We are free-thinking Kansans who have had enough of the crap that we had to endure under the Bush II reign.  We are wanting our freedoms back.

Populists were prominent in Kansas during the McKinley era. That can happen again.

We envision a non-Rovian America.  We will blog toward that end.

Thanks.  And, may our founding fathers’ thoughts bless you…

18 responses to “About

  1. iggydonnelly

    My issue with the angst here, is that all Americans are good Americans. More comments on this later…

  2. frigginloon

    Hi ya Prairie people, just doing a drive-by. Thought I’d check out your angst and by the lookie of it you have quite a bit.

  3. TheFlash

    Love the site. Finally stopped by to see it.

    Question–how do I sign in to “contribute”?

    • iggydonnelly

      You are signed in as an editor. You have privileges to add categories, add threads, edit comments, delete comments. I believe also that you can delete bloggers. It looked like you had signed in as a familiar nic from the blog that shall not be named – maybe you did that some time ago, but I think you can sign in with wordpress and get started and have no danger of the old nic showing up outside of the dashboard which the “public” can’t see. Fnord and I have copies of WordPress for Dummies that we refer to often. So we should be able to help if you have any problems. Thanks for joining us. We look forward to your contributions. Iggy.

  4. prairiepond

    Welcome, Flash. Good to see you. We’ve missed you, and have been saving you a seat at the table!

  5. And the table is growing…..

  6. Gonna have to add a leaf to it, sekan.

  7. Charles

    Thank you very much for the kind words. I like to think I have came into my own style over the past 9 years of modernizing the archaic language, helplessly I’m hopelessly romantic and yet I still appreciate the quirkiness of modern poetry.

    Ironically I am a Kansan also. Perhaps the world is smaller than we give it credit for.


  8. Charles

    Thank you very much for the link. My friend http://callulabright.wordpress.com/ is also in Kansas and I encouraged her to start a blog here and that my poetry seems to inspired her to start writing again. I do have another blog @ blogspot – http://leoutlandosdamour.blogspot.com/ where I post newer things but I find Word Press has a more professional look to it, so basically I’m reposting here from the beginning. Linking my blogs saves the time of searching my old blog’s posts.

    Odd I’ve been online all these years and you’re only the second person I’ve met from Kansas. lol I live in that big city at the foothills of the flint hills if that gives you any idea.

    Another note is that I don’t usually broadcast is that I’m legally blind, although I see rather like Monet painted thus I have “vision”

    So they tell me.


  9. Let me know if this works on your blog. I’m not even going to attempt to explain what I did except… I did what you told me to do, that didn’t work so I removed the author widget from my page, saved it and then added it again and saved it.

    And now it seems to be working. That or the avatar fairy stepped in within the last 60 seconds.

    It works on my pages i wanted to see if it worked on yours.

  10. Voila!

    We”re freakin’ geniuses.

  11. Great site. I just put it on my blog roll over at my place. Keep up the good work

  12. Great to find you here! I am also a free-thinking Kansan who was floored to find the first Socialist college in our shared geological history and the wonderful works of Emanuel Haldeman-Julius. Who’da thunk it? Kansas DOES have a strong populist past and only lacks a new Haldeman-Julius to bring the masses back to the light of knowledge and understanding. I am seeking those that would be part of this great undertaking; looks like I found another group!
    PS: Have you heard about http://www.kansasfreepress.com/ ? I am eagerly awaiting more information…

    • Welcome to Prairie P&Ps , Paula! It’s good to see you. I’ll visit your blog today. I understand how nice it is to find free-thinking Kansans. We’re a good bunch here, please visit often and stay as long as you like.

  13. Hello-

    Recently moved to Kansas, Topeka, and I am a prairie populist originally from North Dakota. I see where you cite the Populist Party takeover in Kansas back in 1892 where Kansas, along with North Dakota, gave its electoral votes to Populist presidential candidate, James Weaver. In 1892 North Dakota had an almost identical populist takeover of state government that was just as short lived as Kansas’s. But the populist movement in North Dakota did not become a powerhouse until the birth of the Non-Partisan League in 1915. The NPL is mostly associated with depression-era populist Governor William “Wild Bill” Langer but I consider A.C. Townley to be the ultimate NPL protagonist over and above Frazier, Lemke, Langer or any politician. A.C. was the lead organizer and founder of the NPL and a visionary who sought to form the first farm-labor government. It was because of him that I became a union organizer. Uniquely, though, I never thought of my home state as having such a rich history of struggle and oddly enough no one ever told me of its history until I was well into my college years. Throughout my life I have always thought of North Dakota as a conservative bastion and with the exception of U.S. Sen. Byron Dorgan, the modern NPL politicians have become mere establishment fixtures rather than real fighters for agrarian egalitarianism. The state politic has certainly been regressive as well as the general culture as far as I could ever tell. So I guess people like me simply have to rely on nostalgia to find a reason to call North Dakota a populist state?

    I see many of the same trends in Kansas and I’m glad there are people like myself that share populist nostalgia.

    I have a blog, mostly essay based, that I started in 2007 and it is centered on the NPL ideas and my North Dakota roots. I called it “The Gus Report” http://thegusreport.blogspot.com/.

    In solidarity,

    Gus Froemke

    • Gus,
      Welcome to Kansas. Sometimes it feels like the rest of the country has completely given up on Kansas. The Democratic Party is weak here. I am getting tired of giving them my money and spare time; it doesn’t seem like I get a good return. And there are no unions here to speak of, this being a right-to-work-for-peanuts state. Do you think Kansas could ever be a labor state? Are Unions going to try to organize here? I would work toward that.

  14. I second the welcome, Gus!

    We need to keep each other encouraged. We just can’t give up because the consequences are too terrible. Brownback being governor will set our already backwards state back a century.

  15. Hello again-

    I am here to work for KOSE, Kansas Organization of State Employees, it’s a real union, not a mere association, and yes its goal is to organize itself into a powerful union that can withstand a possible Brownback governorship. Which, I too, have been told is likely. Since the laws that allow executive level state employees to organize a union are statutes and not an executive order the union will survive but from what I understand these folks are sick of just surviving and they want some real clout within the state and at the statehouse.

    So thanks for the welcome and look forward to being a part of your community!

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