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Saturday, 4/30/11, Public Square


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Friday, 4/29/11, Public Square


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What about the spouses?

We all know about the GOP 2012 presidential hopefuls – but what about their spouses?  This is an interesting little video showing pictures and a brief bio of each couple.  Who knows what the future holds?!

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Tuesday, 4/26/11, Public Square


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Monday, 4/25/11, Public Square


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Sunday, 4/24/11, Public Square


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Saturday, 4/23/11, Public Square


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Religion + Money = Godliness?

Interesting little article about some polling results.   White Evangelical Tea Party Republicans (Religious Right) seems to be group that believes unregulated businesses will act ethically.  This is also the group that prefers their preachers to speak out against abortion and homosexuality rather than economic  issues.  This also seems to be the group that beleives the free market is guided by the hand of God.

I also believe this is the group that will ultimately bring down the Grand Old Party.   This group has already hijacked trure Christianity so the GOP is their next victim – IMHO


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Thursday, 4/21/11, Public Square


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Middle East Oil -continue to buy or tell them to shove it?

This is an interesting video of T. Boone Pickens and his ideas about our country’s dependence on foreign oil.   I’ve heard alot of criticism against Picken’s push to use natural gas because he has set himself up as the one to profit the most from that idea.  But if you think about it, would I rather pay the Middle East OPEC guys or would I rather pay Pickens for my energy that is coming from our own country.

Pay close attention to Pickens’ assessement of the current field of Republican presidential candidates – but then again, Pickens is right that we’ve heard alot about promises of getting off foreign oil but as of the last few decades – nobody has ever even come up with a plan to do so.

Just why do we continue to buy oil from our enemies who obviously play both sides of the fence?

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An Appreciation

Today marks the two year anniversary of my stroke. As I begin this, I note that the time is, coincidentally, about the same as that when I first noticed my right hand wasn’t working anymore, ironically when working on a post to this blog.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for allowing me to retain some semblance of sanity in the first weeks following the event, when I could read, if not post, here. I also wanted to publicly state my thanks to the PTs (particularly Susie, Karla and Amy) and OTs (particularly Kay, George, Sarah, and Krista) at Via Christi Rehabilitation Hospital, f/k/a Our Lady of Lourdes, for their constantly pushing me to do more than I thought I could. This provided the foundation from where my continued improvement (albeit a very slow one) comes. The deficiency remains, although it shrinks a bit over time.

This event caused me to directly confront my mortality, and reexamine my priorities. Changes have occurred in my lifestyle, some of which gripe my butt, but which were needed to continue some semblance of a “normal” life. I continue to evaluate my situation, appreciating the fact that I am able to awake, arise, take nourishment, and spend time with my family and friends, including, without limitation, those here on PPP, some of whom I have yet to personally meet.

This experience has also clarified my thoughts on the health care system, and how best to provide medical care to the populace. I won’t go further now, as this was not intended to be a diatribe or argument for or against any particular position, but as an appreciation of what has gone before coupled with a wee celebration of being able to give it. Everyone take good care, and have one on me today.


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Wednesday, 4/20/11, Public Square


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