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    • Unfortunately – the rest of us have to suffer the consequences of these Trumpublicans actions.

      My first inclination is to simply sit back and laugh when these Trumpublicans all lose their Obamacare and they don’t get those damn coal mining jobs back – as their Messiah promised.

      But – like I said – unfortunately, the rest of us live in the same country as these MORONS – and we will feel the same results from their stupid – very stupid – vote for their President Putz.

      • In all seriousness – what I believe is about to happen in the next few years is China and Russia will far surpass the United States in being the Super Powers

        And how long do you think it will take before Russia and China start fighting to be #1?

  1. (From the link): “When Trump told Myeshia Johnson that her husband “knew what he signed up for,” well, that’s bullshit. What he signed up for didn’t involve the nation not putting out the resources needed to make any medical attention quickly available. What he signed up for didn’t involve being left to rot for a couple of days because of inadequate ability to search for his corpse.”

    “What he didn’t sign up for was that his family would be treated like their grief should be muted because his Commander-in-Chief cannot handle human feelings and doesn’t understand that his incompetence contributed to their pain.”

  2. Just read Trump is busy tweeting this morning spewing yet another personal insult to the Democrat Congresswoman Wilson.

    This is the day of the funeral for Sgt La David Johnson – you know, he is the American Special Forces soldier that died in Niger on Oct 4.

    Pray tell – how is Trump ‘respecting our soldiers’ when he continues to feud on Twitter – and on the day of this fallen soldier’s funeral?

    Excuse me – but I don’t listen to any damn lecture from a person who tweets out personal insults on the burial day of a soldier who gave his life for our country.

    I will NEVER understand why TRumpublicans still support this man in the White House who has shown us too-many-damn times that he does not have one empathetic bone in his body – let alone common decency, common sense and even common human compassion.

    If God chose Trump to be President – then God must really hate America.

  3. Bob White

    I’m having connection problems with this site. How about you? Any suggestions?

    • Sometimes when I try to post my comment (especially if I am adding a link to some article) – I get this message that Word Press is not responding.

      When that spinning circle icon comes on – then I know to just close out the window I am in and try to do it again.

      At first I thought the problem were the links I was trying to post – but the same thing happens when I just reply to another person’s comment or even when I don’t even post any outside links.

      I’ve noticed this in the past month….I just thought it was my internet connection.

      Doesn’t happen all the time – but it’s enough to be frustrating.

      Maybe Word Press is having server issues?

      • My guess is a server problem. I’m aware that Word Press has a plethora of blogs, a few of which have been cited on my Facebook news feed lately. Given the content of the blogs, I suspect heavy traffic thereon, affecting our little blog.

        Just a guess, and nothing more.

  4. Bob White

    Thanks to both of you for your comments/insights. Yes, I get the “little spinning circle” too. Often discouraged, I just ‘turn it off.’

  5. I just had the same problem.



    Good for Sears – I bought a Whirlpool dishwasher last year. The darn thing will not dry the dishes – and the ‘hot dry’ cycle is barely lukewarm and there is never any steam coming out of the door when I opened it – like my old 20-yr-old Kenmore dishwasher did.

    I called the Whirlpool dealer since it was brand new machine and I was told that I had to use a rinse aid in the rinse cycle in order for my dishes to dry.

    OKAY – but when I told the Whirlpool Customer Service (I assume from a huge call center?) that there was no place to put the rinse aid – and her reply was – you must have bought the wrong model – the one without the rinse aid feature.

    Hmm… my logical question was – how do I put the rinse aid into a machine that does not have a place for me to put in the rinse aid?

    Her reply was – then get dishwasher tabs (not the liquid) with the rinse aid agent included.

    OK – did that and the darn thing STILL won’t heat up – and I end up with a dishwasher filled with COLD and dripping WET dishes – that I have to hand dry if I want to put them away in my cabinets.

    The Customer Service rep then told me (on my second call to them) that their dishwashers are designed to use the rinse aid agent because it will automatically drip away the wetness and I am left with clean and beautiful dishes.

    Doesn’t that just sound like a wonderful idea ? Too bad the entire story is pile of Bull shit.

    Bottom line – I have a year old dishwasher that I HATE to use – and I have been doing the dishes by hand .

    So – please excuse me if I want to punch of kick something whenever I hear the brand name of Whirlpool.

    Personally – I don’t give a damn if they are doing business or not – I will NEVER buy another damn Whirlpool product in my lifetime.

    My DIL just shakes her head every time we have a family supper because we are both staring at a year-old dishwasher that is totally USELESS.

    Unless – of course – you love to get your head and hands down into a bunch of COLD and WET dishes to hand dry – after you just ran them through the dishwasher cycle.

    BTW – I did make a third phone call to the Whirlpool Customer Service and she finally agreed to send out a technician to look at the problem.

    But when the technician called me and told me that I had to use the rinse aid agent to make the heat dry cycle work – I just laughed at him. When I told him about my experience with this dishwasher – his reply was – I don’t know how to fix the dishwasher to produce dry heat because it is a Whir;pool design and it should work.

    Well – it does NOT work – but like most corporations today – nobody there apparently gives a damn.

    And then Trump and Republicans want to give even more tax breaks to these damn corporations?

    OH HELL NO…..

    • OH – we bought this dishwasher from Lowes and when we informed them of the problem we’ve had with this machine – their reply was, that’s the manufacturer’s responsibility.

      True – it is Whirlpool’s faulty design – but I did ask Lowes if they felt a responsibility to TELL their customers about this particular problem with Whirlpool dishwashers and let the customers decide if they want to risk it.

      At least – Lowes should tell customers to NOT buy the ‘wrong model’ – because we were never told of this problem when we bought out useless piece of crap.

      But – the year-old dishwasher does look nice in my kitchen. Hell – one would not even suspect one cannot use it to actually DRY dishes.



    I saw this t.v. commercial last night for first time.. What is next?

    BTW – did you see the news that Trump congratulated Chinese President on his accomplishment of being named the ‘King’ of China? Trump tried to make that a joke that some might call Xi the King – but he is the president.

    NO – TRUMPY – The Chinese is on the verge of beign the #1 Superpower and I suspect you will be all-too-happy to give the Chinese anything they want – so long as there is a hotel in the future not-too-far- distance for you and your kiddos?

    Hell – this Trumpy Bear is probably smarter than the Trump in the White House. But don’t you just love the fact people can pull out the American Flag from this bear’s backside – and then wrap yourself up in it?

    I guess that makes it proper and showing respect for our country and the military – huh?