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  1. GSTIR

    We’ll be able to determine how close Mueller is getting to Donnie Forked-tongue by the “twitter temperature” , i.e., how shrill Trump’s squealing becomes! It’s a matter of pure acoustics.

    • Just look at Trump’s most recent tweet when he lashes out at everything and everybody and then puts in ALL CAPS – NO COLLUSION

      Those with short fuses in the middle of a Twitter Tirade love the All Caps feature – and that is a red flag as to ‘look at this’ – this is what I am the most worried about

  2. It will be very interesting to learn what Manafort and Gates have to say now that they have nothing to lose and much to gain.

    • I suspect Trump expected Manafort to go down first – but Pappadopolus? That is the one Trump and Gang should be worried about – very worried.

      This is the dude that was arrested on July 27th and has been proactively cooperating……

      Hmmm…..sounds like a flipped burger to me – what about you?

  3. GSTIR

    There are 4 more sealed indictments on file with the Court in DC. Those ought to get things really rolling when they’re made public. Couldn’t happen to a nicer crowd.

  4. Just a thought –

    The NYC bike path attacker left a note in that rental truck referencing ISIS – which is why Trump and Trumpublicans are calling this dude a terrorist.

    Correct me if I am wrong – but didn’t the convicted killer of Dr. George Tiller have a note in his pick up truck referencing the Pro Life Anti Abortion Group and even had the cell phone number of the leader of that Pro Life Group?

    So – why didn’t the same Republicans call that murderer a member of the Pro Life Anti Abortion Group and is also a terrorist – IMHO.

    Hey – I am all for vetting every single foreigner that comes into our country – let’s start with the Russians Communists that seem to be all around Washington DC and are all lobbyists with ties to the current White House?

    Hel- Communists are not to be trusted and they have been involved in a lot of terrorist attacks.

  5. If you haven’t read this, I highly recommend it. It explains clearly why trump is pushing an investigation into the uranium deal. It would put Mueller on the carpet!



    Trump is having a very bad week……….maybe he should learn to keep his big mouth shut? Remember when Trump said Bergdahl was a no good traitor and needed to be shot?

    This case does bother me because this soldier did leave his unit and fellow US soldiers risked their lives to go look for him. Several of these soldiers were wounded – and one is in very bad shape being paralyzed (as I have read several news accounts)

    So – on that side of the coin – I can understand why people are looking at Bergdahl and wanting punishment for his actions.

    BUT – on the other side of that same coin – when stuck in the hell hole of Afghanistan and fighting some damn for some political reason – that has got to do some to our soldiers’ minds…..wouldn’t it?

    The #1 lesson to be learned from any damn war is – make damn sure not to start another damn war- especially for political reasons – because the price is way too damn high.

    To me – that is how Americans should honor our military – to make sure we are not putting them in harm’s way just on the whim of some nit wit who wants to play the role of the biggest bully on the playground – while risking the lives of Americans he would deem – unpatriotic – if they dared to kneel during the national anthem.
    Just saying….


    Has the bloom come off the rose? Or – more like – people are now looking behind that curtain at the funny little Wizard who is nothing more than a con artist?

  8. Any thoughts or comments about the Texas church mass shooting?

    Since the shooter was a white man – with military background – I guess Republicans will have to find some other way to blame Obama, Clinton and other Evil Liberals?

    BTW – I wonder why Truimpublicans are so sorry about these white Baptist Church people being shot and killed by a white man with way-too-many damn bullets for his assault-type weapon – but those 20 first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary is still just a ‘hoax’ to so many Trumpublicans?

    As you may recall – those first graders at Sandy Hook was also killed by a white man with a lot of bullets for his assault type weapon(s).

    But yet – Sandy Hook was used as a fundraiser for how many Republicans because – after all – Sandy Hook was nothing but a big ‘hoax’ – wasn’t it?

    Our country will NEVER change until WE the PEOPLE are willing to ‘call it like it is’ and if the white man in Texas was deranged for killing 28 people – then so was the white man who killed those 20 first graders and 7(?) of their teachers.

    To continue to say SAndy Hook was a just a ‘hoax’ – demeans so many lives.

    I wonder – will God remind these Trumpublican Kristians about how they knowingly spread their malicious lie about Sandy Hook – just because they hated one black man in the White House more than they loved their country?

    Just asking.

    P.S. – I find myself becoming more and more numb – or just outright cold-hearted – whenever I hear any damn Trumpublican whine about how people treat their Messiah Boy Trump and how all Americans should love and admire their president – and to want him to succeed.

    After what these Trumpublicans did to their President Obama – how they hell do they expect to be have any credibility on anything they preach?


    Why do Evangelicals think they can just do whatever the hell they want to do – and not think there are Regulations to follow?

    BTW – if the relics were found in Iraq and GOD put them there – then did this Billionaire White Evangelical Kristians (misspelled intentionally) think he knows more than God?

    I assume if God put them in Iraq – then he wanted them there.

    Arrogance + Ignorance = White Evangelical Kristians? This explains so much as to why Trump is in the White House – doesn’t it?

    OH – with all these millions this dude has spent on relics that he cannot prove are authentic or where they came from – I wonder how many hungry people could have been fed – or how many sick people could have gone to the doctor to get treatment?

    Aw….what am I talking about? Jesus didn’t really feed the crowd with those loaves and fishes or Jesus never healed the sick for free.

    That was all just ‘fake news’ – wasn’t it? đŸ™‚

  10. I assume we’ve all heard about Roy Moore from Alabama – with all these calls from his fellow Republicans for him to drop out of the race.

    Hell – even Sean Hannity appears to be cutting ties to good ol’ Roy.

    A part of me hopes Roy Moore wins this race (by a very slim margin) but yet Roy Moore gets to go to the Senate where he will have his self-righteous ass handed to him more than once.

    Roy Moore is more of a thorn in the side of the Republicans than he is to the Democrats.

    Let these Republicans turn on each other and if the rest of us have any luck, they will all just kill each other off in their pissing contests.

    Midterm election is fast approaching and what better way to remind Democrats and Independents that might think about not turning out to vote of just how dangerous these Republicans are than to see and/or hear Roy Moore’s blathering spew of his ideas.

    Let Moore rant – the more he rants – the less Republicans will actually do in the Congress. And so far – these GOPPERS have done very little legislatively.

    • One of Alabama’s GOP State Party officials actually defended Moore by using the defense that Mary – the Mother of Jesus – was 14 years old and Joseph was an adult male.

      God – that is really grasping at the desperation straw – don’t you think?

  11. Is it just me that is embarrassed to think Trump went out of his way to get that Otto dude out of North Korea (he was the dude that stole the poster off the wall and sent to prison) and now these three UCLA ball players out of their shoplifting charge in China?

    WOW – how big man Trump was to go and rescue shoplifters and a poster thief.

    Is this what Americans will now be known for – a president more interested in getting common thieves out of legal troubles when they knowingly chose to commit theft while in foreign countries?

    Perhaps this is why Trump does not press the Russian Communist Leader Putin on why he meddled in the 2016 US election- or why Putin has put a lot of lives in danger from his meddling around the world?

    Putin’s crime(s) don’t rise to the level of shoplifting or stealing posters off a damn wall.

    P.S. – how pathetic was it to see Trump beg for these three UCLA ball players to publicly thank him?

    WOW – such a modest and humble man. Surely this is the reason God chose Trump to be the man to make America Great Again. (holding back laughter)



    Wow – history is about to write a new chapter…

    So – it is said in this article that Charles Manson tried to incite a race war? Now why does that sound so familiar???



    Nothing to see here – just another ‘Christian’ white man who has used the cover of being an Anti LGBTQ Warrior for God and protecting the sanctity of all that is ‘natural’ and holy – big eye roll

    Now see – this is why I am so cynical about these ‘religious people’ – the more they thump their Bibles, the more I want to look into their closets – because it seems the truth is ALWAYS there ..

  14. Thunderchild

    Anybody else see our old foe Nathan on the front page of the paper today? And yeah, it IS him. Former
    Marine, gun instructor and the spitting image of his father. Evangelism, right wing ideology, and his constant carry of a gun do not seem to have done much to aid him against the march of time! He can’t be much older than like 35 and he LOOKS older than I do! I always felt a little sorry for that kid. He’ll never be anything more than his father over again. And the real sad part is that is all that he wants.
    I don’t go to church, not since I was little anyway. I asked too many inconvenient questions in Sunday school. I’ve little desire to return. The idea that I might linger in the back row, caught between an entering shooter and someone like Nathan, so EAGER to “defend” me? Yeah, a further discouragement. Somehow I don’t think someone like Nathan is gonna let me get in the way of his divine assignment. I’d be an “acceptable loss”, killed in the crossfire while God looked on…

    • See him (“Nathaniel Price”) on a few FB threads. If anything, his right wing ideology has become more entrenched. His inability to think (critically or otherwise) is even more pronounced. I, too, always felt sorry for him. His current state is right where I thought it would be all those years ago.

      He needs to get away from his father, and relocate to, say, Vermont with no ability to leave there for the next 30 years, and be exposed to a thought process with which he is most unfamililar at this time. It would be good for him.

      • Refresh my memory- what was the father’s name? I remember the Sr and Jr duet in that group but their words seem to all blur together into one big bunch of ‘we hate Democrats/Liberals – oh, and we really hate the black man in the White House.

        TC – I graduated from an Evangelical Fundamental Baptist College in 1975 and married a Baptist preacher – of which, we both told the churches where to shove it.

        You see – I was a Fundamental Baptist and my husband was a Southern Baptist and both our churches started a damn feud that rivaled the Hatfields and McCoys.

        things go real ugly and we lasted 7 months in my husband’s church. That last sermon delivered by my husband is still talked about today……..let’s just say – he ‘told it like it was’ and did not care who liked it or didn’t like it.

        My husband then went to work in the long term health care field being an administrator of nursing home. That was his mission in life – to help people. He did a hell of a lot more good there in nursing homes than he ever could do with a bunch of self-righteous, pompous and downright hate-filled Kristians (I intentionally misspelled it). There was NOTHING Christian about those folks.

        BTW – have you noticed Alabama pastors lining up to support Roy Moore and they will even tell you – they would rather vote for Moore knowing he did go after young girls rather than voting for a Democrat.

        That is how much these so-called Kristians truly love their morals from those Ten Commandments that Roy Moore was so proud to defend.

        Kellyanne Conway even said that Trump wants Moore’s vote on tax cuts – so it does not matter if the accusations are true or not.

  15. Watching the impulsion, is at least interesting. I get concerned about the outcome through. So much at state within this country and the world .War and world peace, faith and the effect of the R.R. Putting its weight behind this hitler want to be. The ego in charge, who I suspect would rather destroy this country then admit he is wrong. In fact I do not think that the concept that he is wrong is even in his mind ever. .

    • If you notice – Trump must believe that since Roy Moore denies he did anything wrong – then that is evidence he is telling the truth.

      Think back to his recent overseas trip – Trump also tried to say since Putin denied he meddled into the 2016 election – that all these critics should just shut the hell up because Putin said he is innocent. Nothing to see here – let’s all move along.

      As for Trump believing he has never been wrong- this Is not the first time Trump as talked about his lack of ability to admit he is wrong.

      But what is more wrong – IMHO – is how many Loud-N-Proud Evangelical Kristians (intentionally misspelled) are going along with Trump’s delusions.

      I’ve said this many times before. These Trumpublicans openly bragged about how much they hated their President Obama and wanted him to fail. Hell – these folks continued to spread their malicious Birther Lie for 10 years now.

      GOD (the real one) will NOT bless or use any unrepentant believer when he/she continues to sin – and telling lies is a big sin on the list of Ten Commandments that Roy Moore so infamously swears to defend.

      Oh what a web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

      Trumpublicans have weaved a big ol’ messy web and it is about time they are told to CLEAN it up.



    if the name Flip Benham sounds familiar – think back to Operation Rescue Anti-Abortion folks.



    Is it just me or the mere thought of seeing this particular Republican in his nudie birthday suit just too much to take?

    Take special note that in Texas – he would be considered a victim of revenge porn – WOW….anybody that allows themselves to be photographed in the nude deserves what they get – IMHO

    Besides – by the way this dude talks, it was a consensual sexual relationship – so did he intentionally pose for that nude photo?

    OH GOD…..please protect me from your weirdos…

    Just a quick observance – isn’t this the same Texas Republican that demonized his President Obama for daring to hold BP accountable for that massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Just wondering…



      Yep – this is the dude. Remember when this Loud-N-Proud Republican said the Obama Administration was doing a shakedown of BP when Obama held the oil company that was responsible for the massive oil spill accountable by making them set up a $20 billion fund to clean up the mess they created?

      My – oh my – how dare that black man in the White House actually hold an oil company responsible…

      From the news today of Barton’s nude photo being circulated on the internet – I have to wonder, was this nude photo taken during the infamous BP oil spill time????

    • I just saw on television national news – this dude TOOK the nude picture of himself – and sent it out to his woman friend. Well – he and his wife were separated at the time – so I guess Jesus approved of this……..or would he?

      Maybe I am from the old dinosaur days where it was NEVER a good idea to take a picture of yourself in the nude – let alone to send it to other people to see it – and do with it what they want.

      JEEZUS Almighty – that is just plain STUPID

      BTW – if Weiner is in prison for sending texts of his nude body – then why isn’t this Joe Barton from Texas being questioned and charged?

  18. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all – hope you’re hoping a safe and fun holiday with your loved ones.

  19. Rick Liebst

    Test to see if I found the password too late.

  20. Rick Liebst

    Well isn’t that special, my virus protection is telling me that this site is trying to load a virus.

  21. Gstir

    Is this place broken?

    • Rick Liebst

      Sadly it is my understanding it that it is a matter of money. Plus time for the administrator.

      • I never heard anything about a need of money to keep this blog up and running. I stopped posting because nobody seems to really care about this place anymore. And what a sad commentary on what our dear blog friend Steven envisioned for our group.

        We were never the kind of people like on the other blog we all came from that loves to sit and spew out Obama hatred 24/7 – and then get our jollies off kicking people off their health insurance or to deny people any type of government aid – especially when corporations get the lion’s share of all this taxpayer-provided money.

        But let’s face it – our group has not grown and I think it is due to our not being willing to throw our integrity and moral principles into the sewer in order to keep our blog ‘exciting’.

        Truth be to told – life is not one big party. Life is boring – and life needs a balance in order to be a good life for everyone – IMHO

        In our current political arena – which started with the election of the black man in the White House in 2008 – – our country has become a very bitterly divided country.

        And our little group just does not fit the requirements for today’s political junkies – we’re all middle-of-the road politically and that just does not attract many people.

        There’s an old saying – a lie travels halfway around the world by the time the truth puts on shoes.

        UNTIL the day our country gets our priorities straight – and we get out of this mindset of ‘reality t.v. stars’ running our country – the real Americans in the middle with us – will continue to be drowned out by all the political noise.

        Just my opinion.


        This is exactly what I am talking about. This Republican – who was convicted and then Trump pardoned him one month later – is running for the Senate and STILL wants to push the debunked Birther Lie – which, BTW, Trump also pushed for years.

        THIS is not what our country needs running the government – IMHO>

        JEEZUS Almighty – and yet this guy is very, very popular with the ‘right’ people.

        There is a cancer in our country’s politics and it is slowly eating our country inch by inch.

      • FYI – if Congress mandates checking birth records of presidents – then let’s also mandate a MENTAL HEALTH assessment – by an independent panel of doctors.