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  1. Sometimes those buttons come in handy. The smart phone gave Johnny Manziel something to do Thursday night while he watched his stock drop further and further in the NFL draft. The cameras were on him frequently, but he was always looking down at his phone and frantically pushing buttons. That way he didn’t have to show his face until he was drafted at number 22 instead of the top five projected.

    I wonder how many other people do the same button pushing just so no one has to see their faces or they don’t have to make eye contact with the masses.

    • We don’t yet have smart phones. We’re starting to talk about getting them. We are in no hurry. It does seem the world has moved beyond where we are and sometimes we feel like we want to catch up. Most of the time we know for sure the people who want to find us will / can.

      Do you think our world has become less civilized and kind? I do. I am an ole foggy and I’m pretty sure what I consider ‘appropriate’ is too old fashioned to even consider. I also think the lack of eye-to-eye, person-to-person communication may allow us to forget to be kind. Today too often seems a little dehumanized and I don’t want to forget that every human being is a unique and very special entity. I don’t want to forget that each of us may be facing a challenge and may need a hug…

      • Fnord, I don’t have a smart phone either. Just an old flip model. It does everything I want and works fine so I have no plans to get a new one any time soon.

        Rumor has it, though, I won’t be allowed inside the Austin city limits without at least a smartphone and maybe a tablet.

        Sigh. My telecom bill, including sat dish, is already the highest bill I have every month. I’d like to go back to a thirty dollar land line and free network channels on my analog tv.

      • We recently upgraded to a smart phone (after 4 years of flip up phone) and I want my flip up phone back!!!!

        My touchscreen feature does not exactly work – I have a swipe feature , which I do swipe rather than directly hit the buttons – and that does not work half the time.

        The other half of the time, my swype feature will be dialing someone on my speed dial list by my carrying the damn phone in my pocket.

        It seems this is the new progress that I just could not live without? A lot of hype for a big fat nothing….IMHO

        Just give me a damn phone that WORKS….

    • Maybe things haven’t changed as much as I think! Maybe we just have new ways to hide? A very long time ago I used to write what I called ‘poetry.’ It was just words I needed to get out, they followed no rules and most of the time made no sense to anyone but me. This is one I wrote long before all the devices with buttons, in a day when people must still have found ways to avoid “eye contact with the masses.

      the web

      today has been an
      unusual day.
      i spoke to no one,
      and no one spoke to me.
      i stared into people’s
      eyes, but they looked away,
      ashamed it seemed.
      i wondered what they
      have to hide:
      their sins or ugliness?
      but no one wanted to tell me.
      no one wanted to come out
      of their web.
      like spiders, people hide
      in their webs of
      darkest suspicions,
      protecting themselves from
      unforeseen evil.
      but, i was curious,
      so i rattled a web,
      and asked, “why?”
      i was given stony
      stares of silence.
      now i too
      am spinning a web.

      • Very good, Fnord. You have so many talents. Let’em shine, girl. Let’em shine!

      • Ditto…..very good…

        I think people hide behind their phones, Mp3 players and oversized designer coffees so nobody will figure out their secret – these people are not happy.

        Not happy with their jobs – not happy with their personal lives – not happy with the way things are going in this crazy world.

        But the saddest part – IMHO – people seem to have this feeling of hopelessness and that nothing will change…….

    • I did not have one either until the night I went by my self to Wichita and Century two. The map in my brain was dated 1986 but it had changed so much since then I got so lost I ended up getting back to Augusta by 21st street! seriously from the South side parked under the viaduct to 21st street.

      The next time I saw my wife using her smart phone to look up directions on a trip we went on. I said “I GOTS TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!!!”.

  2. R.D. – I need to ask you a question about the Augusta school system.

    My granddaughter is being sent to the counselor several times because the teacher is concerned about her mental well being. And this has been done without her parents’ notification. We found out quite by accident a few weeks ago and learned yesterday (again by accident) that the counselor and this teacher have this routine where the teacher sends the victims of the bullies down to the counselor. Why aren’t the bullies sent to counseling – or even sent home???

    Well – let’s see – her classroom has two little girls who are known bullies and at least 7 parents have complained and yet nothing ever happens to these bullies.

    It seems the victims of the bullies are being sent down to the counselor and made to feel they have done something wrong.

    Call me silly – but when a school states they have zero tolerance policy for bullying…….what does that mean exactly?

    I’ve never known of these two bullies ever been suspended from school (zero tolerance). One of these bullies did have to write an apology to my granddaughter – for whatever good that did, this bully has taken up where she left off after a few days of ‘appearing to be good’.

    What the hell is wrong with our school teachers and authorities???

    • I talked to a fellow parent and she said her child was shoved by a teacher last year. They went to the principal and the principal stated emphatically that no teacher of hers was capable of doing that……and refused to investigate.

      There were witnesses to this happening and still nothing happened.

      • One of my twin grandsons who suffers from ADD was suspended for a week for licking someone arm. I had the Police called on me and was investigated for tickling another grandson on the belly before he got on the bus! Bat shit crazy… ah yeah, I think a lot of it is they decide they want a mini vacation and so they suspend the student.
        My daughter and I live in constant fear of the phone ringing in the daytime before the kids get home.

      • Did I miss the memo where ticking a grandson’s belly a crime?

        I suspect this teacher is wanting to label my granddaughter as special needs just so the district can get more funding

        Of course this same teacher is the one that could not complete the reassessments on that common core crappola due to the reassessments were not developed yet

        Hey BIOTCH just test on what was done previously and see if there is improvement

        Geesh how freaking hard is that????

      • On the Meet and Greet Night this teacher told us about the common core stuff

        She simply showed the printed form on a projector screen and then read some of the different assessments

        It was quite obvious to everyone that this teacher did not have one freaking clue as to what she was talking about ——–

        Besides – if she was really concerned about a student’s mental well being then do something with the damn bullies

    • indy, given my involvement with Site Councils over the years, a note: find out how the school defines bullying.

      I don’t still have my copy of the definition suggested by KSAB, but suffice it to say it is both a definition only lawyers and school administrators can love, and does not cover conduct most persons consider “bullying”.

      • Thanks – one of these little precious darlings brings a bag of candy with her. If she puts up one finger to her followers, that means she is not pleased with you. If she holds up two fingers, she is warning you. If you get three fingers – you get NO candy

        Some folks may think that is not bullying – but I sure do. Or making my granddaughter get into the dog cage because she has been a bad dog and then she never gets out until the bell rings to go in from recess. This is the dog game they all play??

        Now my granddaughter tells me the ‘new’ game is a zombie game where they kill certain people.

        My granddaughter has told me that she has refused to play this zombie game because she does not like the killing part.

        My granddaughter eats a lot of fruits and vegetables because she does not like the taste of most meat. She does eat chicken nuggets – but is that really considered a meat nowadays – with all that breading….LOL

      • My granddaughter also does not like to see pictures of hunters – because she knows they kill animals.

        I can only imagine what this zombie game is like – if this kids think putting a person into a cage for the entire recess is a fun thing to do…

        I firmly believe that when you see a bully kid – there is probably a bully parent nearby….

  3. I have never been a fan of home schooling -due to the fact it seems to be majority of churchy people that go for home schooling, and I don’t especially want to be mixed in with that crowd.

    But I’ve seen advertisements on television for this online school – K-12 Online. It says it is a tuition free alternative to public schools.

    Has anyone on here heard anything or know anything about this group on K-12 Online?

    I can fully understand why people pull their kids out of these schools. And the sad fact is – this school was the one that I praised very highly only a few short months ago. Small town – small classrooms – very nice new building and enough supplies/books to actually educate our kids.

    But what all that does matter when the victims of these two bullies are sent down to the counselor for ongoing sessions – and they are made to feel that they are the ones that caused the trouble.

    Here’s a novel idea – suspend the two bullies and then see how the rest of the class responds. Do you think the other kids might suddenly all feel they are safe and care for?

    Let’s try that approach – just once – and see what happens.

    Oh, but we cannot do that because I learned last night that the father of one of these bully girls is considered a prime ‘catch’ for all the ladies in this small town. He is divorced and available. And he fits that stereotypical picture of a way-past-his-prime high school jock that never grew up…..We all know that type – don’t we?

    Seems this guy comes and around and all I see are these women teachers flocking to him and out-and-out flirting with this jerk…

    DAMN…..it is pathetic and sad….

  4. https://news.yahoo.com/karl-rove-hillary-clinton-blood-clot-truther-132245803.html?.tsrc=mobifone
    Karl Rove – the Queen Bee of the Old Gossipy Church Women.

    Is this really what the Republican Party has sunk to – this level of making snide, snarky, calculated comments to plant the seed of a lie to see how far it will go?

    But with their constant manure thrown by the Hate Talk Radio and Foxxies Hen House – that seed of the lie will grow and grow.

    This is dangerous – IMHO. There should be some sort of truth filter for what is spread as political news.

    But…when that group of Old Gossipy Church Women get started on something – all HELL will break loose.

    And then these women usually sit back and with a feigned look of astonishment will say – I never said it that way……. You betcha…Wink-Wink

    • (LOL, they do not like the word “Nazis as that is the word that they covered us)Rove is one of the #$%$ that led this country into a invasion for oil, lies and deceit that would have made the third neigh envious. It is foolish to believe anything he said, if he pounds on your door and tells you your house is on fire. Yu either need to check for smoke before leaving and make sure you take your grandmother’s ring with you before he gets a chance to enter.