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Music Trivia For Old Farts

One of the regulars at the Shawn Phillips group shared this and I thought there may be a few here who remember the times, even if you don’t care to be known as Old Farts…..HA!  I was just a kid and of course do not live anywhere near Woodstock. Also this tidbit about Jethro Tull caught my eye. An old friend told me that he was at a Tull concert in Tulsa in the mid 70’s when Ian Anderson actually stopped a concert to point the police to some pot smokers that he was apparently offended by! True? or hear-say? ~sekanblogger

Jethro Tull passed on the event after Ian Anderson was quoted as saying that he “didn’t want to spend [his] weekend in a field of unwashed hippies”.  However, JT bassist Glenn Cornick said that: “We were in New York when the Woodstock Festival was going on, and we were invited to play at Woodstock. Ten Years After were up there, so we called them up and said, ‘What’s it like up there?” and they said,” It’s pissing down with rain. It’s out of control. It’s one of the worst fucking gigs you’ve ever seen!’ So we decided not to go. Probably not one of the better moves we ever made.” ~from  page 43 of “Jethro Tull: A History of the Band 1968-2001,” by Scott Allen Nollen

For a list of bands that turned this down or couldn’t make it: Continue reading


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Saturday, 05/30/09 Public Square

washington st

This beautiful picture was taken in Washington State.  Isn’t it cooling?  It’s HOT here in Kansas!  And humid, and kinda miserable.

What have you been doing?   How are keeping cool?



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