Monday, 5/12/14, Public Square

climate change


by | May 12, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. No consensus. [eye roll]

    Science deniers of all ‘types’ make me very sad. I got involved in a ‘discussion’ with an anti-vaccination person recently. I put the word ‘discussion’ in single quotes because it may have started that way but didn’t stay a ‘discussion’ long. Ignoring experts in their field, in fact being positive that majority of experts in that field are all involved in a conspiracy seems to be accepted by science deniers.

  2. ROFLMAO! That’s a great graphic. I was at a 65th anniversary gathering this weekend, so you know, as John Prine said, there were “hearing aids in every pew.” A pretty conservative bunch.

    One of the people my age is a biologist working for the EPA in KC. I think folks were too intimidated to try and argue what he and I both agreed upon. We can all bitch about not getting any rain for years here, but we better get used to it. This is the new normal. Desertification of western Kansas is here and isn’t going away. So give the priest all your money, but it still won’t make it rain. Hotter and drier is how it’s gonna be.

    Lots of silence around us when we were talking. Lots of UNCOMFORTABLE silence. When we left, there was probably a an uttering or two of the words “damn hippies” and “damn liberal hippies.”

    • I suspect the addition to those utterings of damn hippies was ‘ and it’s all that Women’s LIb fault’ .

      If you listen to CONservatives – eventually they will blame everything onto the 60’s and how the women took over when they got that damn birth control pill.

      It’s the work of the Devil, I tell ya….

      • But on the other hand of the CONS, these folks sure do love the fact they can legally pay a woman 77 cents (?) on the dollar.

        Can you even imagine todays workforce without women???

    • Heheh. If you want your property values to rise, recruit a bunch of gay people to move into your neighborhood. They’ll spruce up the homes, be great neighbors, have only a few kids on the lawns and improve the curb appeal of the streets.

      Only half kidding….

      • I agree 100% – I would much rather than a dozen gay people as neighbors as my one Evangelical Christian right next door.

        That man and his wife are so heavenly minded that they are of no Earthly good.



    I saw this video of MIchael Sam kissing his boyfriend after picking drafted by St. Louis Rams.

    For those who are offended by this public display of love between two men I just have one question – why does it not offend you when these same pro football players have been touching each others butts on the field for years?

    I could never understand why all this homophobia is so rampant when grown men have been touching each others butts – and nobody ever seemed to have a problem with that.

    • Here’s a nice piece of news about Mr. Sam. Seems the rest of the country is happy to support him, unlike some of the current pro bullies.

      • Wouldn’t it be a wonderful day when it does not make the news when an openly gay person does something?

        Seriously…..what does one’s sexual orientation have to do with their accomplishments and/or abilities?

        If these tight-white-Evangelicals are so concerned about someone’s sex life – then why don’t we ever hear of one of their church leaders being a child molester (think Catholic Church knowingly covering up that crime for years) or the preacher man who seduces young girls and then gets asked to leave town quietly…..with a big payoff from the damn church.

        DAMN….I am so sick and tired of these hypocrits….

    I am still withholding my assessment of Pope Francis. He sure talks a good game – but let’s see him put some of that talk into action.

    Please note in the article that the Nuns were told they needed to be more willing to cooperate ….and that their group is in existence only through the approval of the Church.

    Hmmm….sounds like a threat to me… about you?

    The Nuns on the Bus – IMHO – need to break away from the Catholic Church and form their own church. These ladies are awesome…..and they would have followers lined up everywhere….