone With the Wind, and that’s saying a lot! LOL

      BTW, Wicked, the Broadway musical, will be here in DooDa in October. I can’t wait!!

  4. Morning, Sekan.

    No, on the teeth. I did recently have two ‘wisdom’ teeth removed. I’m still worried they took any wisdom I might have had with them.

  5. That explains my stew-pid-uh-ditty,
    I had those wisdom teeth removed thirty years ago.

    Gotta stay on topic here (OZ)
    I did get too see “Wicked”, ON BROADWAY!

    Oh the good ol’ days when I had one of those quaint things known as JOBS….

    • wicked

      sekan, you actually SAW it on Broadway? Oh, wow, I AM IMPRESSED! 🙂 I was in NYC before it hit the stage, but I saw the HUGE billboard for it near Times Square and swore I would see it on stage someday, somehow. If Wichita is the only way, it’ll have to be good enough for me.

  6. Bad Biker

    Back in the olden days – Sunday nights – Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color – as a nine year old, the first time I watched The Wizard of Oz, the flying monkeys scared the bejeezus out of me.

    I never watched the movie again until I was an adult.

    (I am still not too crazy about the flying monkeys.)

    • frigginloon

      Me too Bad Biker….Those friggin flying monkeys….didn’t sleep for weeks. My Aunty took me to see Wizard of Oz in a cinema and I hid under the seats.

  7. Yeah, those damned monkeys. My Ma still gets a kick outta how scared us little kids got.

    Now instead of being scared, I’m wondering what monkey wings taste like.

    Probably tastes just like chicken lips, huh?

  8. frigginloon

    Come on Prairie P&P’s the Wizard of Oz was a parable on the POPULIST movement 🙂

  9. I just got this in an email from one of my crazier friends. Normally, I don’t forward or share emails, but this time I’ll make a rare exception just so all of you can have something to think about as you go about your day.


    I’m just passing this thought along….

    Have you ever wondered if the one dollar bills in your wallet were ever in a stripper’s butt crack?

    If not, you’re wondering now.

    Have a nice day . 🙂

    • frigginloon

      Thank you for that thought LOL!

    • tosmarttobegop

      Ok that worked! But reminded me of a joke most things do BTW.

      Three men at a strip club and the dancer come over on the stage and bends over in front of them.

      The first guy licks a ten-dollar bill and pastes it on her right buttocks. Then the second guy licks a twenty-dollar bill and pasted it on her left buttocks.

      The third guy takes out his Debit card, slides it down the crack and takes the thirty dollars!

  10. The Loon is right again!

    Dorothy: Everyman American

    Scarecrow: Farmer

    Tin Woodman: Industrial worker

    Lion: William Jennings Bryan, politician who backed silver cause

    Wizard of Oz: US presidents of late 19th Century

    Wicked Witch: A malign Nature, destroyed by the farmers’ most precious commodity, water. Or simply the American West

    Winged Monkeys: Native Americans or Chinese railroad workers, exploited by West

    Oz: An abbreviation of ‘ounce’ or, as Baum claimed, taken from the O-Z of a filing cabinet?

    Emerald City: Greenback paper money, exposed as fraud

    Munchkins: Ordinary citizens

    This article at BBC is truly interesting!

    • frigginloon

      Oooh Flying Monkeys = Chinese railway workers. Now that you mention it they did look like the Entombed Warriors…when they were marching. Good work Fnord. See that is why it was one of my favorite films. Why can’t movies be so clever now?
      Hmm and pray tell who or what did Toto represent? It was a small but significant role. Was the wicked witch “the drought”reaping havoc until the rain came.
      Oh dear now I will be up all night pondering!

  11. lilacluvr

    fnord, now that’s a mental picture I could have done without.

  12. Me too, Lilac! That’s why I wanted to share it (or maybe give it away…) 😉

  13. You just can’t miss Jon Stewart — the one titled, “Moral Kombat.” He touches on Obama not releasing the torture photos and the stupidity of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’

    I think you might have to sit through a short intro and a short commercial, but your patience will be worth it!

  14. Staying tuned through the segment on “Dan Choi Is Gay,” puts this issue into proper perspective too.

    Do you suppose President Obama watches The Daily Show? It’s kinda sad when a comedy show gets down to the brass tacks of issues better than MSM.

    • lilacluvr

      I am disappointed in Obama for keeping the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. Did he ever make that a campaign promise to repeal it?

      I saw Dan Choi on the Rachel Maddow show and he seemed like the type of intelligent military personnel we need at this time in history.

      He was well spoken and he is even an Arabic intepreter – so why are we kicking him out? We NEED people with his qualifications and just because some macho heteros cannot handle the truth, causes us to lose such talents?

      Like Prairiepond would say – Jesus wept.

  15. Trip to the Outhouse

    I always get the “Wizard of Oz” line when I say I’m from Kansas (still from–even after 27 years). I never was into that movie all that much, but Glenda the Good Witch lived in the spare bedroom of my apartment in Topeka for quite a few months before I moved down here.

    Actually, it wasn’t Glenda but her dress on a mannequin. A friend of mine was in fashion design at K-State at the time, and he had a friend who as a big-time “Wizard of Oz” fan (even corresponded with Margaret Hamilton and some of the munchkin actors), who had the idea of making “Wizard of Oz” rubber stamps from photographs. (I AM telling the truth.) So my friend made this dress based on the movie costume, but then they didn’t have a place to put it, so “Glenda” came to live with me, and with her full skirt, seemed to take up all the space in that little bedroom. Every time I needed something or just walked by, there she was.

    Finally, when I was packing up to move to Texas, they came and got “Glenda”, and I never heard whether the rubber stamp business ever got off the ground.

    But at least I have a “Wizard of Oz” story when people ask me about Kansas.

    Couldn’t believe that this thread took another personal direction, but I was Arab linguist in the AF back in the 70s. (Linguists and hairdressers, who knew?) We figured even in those days that it cost the government $100,000-$200,000 to train each one of us. With almost a year of language school and then about the same of other special training, we had been in the military almost two years before we became an asset.

    These days I’m sure the training costs are much higher. Anyone who can justify kicking people out for just being gay must have very little security in their own sexuality.

    • That’s a great story!

      I have a cousin who does fashion design. He and his partner live in New York City and I think there are times they nearly starve. It isn’t an easy life, but Corey is so talented and it’s a calling he answered. This summer he is going to Maine and doing the designs for productions that are waaay off Broadway — it pays the bills.

      I am duly impressed with your military service and quite proud to have you on our side! Thank you!

      I’m so glad we get to read you! Quite a nice reward to make a friend like you!

    • tosmarttobegop

      You reminded me, while I lived in the small town in Okla. One of the Beverly hills cop movies had came out.
      The local convenience store had a six foot cardboard cut out of Eddy Murphy as a ad. I asked if they were just going to throw it a way if I could have it.

      I got it and set it up in my front room right there in the picture window. Now in case you do not recall the town was very racists. I being a cop would sometimes get these frantic calls that there was a tall Ni-gg in a house on ….! Finally the Chief asked me to take it out of the window so the damn sod kickers would settle down. I did as I also was concerned that someone would drive by and blow up the window with a shotgun.

      I did not remember what ever happened to that thing?

  16. David B

    Shields up! Tennis ball sized hail? Golfball sized? West of Wichita, headed this way?

  17. iggydonnelly

    I had not heard the populist interpretation for the Wizard of Oz before. [Which just goes to show that they don’t teach you the really important stuff in a liberal arts education]. As a kid, the monkeyhawks and the apple trees throwing apples bothered me a great deal.

    I used to have to call managed care people who live all over the U.S. I would consistently get lines like “How’s Dorothy?” I always refrained from saying “Oh, that’s funny… and original!

  18. jammer5

    Radar looks nasty. Keep yer head down.

  19. I live on the west side and it’s really dark at 4:34 p.m., no rain, or anything worse, yet.

    I have been without telephone and internet service since noonish. I’m an at&t U-verse customer and when I called (on my cell) I was on hold for a very long time before I found out it was my whole ‘region,’ not just me. Now the weather looks threatening and it’s back on. Go figure.

  20. wicked

    I guess you all survived the storm.

    Same here, but I heard from one of my best (writer) friends, who lives in southern IL, near the Kentucky line. She was down to Tennessee last week on vacation and learned from her son while she was gone that an “inland hurricane” had hit their little town of Marion, IL. (Actually, she lives in a nearby smaller town.)

    She sent pictures tonight of what the storm did to the trees around her house. She lives on the edge of a National Forest (Shawnee National, I believe) and is accustomed to lots of trees. Well, there were lots of trees around her house. 😦

    Don’t believe it was an inland hurricane? From what she heard, it formed over the Mississippi. Google “inland hurricane” and you can read about it.

  21. iggydonnelly

    Glad we’re all okay. Sorry about your friend, wicked.

    Me and the spouse tonight watched the DVD “Seven Pounds” – want to talk about a tear jerker…

  22. lilacluvr

    iggy – My husband and I watched the Farrah Fawcett television documentary about her cancer battle. Being a cancer survivor myself, I found myself reliving some painful moments but also some joyful ones.

    Cherish each day with your family and friends.

  23. wicked

    Who’s in Seven Pounds? Is it a chick flick? suspense? I can’t keep up with movies. Too many coming out, and most seem worthless. I have 3 on my list to see. Make that 4. Gotta see Wolverine. I’m an X-Men fan. 🙂 No, not because of Hugh Jackman either. Next is Angels and Demons, but I’d like to re-read the book first. The next Harry Potter is a must. I’ve only read the first book, but my youngest is a HUGE fan. And Sandra Bullock has a new one coming out sometime. I collect her movies on DVD.

    But if Seven Pounds is good, I’ll try to see it…at least on DVD. I’ve heard Taken is good and will borrow my daughter’s DVD as soon as she watches it.

    And now I’ll go to bed. Anyone else going to listen to the symphony and watch the fireworks? It’s become a tradition in our family, so we’ll all be there, sitting on the west bank just south of the Douglas bridge. 10 of us.