Friday, 10/27/17, Public Square



by | October 26, 2017 · 5:57 pm

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  1. This link is four years old but will still be interesting to those of us who remember PrairiePond fondly.

  2. GSTIR

    I haven’t heard anything here from PP, is everything OK?

    • I have personally tried to email PP several times – no replies. I miss her terribly (like the rest of the PPP family) and wish her only the best.

      Prairie Pond is a friend that is in our hearts – and will never truly be gone – IMHO

      If PP is reading this – I’m sending positive energy your way everytime I remember something you posted here on PPP – and I smile, chuckle or just outright have a belly laugh.

      Because so many times – you were ‘spot on’ on your comments.

    • No, Gary. None of us has heard from her in quite a while. I tried to call her and the phone was answered by her voice asking me to leave a message. I did, but didn’t get a call back. đŸ˜¦ I worry about her!

      • GSTIR

        Thanks- I hope everything is OK with her. I still remember and laugh recalling the days of Kansas Farm Girl.



    Is history about to repeat itself? Remember Nixon with his Saturday Night Massacre when he wanted to fire the Special Prosecutor – but his two job DOJ officials resigned in protest?

    What do you think Trump will do if Jared or Don Jr are on that list to be charged?

    Or will just Manafort and Flynn be the scapegoats so Trump can continue to do his cock strutting dance on his way to all this ‘winning’ crappola that he keeps tweeting about?

    IMHO – Manafort and Flynn are probably the two most likely to be brought in on charges – and then it becomes a game of – which one will make their deal first?

    But what if Trump pulls the Golden Ticket and does fire Mueller? Will Republicans be finally politically forced to do their patriotic duty and actually INVESTIGATE their own King Twitter. As of now – I have not seen much enthusiasm among the majority of these Republicans to even question their King Twitter – let alone investigate.

    After all – isn’t that Trump demands – is loyalty to him (not the country) but to him? Last time I checked – that was what Kings do to their subjects.

    When did America start having a damn King in charge?