Monday, 10/16/17, Public Square

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by | October 16, 2017 · 8:27 am

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  1. Rick Liebst

    With trump in office I am not sure it will get any better for women. From the start it was known how he is and his opinion of women. well it is almost like now there will be a licence. Ahh the religious rights candidate! The herring in Denmark is smelling fresher.

    • Weinstein and Trump are two cheeks from the same ass..

      Or more appropriately – two nuts from the same sorry sack?

      I’m sorry….I had to go there…..

      I am 64-yrs-old woman and I don’t ever remember any president that was as foul mouthed, rude, crude and is totally classless as Trump is – IMHO

      I seriously believe these Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives hated Obama – the black man in the White House – for the past decade and they have created a cancer that is now killing the Republican Party.

      BTW – these same KKK Trumpublicans claim that God chose Trump to be President.

      On what Biblical scripture do these morons base their claim?

      One of the TOP Ten Sins is bearing false witness – Trump was the Birtherism Pied Piper with all their lying selves dancing to Trump’s tune when they continued their Birhterism Lie.

      Now – these same Liars are applauding when their Messiah Trump continues to get caught in lies after lies and after more lies.

      Please explain to me how God can bless or ‘use’ of these so-called Christians when they are repentant of their sin of telling so many G-D lies?

      God – I am so sick and tired of these so-called Christians and their twisted version of Christianity.

      Nothing good can come from their continuance of telling lies, lies and more lies.

      • Corr: NON-repentant of their sin of telling so many G-D lies?

        For all these God-fearing Kristians preaching down their noses at all their perceived enemies – one has to wonder what God really thinks of these people.

        If these folks think I want to be in eternity with their lying’ asses – they really are delusional.

  2. Bob White

    Today’s post —– excellent point. Let’s focus on the perpetrators, not the victims.

    • Agreed 100% – but don’t hold your breath.

      Remember the Puritans and how they branded the woman with the Scarlet Letter but let the man go scot free?

      I suspect a lot of Puritanism is within the current Trumpublican Klan.



    I don’t need a damn lecture from a damn Communist Russian Leader about showing respect.

    BTW – where was Putin’s advice to Republicans when the showed their total disrespect for their President Obama for 8 damn years?

    Mighty winds come from empty caves – Putin and Trump are the two cheeks from the same damn ass – IMHO

    But – wasn’t it nice of Trump’s BFF – the Communist Russian Leader – to come to Trump’s rescue?


    Rush shipping condolence letters – what a proud moment for these Kompassionate Kristian Konservative Republcians to watch as their boy tries his best to look presidential.

    Bottom line – how would you feel if you lost your loved ones in a damn hellhole war across the world and did not hear one word from Trump – but since Trump’s unfiltered mouth got him in trouble this week – this is when the WH aides decides to rush ship out condolence letters?

    Too little – too late – IMHO

    Take the condolence letter and stuff it …



    Remember former HHS Director Tom Price? Well – his wife (also a doctor) has shown herself to be a perfect match to Tommy.

    BTW – why is Georgia the 2nd leading highest rate of new HIV infections?

    Rather than talking about quarantining AIDS patients – let’s figure out what is driving this increase in new HIV infection cases?



    So – Trump and Trumpblicans want a taxpayer-provided bail out for these coal mines?

    OH HELL NO……

    I thought Republicans hated bail outs? Well – these same folks also screamed they hated budget deficits but yet every time one of their own Republican boys gets into the White House – then their screaming against deficits turns into them HAVING to run a deficit due to ._______ (just fill in the blank).

    More of their self-righteous and pompous attitude that Dick Cheney so eloquently summed up when he infamously stated- Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.

    How very Christian of them….IMHO



    Tom Hanks is an intelligent and well-read man. Who would have guessed that from his first t.v. sitcom when he teamed up with Peter Scolari and were two guys masquerading as women to live in an all-female apartment building.

    I like Tom Hanks – and IIRC – Tom Hanks was on Richard Branson’s yacht last summer with Barack and Michelle Obama.

    Think about it – a television star (and Hanks is also a movie star) who can related to people and ‘tell it like it is’ – much like what is being hyped about current occupant in White House.

    But there is one thing that Hanks has that Trump will NEVER have – that is class, integrity and Hanks is NOT a known bully. And I don’t remember ever hearing any allegations of sexual harassment done by Tom Hanks.

    Hey – right there – Hanks is already miles ahead of Trump.