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Cicadas: Latest Evidence for Climate Change

Since I know that many of you are missing the inane arguments from the other place, I thought I would do my civic duty and report on what the Cicadas are saying.  They, according to this scientist, are thinking that their underground homes are getting too hot and they are leaving them early.  This has been a consistent pattern and attributed by this scientist as more evidence of climate change.


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Michael Savage: A Laugh a Minute. Stop, Man, You’re Killing me…

This Michael Savage character is a laugh a minute, isn’t he?  Savage has been banned so that he is not able to enter England. The rationale that England is providing about their actions toward Savage is that he practices “hate speech”.  No doubt that he was in fine company, because  Savage was banned along side a white supremacist, Fred & Shirley Phelps, and a member of Hamas.


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Friday, 05/08/09 Public Square


What else do you know about our state?  What else is on your mind today?



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