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Stress-God-and the human brain.


A very interesting article regarding the physical responses when the subject is confronted by different data, including God and Religion:

James Brewer takes a seat beside me in a café at the San Diego Convention Center, where we are both attending the largest neuroscience meeting in the world: thirty thousand brains researching brains. With his balding head, bright eyes, and baby cheeks, Brewer, a neurologist at the University of California at San Diego, looks like a large and curious toddler. An unlikely messenger, perhaps, in what for me is now a moment of truth. I had undergone a series of diagnostic procedures in his laboratory, and now, inside the laptop he has placed on the table, are the results of my brain tests.

“Your brain is shrinking,” he says.

This is the last thing I expected to hear. Not me, a man who considers himself healthy and ageless, at least in his own, er, mind.

“People’s brains begin to shrink when they are in their thirties,” Brewer explains with a smile, to suggest this isn’t really a big deal. “Yours is about average.”




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Tuesday, 05/05/09 Public Square


Blogging is totally acceptable!  What do you want to talk about?



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Obama is an Intelligent Liberal and Many are Rooting for Him

In his NYTimes op-ed Timothy Egan asserts that many in our country recognize that Obama is a liberal AND  are still for him.  He says:  “Nearly 60 percent in the NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll viewed him as ‘very or somewhat liberal.’ And, with a shrug and thumbs up, they’re cheering for the new guy.”

Egan further states “Obama’s broad support points to an old American character trait – pragmatism. It can tilt conservative or liberal, as resilient as the times.”

Is it really possible that we are opting for pragmatism, i.e. “getting the job done” regardless vs. ideology?  I want to believe this is true, but I fail to be this optimistic.  I hope I am wrong.  What do you bloggers think?

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