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Have you ever seen a ghost, maybe a monster? Something that you don’t talk about to others that you don’t trust? BUT you know you saw something that is not the everyday even though you have to question if indeed you did see it? Don’t be afraid, as you are not alone.  Most sightings of ghosts, UFOs and Bigfoot do not get reported and maybe not even mentioned to close friends.

Now have you ever wondered what a call for assistance would sound like after seeing a Bigfoot?  What would you say to a dispatcher after seeing a 7 foot tall, hair covered ape/man in the front yard?  You want their help but don’t want to sound like a crackpot, like someone they would dismiss and not send the police. The following is such a call from the Northwest.  Listen to the confusion and the attempt to dance around exactly what he was seeing and what it could be.  Here is what has come to be called the “911 call”.

BTW, yes, I have seen something strange.  It was back in the middle seventies, and no, I’m not saying it was Bigfoot.  I saw it in Kansas while hunting.  At the time I’d never  heard of Bigfoot and didn’t even tell my best friends, the ones who know more about me then my wife does. It took over a decade and only after I encountered someone else who had seen it did I ever say anything.

And would you like to know what I saw? Here is a link with pictures that somewhat resemble what I saw in the Big Ditch outside of Wichita. I say “somewhat,” as the hair was more form fitting and the body was better defined.  No, I am not crazy and wasn’t drunk at 6:30 on a Sunday morning. I was hunting rabbits and saw doves flying down to the water to drink. Not having any luck with the rabbits I went and sat in the tall weeds along the bank. When I heard water splashing down stream I leaned out and saw it.  Not a bear, not a dog, not a guy wearing a wetsuit or a naked black man bathing. Now I have established what it was not. I just can not establish what it was.

Enjoy and share, you will be in good company!



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To Feed the Trolls, Or To Not Feed the Trolls…

Hug troll from Trollshop Norwegian Troll

Trolls are  posters who write outlandish comments to disrupt discussions on blogs.  See Wiki for a history of the term.

The abreviation DNFTT stands for “Do not feed the trolls.”  The rationale for this feeding avoidance is “the most effective way to discourage a troll is usually to ignore him or her, because responding tends to encourage trolls to continue disruptive posts.” (See the Wiki source above).

I have a different thought about this subject;  the DNFTT premise has an underlying premise that how trolls are responded to has an effect upon how they act.  I would counter that premise by contending that all trolls are who they are and were the same yesterday and will be the same tomorrow.  Trolls are nothing, if not predictable.

I believe it would be possible to organize a series of experiments that would test the hypothesis that trolls change or cease their posting if ignored.  My prediction is that they would not change or cease trolling.

Just think:  we could use internet trolls as lab rats for experiments.  They are just as plentiful as rats, and it is more difficult to get attached to them, so  destroying them at the end of the experiment would be less traumatic.  How convenient!

Your thoughts?

Iggy Donnelly


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Monday, 05/25/09 Public Square

Memorial Day Freedom Isnt Free

To those who served —

Thank you!



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