*****iggydonnelly borrowed his nickname from Ignatius Donnelly, a prairie populist who started the People’s Party in 1892.  The original Donnelly was a senator from Minnesota.  The people in the Populist party were against the rich and for the common man.  In 1892, Ignatius Donnelly said… “The fruits of the toil of millions are boldly stolen to build up colossal fortunes, unprecedented in the history of the world, while their possessors despise the republic and endanger liberty.”
The blogger donnelly has worked in various Kansas Community Mental Health Centers since February 1st, 1982.  The blogger has worked at his current place of employment since 1992.  Donnelly is a student and sometimes adjunct instructor of psychology.  The blogger donnelly is an advocate of progressive politics and free thought.  Donnelly has never raised any corn, but he has raised hell if there was no one around to watch, that is.  This author believes that same sex marriage is a civil rights issue and is a supporter of this cause.  In his spare time donnelly conducts psychological research that combine his interests in “positive psychology” and treatment planning for persons with severe and persistent mental illness.  He has one teenage son and one teenage daughter, who both with the aid of many heavy sighs, have learned to tolerate their father.

*****  6176746f6c6c65 got his nickname from spending too much time trying to decipher the great mysteries of computer operating systems.

As a practicing attorney for some 30 years, 6176746f6c6c65 has an opinion on just about everything. A frustrated geneticist, biochemist, quantum physicist, cosmologist, he turned to accounting as an undergraduate major after encountering Calculus.

After marriage and becoming the father of two daughters, education became a topic of high interest, and one upon which he blogs often. He has served as a member of Site Councils for 17 years, 15 at the high school from which his daughters graduated.

Blogging since sometime in 2006, he will venture an opinion on anything of which he has even a scintilla of knowledge, further illustrating the truism that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


*****  Jammer5 was born in the town of Venice, California, as I’ve posted in a recurrent theme of mine via Ramblings of a _______ SoCal mind. There is no story to my nic, other than I play a bad guitar.

I never did much blogging until a friend of mine pointed me to that other blog, where I cut my teeth on the realities of attempted communication with the one track mind. I seldom post there anymore, as this place provides a forum more conducive to conversation.

I wrote for a couple of on-line writing sites for awhile, and fully enjoyed it. I wrote some short fiction, poetry, and flash fiction, as well as a book about chickens being people too, which featured a different writer for each chapter. We actually did two books. One of the most fun projects I’ve ever done, although there is no hope of getting them published. I also was involved in a joint project about the ballad of Jose Quirm, Tequila Worm. A sick and glorious saga about Jose’s travels.

I have lived and worked in the States as if I only had one life to live. I found it difficult to work at one place too long. Too much to learn out there to be stuck in one job forever. I always wondered how a person could stay at one job for thirty years. Just wasn’t my style.

I was a Republican for many years, until Bush entered the scene. His lack of respect for the Constitution turned me off, so I started looking at both the Democrats and the Libertarians, and, while finding things I liked about both, chose the Democrats. Glad I did. I’m for gay rights, universal health care and a dog in every yard.

Being a single dad for many years put a hinderence on my education, but I kind of make up for that by reading just about anything with words on it. So if my english ain’t not so good at time, it boils down to education. Dat’s ’bout it, folks. I is me!


***** PrairiePond has been blogging under another nic since 2002, but it doesn’t mean she’s good at it. This Western Kansas farm girl has been tormenting religious folks, republicans and authority figures since 1956 when she first perfected the skill on her long suffering parents. The Pond proves that still waters do not run deep, and prides herself on being “an inch deep and a mile wide” on all topics. She finds comfort in the words of John Prine, Molly Ivins and Mother Jones, and misses her adopted home and friends in Austin, Texas.

A profane, radical and generally obnoxious lesbian, Prairie Pond gave up politics and an economic consulting business in 2001 to return to Kansas and her family farm. She still lives there with her barn cats, chickens, and Summer the Wonder Dog. In her spare time, Pondy also writes columns for the local newspaper, sells veggies and eggs at local farmers markets, and desperately tries to raise more hell and less corn. So far, she’s succeeding.


*****  fnord –  My ‘nic’ is a word used in Robert Anton Wilson’s trilogy, The Illuminati Papers.  In Wilson’s trilogy, truth is revealed to those who know where to look. The enlightened can see fnord in the empty spaces between unjustified columns of text in newspapers and magazines. Called sticky spots, these spaces are not really blank, but contain fnord.  The concept spread to many who had never read the book but had no trouble discovering where fnord must clearly exist.
My passion is equality — for women, for gays, for minorities.  ALL means ALL, and the 14th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution spells it out clearly. I also feel strongly that each human being deserves to be treated with dignity. I’m sympathetic to almost anything that doesn’t involve mean-spirited-ness and I trust people way before they’ve proven that I can and/or should. I am a hugger. I’m a little too emotional. If you have known me long enough, there WILL come a day where you just wished to GOD I would shut up. I have virtually no back bone and I don’t ever want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
I’m relatively old.  More important than anything are my hubby, who is a man extraordinaire, my children and grandchildren who exceed perfection in every way.  I don’t know why I am surrounded by exceptional people, I can only tell you that I am! I probably love you way beyond reason because people are for loving. PERIOD.  Loving is what life is all about.

***** WSClark a.k.a. William Stephenson Clark is a lunatic, photographer, moron, author, biker, ex-businessman, lazy SOB that could be called a bastard if it wasn’t for the fact that his parents had been married for three weeks before he was conceived. He is a life long liberal and a dedicated opponent of discrimination of all kinds. He was born in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, grew up in Detroit and has lived in Kansas (to the States regret) since the early Eighties.

Clark lives alone (sob) in Wichita with his three adult rescue cats, and two rescue dogs, Rufus and the world-famous Cookie. He is the world’s best BBQ chef and a devoted follower of music, despite the fact that he has absolutely no musical talent whatsoever.

8 responses to “Authors

  1. Hi SEKanBlogger,
    Wow, you came upon my little abandoned thought shaft. I haven’t blogged on Left on the Prairie in ages. I really, really did want to start a blog, and I saw on (or was it Daily Kos) that Kansas was not even listed among the states with blogs! So I truly thought I was filling a void. Since then, I have learned about the blogs that abound here, and specifically about the blogger from KS who was selected to go to the DNC in August.

    The problem with blogs is that you have to constantly feed the beast, or else people abandon you, and then what’s the point? And I have a job that is very time-consuming (so do you, I’m sure, but you may be a better time manager than me). But I loved my blog name and didn’t want someone else to take it up, so I left it intact. If I ever get to retire, I may go back to it!

    Anyway, thanks for your interest and your note.

    Alice (yeah, this is my real name)

  2. Hey Sekanblogger! I figured you had written the article with Jessica Simpson up front. That’s b/c I’m a schmuck. Uh… I was telling those writers, (when I thought they were you), about how terrific Fla. is. The Recount. Anna Nicole Smith. Me. Yadaydadyada.

  3. Jammer5. You have a great writing style and from what I have seen you are a wonderful person. I thoroughly enjoy reading your work and your comments. The poem that you so kindly shared with me was astounding. I was completely swept up in it. That is very hard to accomplish with a poem. When you write your book I am fully confident in the fact that it will be published and that it will be a hit. You are truly a talent.

    • jammer5

      Gracias, Eric. One of the sites I wrote for allowed critiques of stories, poems, etc. I learned a lot there. To me, writing is a fun thing.

  4. Hey Jammer5, I was wondering if I could put your site on my blogroll. I hope that you are doing well. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • jammer5

      Eric, we here at Prairie Populists And would be honored. I hope you don’t mind if we return the favor?

  5. Bad Biker

    Just one question, Jammer, are you as good looking as your avatar or did you do a little Photo Shopping?

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