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by | October 4, 2017 · 8:38 am

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    So – the shooter berated his girlfriend in public – and this is worse than Trump and Trumpublicans laughing about how men can grope women’s p_____ and it’s just ‘locker room talk’?

  2. Rick Liebst

    I think we are about to get to that point. That Trump is going to say something so stupid. Even his most diehard supporters can not defend. Or come up with a logical justification for.

  3. Following private equity’s gun money

    (From the link): After the Sandy Hook massacre five years ago, I wrote about how the weapons used had been produced by Freedom Group, a massive firearms conglomerate owned by Cerberus Capital Management. Among the indirect owners were teacher pension plans, and their outrage ultimately caused Cerberus to try selling Freedom Group. When that failed — namely because Cerberus had formed a company too big to buy and too integrated to split — it bought out Freedom Group (since renamed Remington) shares from limited partners who wanted to divest.

    Bottom line: We do not yet have official word on what the deranged Las Vegas murderer used to commit his atrocities on Sunday night. But there is a very good chance that private equity money is again involved, and some institutional investors will again reconsider their commitments.

    Read more:

    • But…but…. Sandy Hook was a hoax – remember?

      And this came from Alex Jones – infowars mental midget’s mind – and Trump actually thanked Alex JOnes for getting him elected to the White House.

      There’s an old saying – you’re known by the company you keep.

      Trump has questionable ties and current kinship with quite a few questionable groups – IMHO

      Republicans have lowered the bar of quality standards so low to the ground that they stub their toe.



    So – Trump – where is your outrage of ‘fake news’ when it comes from your own supporters – aka Alex Jones?

    BTW – after the Vegas mass shooting – there was also fake news that the shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter and that he hated Trump.

    I actually listened to the host of the Public Radio news show tell one of the guests that he was saying things that have been PROVEN to be false – aka fake news.

    This is why I listen to Public Radio and Television – these people seem to take their responsibility of being factual much more serious than other media outlets.

    Serious question – a lot of our media outlets are corporate owned. Has the corporatization of our media become a willing source to spread FAKE news?

    Trump certainly seems to reap the benefits of screaming ‘FAKE news’ when he uses that as a dog whistle to his minions.



    What are these people bitchn about? Didn’t Trump prove he cares so much about Puerto Rico when he threw those paper towels in to his hand-picked photo op crowd?



    This is a very interesting article and I agree with this woman’s sentiments 100%

    There are many days when I look around at fellow Americans and wonder what happened to this country? Why does EVERYTHING turn into an ugly competition and when the hell did being the biggest bully become the ‘thing to strive for?”

    Oh, wait a minute, the entire 2016 presidential campaign and current White House occupant might just be a big red flag – what do you think?

    But – as I’ve said many times – I don’t blame Trump for being Trump. I blame all those Kompassionate Kristian Konservative Trumpublicans who claim to be such fine moral Christians for supporting and worshipping their Messiah Trump.



    How long will it take before Republicans will stop trying to ‘appear’ they are interested in changing their views on gun control?

    Aw – I give it as long as the next big news story to come along – that’s how long – IMHO

    I hear there is a potential hurricane headed for New Orleans and/or Mississippi.

    This sounds awful but I hope if this hurricane hits – it hits all those Trumpublcans in Mississippi the hardest.

    Then we’ll see what these folks have to say when Trump throws them a roll of paper towels and tells them they need to pay off their state debt before they get any federal aid.

  8. Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria. Then Hurricane Moron landed two weeks later for five hours and threw paper towels at them. Is this what ‘winning’ looks like?



    But Trump just bragged that nobody could do more Puerto Rico than he has done.

    Maybe Hurricane Moron can go back and throw some more paper towels in their faces?