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It’s torture!



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Is Bigotry a Sin?

Greetings, all:

I know that I am somewhat fixated on this God-stuff, and I apologize for that… But, is racism/bigotry a sin?

My darling and precious spouse, who is a recovering Catholic, is certain that bigotry is sinful.  Being a Catholic, she knows little about the Bible – they let priests and other experts be responsible for the answers to those questions [which may not be true, and a reflection of my own bigotry]  –  so, she is unable to provide Biblical support for this assertion of hers.

I am no Biblical scholar by any measure, but I am sure that the Bible is silent on this subject.

My question:  Is bigotry a sin – not necessarily acts, but thoughts?

Thanks for your help & peace be with you…


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Friday, 05/22/09 Public Square

camping mental illnessHere we are at the first holiday weekend of the summer season.  Anyone going camping?  😉  Other special plans?


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