Thursday, 10/12/17

sexual predators


by | October 11, 2017 · 7:03 pm

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  1. Trump and Weinstein — two cheeks from the same ass.

  2. Rick Liebst

    It seems that the entire country has suffered a head injury. I have and I am making more sense then most of the people of facebook. It is not secret that hillary would have been the absolute last choice for president until trump. Then the whole electoral college thing . Set up so a larger state population does not overrule the smaller state population. Then it overrules the vote nationwide? LOL It puts me in the tentative place of defending hillary against the neocons. Which of course gets me being accused of being everything by other Republicans of being a Liberal. Which I am beginning to think is the best route to be going.

  3. Definition of putz
    US, informal :a stupid, foolish, or ineffectual person :jerk

    President Putz has certainly been tweeting a lot lately – something is about to blow?

    I had a thought – what if Trump pushed the nuke button start World War III and nobody showed up to do the actual fighting?

    WE all know that Trumpublicans will NOT be the first ones to volunteer to go and do the actual fighting and dying for their Messiah.

    And what if the rest of the country does not bother to look up from their own cell phones to even hear the news that Trump started World War III?

    In all seriousness – our country is f_cked. But – hey – at least President Putz is getting his name in the media spotlight – and isn’t that really the only thing that matters?


    Is it just me or does this group of Republicans seem all too happy to be throwing millions of Americans off health insurance?

    I wonder – how many of these Republicans also claim to be such fine moral and Godly Christians?

    I am trying to imagine Jesus sitting at that table and gleefully taking away health insurance from so many people.

    Correct me if I am wrong -but wasn’t Jesus the dude that healed sick people for FREE ?

    Oh – and Jesus also raised Lazarus from the dead. Now there is something all these gleeful Republicans would love to get a patent on – that whole ‘bringing back from dead’ thing.

    Can’t you just see all these Republicans wetting themselves over the prospect of all that profit money – if they could raise people from the dead? And if they could manage to put those profits under the umbrella of church tax-exemption – WOO HOO …Praise JESUS..

    Whenever I see any vehicle with the license plate ‘In God We Trust’ and that Jesus fish symbol – I have to shake my head.

    IMHO – that phrase should be changed to ‘ In Gold We Trust’ – because look around, there are churches on every damn corner. And yet our country is filled with people who are truly hurting – but those Mega Churches get bigger and bigger – don’t they?

    • Rick Liebst

      I get the impression it is more against their libertarian streak, It that the Government is tell you that you have to get health insurance. And yes in part it is also that it was a liberal non American pretender to the crown of the presidency that was the head of it. I.E. Obama care!

      • I don’t buy their Libertarian justification for this – because the same Libertarians have no problem with mandating anything they want done – do they?

        If the government has no right to mandate – then why have any rules at all?

        What I see as dangerous is when Libertarians team up with Religious (church people – not ‘real’ Christians) and then whatever they want to mandate suddenly becomes this ‘God’s law and not Man’s law’ argument.

        It’s not a coincidence that these same Religious (Churchy) people love their Messiah Trump – and have actually embarrassed themselves when they say the God chose Trump to be president.

        OH really? I didn’t know God was a registered Republican voter – who the hell checked his photo identification and legal status?



    So – Trump is just putting on a dog and pony show for loyal Trumpubilcans – which just happens to be having a conference today where Trump is the key note speaker.

    Hmmm……timing of this entire episode of the Trump Circus Reality T.V. show is rather suspicious……



      Has anybody else noticed there are a lot more Mega Kristian Churches in our country – but yet these folks never seem to be able to help their fellow Americans.

      Maybe because these Kristians are too busy singing their songs about how Jesus is their lover and how God wants everybody to be a millionaire?

      All you have to do to belong to one of these Corporate Country Club Kristian Churches is to fill the Preacher Boy’s pockets with money and then continue to do things that would make Satan himself blush with shame.

      But everything is okay – because these Kristians have GOD and Jesus on their side. If you doubt that – just ask them.

      Hate to break their bubble – but the last time I talked to God and Jesus – they both told me these Mega Corporate Church don’t know what the hell they are talking about and to not believe one word they say.

      Hey – I already knew that because my parents taught me to know a CON when I saw one.