Thursday, 2/13/14, Public Square

legalize hemp



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  1. Leave out everything else the judge listed – just the fact that prisons are For Profit is the main reason these folks don’t want to see marijuana legalized.

    There are some things in life that should never be For Profit – IMHO

    1) Health Care
    2) Prisons
    3) Churches (yes, I said it – LOL)

    • Call me cynical and coldhearted – but when I hear of these Southern States being hit by this snow storm and their Republican governors are looking or disaster aid from that evil government they profess so much – my first reaction is to be like Nancy Reagan and her simplistic answer to drugs – JUST SAY NO….

      Let’s see if all those mega churches in these Southern States will all put their money where their mouths are and chip in to help their people recover from this snowstorm?

      Or, better yet, at least tell these buffoons to not get out in the snowstorm and get your damn car stuck – and then these buffoons get out of their cars to abandon them..

      How freakin stupid is that?

      I lived in the South for quite a few years – and I remember the time when snow flakes were melting on their way down and these buffoons in Nashville Tennessee did the same thing – they abandoned their cars on the Interstate Highway and started walking!

      I could not freakin believe it…..

      And this was many years ago……their winters have become much more worse than ours ever since my time in the sad state of Tennessee…..

      Wouldn’t you think a smarter bunch of people would think that if their winters are getting worse – then maybe we had better prepare for the possibility of the snow and ice?

      Hmmmmm…… people, huh?

      Well, Rick Santorum did tell everyone that the Republicans will never get the smart people to join them……

      By God, that Rick was correct in his assessment that time – huh?

      • I laughed at the television last night. A series of governors, mayors, officious types were giving warnings and announcements. The coverage just went from one to the next. They got to Maryland and I didn’t note the title of the man speaking, but I laughed when he said: (paraphrasing maybe a teeny tiny bit) If your car is parked or stuck or abandoned on the emergency routes after 10 pm it will be relocated. And you will spend the next year trying to find it.

      • wicked

        Priceless, Fnord!

    • bobwhitenks

      Yes, Indy, and I would add one other “thing, that should never be For Profit”; food. I think today’s post is an excellent summary commentary on todays justice system in the U.S.

      • Bob – sad to say, a lot of things in the U.S. are not about justice.

        It appears that the rich can ‘buy’ their justice – which means, they are never held to the same standards as the other guy.

  2. R.D. Liebst

    LOL damn I just can not seem to get through a day without firing a shot at someone huh?

    • The biggest – If Only – unanswered question.

      If ONLY the White Puritans would have had the good sense to be truly thankful for the Native Indians saving their butts that first winter and made the wise decision to learn from the Natives and NOT to try to swindle them out of their own land.

      This land was NOT for the white man to just take over simply because he crashed into some damn rock along the shore.

      The Puritan Ways – I think this is why I also hate the way it seems White Evangelical Churchy People truly believe they have the right to go into any country and start converting people to their version of Christianity – as the only religion that God will honor.

      I also do not like it how these White Evangelical Churchy people believe they have the right to go into any foreign country and ‘adopt’ (ie buy) a child because they want to ‘save’ them.

      My theory is – if God had wanted those children in America – He would have had them born in America…

      Much like where God put all that oil beneath the Muslims’ feet.

      If God is all knowing and NEVER wrong – then why the hell did he choose to put all that oil beneath the Muslims’ feet?

      Ask that question at the next Tea Party with these Rabid Religious Righties. It makes them so mad……

      • This land was NOT for the white man to just take over simply because he crashed into some damn rock along the shore.

        Actually – if we follow my theory above about God being all knowing and NEVER wrong – then these White Puritans should have kept their lily white butts where they were born and never left for America.

        Maybe THESE folks are the ones who disobeyed God by leaving the land of their birth (where God chose to put them) and coming over to a new land?

        Something to think about ….

    • bobwhitenks

      Perfect point!

      • I always say the most dangerous people in the world are those who do ANYTHING in the name of their god. The second most dangerous people are those who perceive themselves with nothing to lose. We’re growing more and more of those people every day.

      • If we’re growing too many – then can’t we come up with a pesticide to get rid of these morons?

  3. President Obama and AG Holder Make Unprecedented Moves to Address Drug War and Mass Incarceration


    Comcast set to buy Time Warner…..

    Excuse me, tell me again how our country is founded on the free market and competition model?

    Also NOTE – The head guy at Time Warner will get $50 million in his own pocket if this deal goes through and he is replaced as CEO.

    Pretty nice little sell-out price – huh?

    I guess the value of thirty pieces of silver has gone up dramatically…

    This is the last thing we needed in this country – another damn mega-beast corporation with the only goal is to gobble up everything it sees and touches.

    • I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s – and I remember how our Main Street looked. It had a lot of small shops run by Mom and Pop.

      Everyone seemed to be making enough money to keep their businesses afloat and all these shop owners strived to be community-minded and be good citizens.

      Huge mega beast corporations = community-minded and good citizens?

      Yeah sure right…..big eye roll

      • I can remember walking down the sidewalk on Main Street in the middle of the work day/work week and there were… wait for it… OTHER PEOPLE walking down the sidewalk as well!

        Nowadays, you could fire a cannon down the middle of our Main Street and not hit a soul.

        Those Mom and Pop businesses out here still had people who shopped there. Not so much these days. When I graduated from high school, 40 years this year, our population was over 2500. Now? Less than 1500 and dropping fast.

        I hope the last person who leaves our town turns out the lights!

      • But…but…Pastor Sam has the solution to these small Kansas towns dying off…..he gave those tax breaks to certain folks……what more do you want?

        IIRC – the deal was to have no Kansas income taxes for 10 years for new people moving into Kansas.

        But…pray tell….why would anyone move to a small Kansas town when there are no jobs ?

        Pastor Sam…..he is a genius boy – much the same way Ronnie Raygun actually believe ketchup was a vegetable for kids’ school lunches.

        Republicans…..God love ’em because the rest of us cannot stand their stink.

      • I heard Tia Torres say this on Pit Bulls and Parolees. If you’ve never watched that show on Animal Planet, you should. She’s amazing.

        Paraphrasing, she said, “Can’t live with ’em and it’s against the law to shoot ’em.”

        Just how I feel about wingnuts….