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  2. Of course those who DID vote to kill the Veterans Benefit Bill have a little “R” beside their name. All the republicans do is support wealthy donors, not average Americans, and not those who put their lives on the line for us all!

  3. This article from NPR says the ads republicans are running have changed. “…the party is doing what Democrats have been doing for many years: using softer voices and more personal stories.”

    I don’t think that’s all republicans need to do to appeal to women. Action and policies that respect women and families are needed to convince us! Women will continue to vote overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates and it won’t be because their ads are softer and gentler!

    Easy On The Ears: GOP Ads Adapt To Reach Women Voters

    • These are the same folks who truly believed that every woman would flock to the polls to vote for Sarah Palin in 2008.

      These fools were wrong then – and they will continue to be wrong when they underestimate women……………….

  4. “Ask Amy” is an advice column and this one reminds me of republicans who use words that say one thing and actions that tell a totally different story. The woman asking for advice signs her letter “Sad Sister.” Yes, she is a sad sister, a sad woman, a sad human being, and Amy tells her so!

    “This is the single best Ask Amy response I’ve ever read.”

    • I love this response from this lady. I did not know this was the Amy Dickinson on NPR’s ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t tell me’…..

      I LOVE that show……

      The minute this Sad Sister stated that she and the cousins were churchgoers – I knew exactly the type and I also knew how cold hearted these folks can be.

      But, you know, if her sister did not have much money to spend on a shopping excursion – then why didn’t the Sad Sister give her some money as a ‘just because I love you gift’?

      Or, better yet, why go shopping? Just find some activities that did not include spending a lot of money. There are lot of things people can do that do not take a lot of money .

      And what type of family threatens to call the police when another family member comes over to your house because they are crying because of something YOU did….??

      This Sad Sister is just a symptom of what I call the Corporate Church Syndrome in America.

      Look in any large city and just count the number of these huge corporate churches sitting on prime real estate land and not paying one dime in taxes.

      I suspect this gives the churchgoers a sense of ‘entitlement’ and that is why these folks are so coldhearted and downright mean and hate-filled.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day to all who have filled those shoes! I know this means women and men who have loved and nurtured, and has never been limited to the action of giving birth!

    Happy Mother’s Day to the ‘non-traditional’ moms out there: the Mr. moms, the single moms, the double-mom/dad-family moms, the volunteer moms at shelters and children’s homes, the classroom moms who help make our young ones years in school special, the moms who work too much because they know they have to, the moms who are moms again taking in their grand babies, even the moms whose babies have four legs and furry faces.

    • I like your description of ‘moms’ –

      Giving birth is not being a ‘Mom’ – all it takes to give birth is to get pregnant and have a child at the end of that pregnancy. And pretty much all of that is left up to Mother Nature and/or medical science technology nowadays.

      It takes more than that to be a ‘Mom’….IMHO

      When these Fundy Evangelicals get on their sanctimonius horse and try to limit families into one mold of heterosexual father and mother and 2.5 children (preferably blonde and blue-eyes) that is what really infuriates me.

      I’ve known families that are not blood-related that live better Christian lives than some of these Evangelinuts do……..

    • Great description of “Moms”, fnord.



    Republican Mike Rogers told Bob Schieffer this morning that Congress has been very good to the VA with funding…

    Hmmmm…..did I miss seeing Mike Rogers’ name on that list in the graphic today?

    And when Mike Rogers talks about how our military personnel deserve better – where was this man’s outrage (and the entire GOP) when it was made public that Walter Reed Hospital was in deplorable conditions…..and this was under George W. Bush’s watch…..

    Hmmmm….Republicans sure do not seem to care about using the VA as their whipping boy – do they?

    • I believe Mr. Rogers is a Member of the House, not a Senator. An a**hole regardless.

      • You are right – I stand corrected. This list does say ‘Senators….’

        But, I wonder if Mike Rogers voted against he Veterans Bill and/or voted for the decrease in security funding for the State Department to use at their embassies and consulates.

        Which SHOULD be a huge factor in the GOP-sponsored Benghazi witch hunt…

        But – I suspect this will never be mentioned by any GOP lips…

  7. The rest of the story —

    • But…But….Republicans love their veterans…… if you doubt that, then look at how loud these Republicans are screaming and ranting about Benghazi…