Almost daily the phone would ring and it would be the same caller. Some days the calls would be up to three times. A recording would start and it would say that the factory warranty would be running out soon. And we could extend it then giving the option of pressing 1 to speaker to an operator or 2 to be taken off the call list.

At first I would press 2 and the phone would go dead, but if not again the same day. Then the next day it would be the same call. I took to pressing 1 and when the operator would come on I would try to say
“ I want to be taken off the call list!”. But all I could get out was “I want to be ta” then they would hang up.
Only to call later that day or the next, so I did something different. When they would start their sales pitch I would say “ I have an 83 Ford pick-up do you really think there is any left of the factory warranty?”.
There would be a moment of silence than “ ahh no”, then I would explain that I have repeatedly asked to be taken off the call list but keep getting the calls!

They would explain that there are several companies making these call and that there is not just one call list.
But as many times as I had done this little dance I am sure I would have gotten all of them told.

Well Yesterday it was announced that the Federal Trade commission had filed charges against several companies for being responsible for rob-o calls concerning car warranties!

YEAH!!!!! These calls are bothersome and a hassle I even started getting them on my cell phone too.



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8 responses to “A SMALL VICTORY

  1. iggydonnelly

    I only get these calls on my cell. I was at an insurance agents office recently and the woman who did their administrative/secretarial work was describing her problems with these type of calls: She told her friend that she did not have a warranty on her car because the car was likely older than the caller was.

  2. lilacluvr

    I had a friend who was so irritated with all these unsolicited calls that he kept a whistle by the phone. He would let the person start their little marketing speech to lull them into thinking they had a live one on the line and then all at once would blow the whistle into the phone. Let’s just say, the recurrence rate of these calls dropped dramatically.

    • lilacluvr

      BTW – this was back before the No-Call list was even invented. God knows if my friend still keeps his whistle by the phone – I’m just glad he has Caller ID if I have to call him.

  3. frigginloon

    Ah my favorite line is to say..”Look I am really busy at them moment so if I could have your personal phone number I’ll ring you at home when it is convenient for me.” Needless to say they never do. Oh except this one time when I got an Indian from New Delhi all flustered and he actually started giving me his number before I hung up! A friend of mine once slammed the phone down on a telemarketer and they rang him back and did the same to him ahahahahahaha LOL! I still laugh when I picture his face.

  4. wicked


    I did the same thing, waited until the sales associate came on. The first thing he asked was for the year, model, and make of my car.

    My response was, “I have a 1990 Chrysler that I seriously doubt has been under warranty by anyone for a long, long, time, and I’d like to request that my number be removed from your list.”

    I’ll admit, my voice began at the nice stage, but by the end of it, I was next to yelling. The advance in age has shortened my patience.

    Yes, Iggy, on my cell. The only other solicitation calls I get on it are political.

    These companies (this one located in FL) don’t have to abide by the Do Not Call rule, because the calls are not coming from an 800 number.

  5. wicked

    Hello. My name is Wicked, and I once did a six-week stint as a telemarketer.

    Yes, I was desperate, and I’ll stand up right now and say I will NEVER do it again. I made credit card offers for VISA and MasterCard. I tried shutting off my mind during the ‘pitch’, but more often than not, by the end of the call, all I wanted to do was grab my purse, clock out, and go home.

    It takes a special person to do sales, whether in person or on the phone. I’m not one of them.

    • tosmarttobegop

      At times I feel for those telemarketer the call me, I am quite brutal in the case where it is the same company calling. I realize that they are only doing a job, but that job to me really is not much different then that of a home burglar. Coming into my house uninvited, disturbing my peace and only wanting what ever of wealth they can find there.

      More then one telemarketer has been told by me their should shave their legs and work the streets so that people could respect what they are doing! This can be somewhat humorous when the caller is a male.
      In more a polite tone I often point out that obvious I have a phone and generally those with a phone also have a phone book. If I was wanting their services I would be the one calling them!

      I wish who ever thought up the idea of telemarketing would spend an eternity in a level of Hell where the phone rings always! I use to work third shift which means I slept in the day time, just who do they think they will get home these days in the day time?

      Yes I know that when you need a job a job is a job and we all do sometimes what we have to do.
      LOL we are all whores I once said to a co-worker.