These are some decency, common courtesy,  standards for bloggin’ borrowed from Arianna Huffington.  We’re relatively sure, she wouldn’t mind.

We will delete comments that:

  • are abusive or use excessive (we know how much that is, when we see it) foul language
  • use ad homonym attacks, including comments that celebrate the death or illness of any person, public figure or otherwise
  • contain racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other slurs
  • are solicitations and/or advertising for personal blogs or websites
  • are posted with the explicit or implicit ( we can tell when it is implicit, even if you can’t) intention of provoking other commenters or staff at Prairie Populists and
  • plus, because as our anti-hero, Ronald Reagan said, “I paid for this microphone”; I can do whatever I think is required.
  • nic switching and trolling are not acceptable. If that is your game, go elsewhere.
  • keep it civil or deal with the consequences.

PrairiePopulistsAndProgressives encourages civil debate, however we will not tolerate disrespectful interactions. You may respectfully attack ideas, you may respectfully disagree. You will not be allowed to attack a person. This means you must behave as a polite, rational adult.  If you behave like an undisciplined child, you will be forced to play elsewhere. If we have to delete your comment(s) more than one time, you will be considered for banning from this site.  Everyone at this blog is an adult and is expected to behave as such. If you cannot get your opinions across without attacking another blogger or behaving in a belligerent manner, walk away from the keyboard until you can reframe your response to make it less aggressive.



14 responses to “Rules

  1. GMC70

    “I will delete comments that: . . . . ”

    In other words, you’ll delete what you disagree with; what a surprise (rolls eyes). Enjoy your little (boring) utopia. Your ideas, if not your hate, is missed in the old place. But then, you’re not about ideas, you’re about hate.

    Yea, I know, you’ll delete this too. That’s fear expressing itself.

    • lilacluvr

      How is it hateful to choose not to be on the other blog fighting the same old fight day after day and never resolving to even agree to disagree? What does that accomplish ?

      Some people like to fight but I do not choose to play that game.

      Obviously the bullies in the play yard miss the people that chose to leave. Rather than vent your frustration at the people that left, why not wonder why you still like being around the bullies?

    • wicked

      Enjoy your little (boring) utopia.

      Sounds like envy.

  2. Feel free to blog where it pleases you, that is the decision most adults make about where they spend their free time. We also all decide who we enjoy spending that time around.

    This blog isn’t exclusionary of differing political philosophies, but is well moderated. Posts displaying ill behavior or posts that show the inability to make one’s point without denigrating another will be removed.

  3. GMC70

    “This blog isn’t exclusionary of differing political philosophies . . . ”

    I’ll be blunt. Bullshit.

    • Bad Biker

      Totally inappropriate, GMC, I used to have a modicum of respect for you, but no more.

      What is your point in coming here and making insulting comments?

      Does it make you feel like a big tough man?

      Everyone’s RESPECTFUL POV is welcome – insults, not so much.

  4. GMC70

    XXX/Bad Biker – I didn’t insult anyone. I just call ’em as I see ’em. I notice one of your your “respectful” buddies decided to modify my 1:24 post; that the coward chose to so modify it, and the particular modification itself, speaks volumes of left-wing “tolerance.”

    On the other blog we had a mutual respect, you and I, and I still do. I just have no illusions that this blog is anything other than what those here intend it to be – a single point of view utopia. You’re myopic, or in self-denial, if you think otherwise. You’re welcome to it, of course; it’s still a free country.

    And yes, I’d very much prefer a general sharing of opinions without the BS that so often dominates at WEBlog (and we both know I take little if any part of that). But so many who now hide out here in this safe enclave were the very folks who routinely make the other place so nasty. They’re not alone, of course, it takes two to tango. I have no doubt whatsoever that differing opinions here would be met with the same victriol that is expressed at WEBlog.

    And the aforementioned coward’s actions, BTW, have proven me right.

    Have a good one.

    • jammer5

      If GMC70 would peruse previous threads here, he would find a mix of both subjects and opinions. And when we do differ, we do so in an adult manner; something not at all possible over there. Gee, you think that’s why this place exists? Evidently he limits himself to what he finds objectionable. His loss, not ours.

  5. My suggestion is: Let’s ignore the folk from the other blog. They are very ignorable and they kn0w it, too.

    I still have to wonder why GMC would feel the need to come here? Aren’t his needs met at the other place? Guess not, since he went to the trouble to show up here. Makes one go, hmmm…

  6. PrairiePond


    Wow, somebody has their little feelings hurt, I’d say!

    I think Wicked has it right.


    WTF? It’s OUR fault their blog is the kind of place intelligent people shun?

    HEH! hahahahahahahahahah!

  7. PrairiePond

    …oh, and I still think it’s funny that he thinks Bad Biker is XXXX.


  8. Well, now that I found you all, I will visit from time to time, as opportunity exists… I will miss Steven, and regret I could not attend his memorial event. Blessings all!!

  9. My dear friend, I’m sorry to have posted a comment without first reading your rules.
    For this, I HOPE you can forgive me.
    i Will try to CHANGE in the future.
    But to tell you the TRUTH, i can’t predict the future.
    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. My wishes are for you and your loved ones to have a happy forever. I know that all my wants & desires have been met.
    My REASON for all of this, is simply to bring you back to REALITY.
    Best regards,

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