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THE LIGHTS suddenly went so bright that they were blinding but the noise dead in an instant.
Now there was no sensation, none at all, any light, sound or movements just total darkness and a void.

Without warning the light came back with an almost thunder and a whispery sound everywhere.
I stood dumb struck, It seemed I was nowhere but at the same time seemed to be everywhere. A part of everything this place was like nothing I had imagined but I felt at a thought it could be anything.

A sudden warmth surrounded me and he was there setting just a head of me on the second step of a staircase. Not on some golden throne and neither did a brilliant light surround him as so many times it had been described to me. God seemed to be just human, I felt the same feeling I did whenever as a child we would go to visit Grandpa. His eyes show a deep felt love and his manner was welcoming and you just wanted his attention, you just knew he would listen like no other adult ever seemed to do.

“Well hello again!” God said.
“Again?” I said not having any memories of ever being here before.
“Yes I am not surprised you do not remember the first time it was so short a time.”
“How did the scar on your right arm do?” God replied.
Out of reflex I looked at my right arm, the scar was so tiny that only if I pointed it out would anyone have noticed.
Nineteen years old and the summer after graduation in my first attempt at living on my own in the adult world. The sand pit was not the largest I had ever dove in, certainly not big enough for the fifteen foot ski boat that was trying to get going enough to lift the skier out of the water.

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THE MORNING AFTER PILL, in a different view.

I wrote some years ago about a pill being developed that reverses everything done within the last twenty four hours. The main character would take winos home and bed them, she killed an annoying delivery person right in front of her door. Then when the Police were about to arrest her she took the pill.

Now the question is to you, if you could take a pill and reverse everything that you would have done in the last twenty four hours. What would you do, how would you act and what decisions would you make?



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Yes, Dr. Walter Bishop really was at work…

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction:



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Was Sarah Going to Hook Up with Bill or Hillary???

Inquiring minds would like to know!!!Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton

John Coale, a wealthy trial attorney and the husband of Fox News talk show host Greta Van Susteren, approached Sarah Palin with a plan to use her PAC funds to help retire Hillary Clinton’s campaign debt.  The strategy was motivated by a  plan to lessen the polarizing Alaska Governor’s disdain felt by moderate voters.  Sarah apparently considered this moment of political prostitution, but then decided against it.

From the Politico article:

“Former President Bill Clinton placed a friendly call to Palin after the election, and Coale sought to use that as an opportunity to play matchmaker.

“He said he tried to set up a visit between Bill Clinton and Palin in Alaska earlier this year when the former president traveled to Asia, but Clinton wound up traveling there through Europe.”

Read the whole article here.
Truthfully, it is stories like these that make we wonder if we are (the citizens of the U.S.A.) just being played as dumb fools…


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Fighting the Taliban

149591-sign-showing-distance-to-other-major-cities-from-kala-bagh-kala-bagh-pakistanCNN) — A Taliban spokesman issued threats and ultimatums against Pakistani officials this week, as the country’s military continued its offensive against the militant group in the Swat Valley.

Speaking with CNN on Wednesday, Muslim Khan announced that all national and provincial parliament members from the Malakand Division, the northwestern region where the Swat Valley is located, must resign within three days. “Otherwise, we will arrest all their families,” Khan threatened, “and we will destroy all their buildings.”

As the Pakistani offensive continued against the Taliban, Fareed Zakaria interviewed the nation’s former president, Pervez Musharraf, for his show Sunday. Musharraf is a former chief of the Pakistan Army who took power in a 1999 coup and stepped down as the nation’s president under pressure last summer.

With Pakistan being a nuclear country, and the Taliban still controlling some of the outer provinces, is Obama correct in sending UCAVs into Pakistan and bombing known Taliban positions? It seems to me this is a more dangerous situation than Iran. If the Taliban take over the government, they will have access to nuclear weapons, and that spells nothing but hell for the entire region.

When Obama got the leaders of both Pakistan and Afghanistan together, suddenly Pakistan tore up the treaties it signed with the Taliban, and started attacking in force, with the end goal of wiping them out of the country. My thinking is this is something that should be used front page to bolster Obama’s standing concerning making this country safe, something the Republicans are trying to quash by using Notre Dame and Polosi as spin to deflect it. Any thoughts?



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Tuesday, 05/19/09 Public Square


This is a quilt — Obama’s face is made from snippets of election news stories that have been transferred to fabric. The black background is covered in words and phrases from his speech on race.   Check out a few more Obama quilts pictured here.

How is everyone?  What’s going on in your neck of the woods?  Any particular subject you want to discuss?



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