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Happy Valentine’s Day

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  1. Happy Valentines Day everyone

    Whenever I hear and/or see these Rabid Religious Righties demonizing gay marriage – I always have to wonder – why are these people so obsessed with other peoples’ sex lives?

    When I meet someone, my mind never goes to the place where I make it my business to find if they are homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. Knowing that does not affect my life in any way – unless I plan to have sex with the person.

    I suspect a lot of these Rabid Religious Righties fall into that category that my mother in law was president of – Not Getting Any – which is why they are so damn mean…

    I always thought if that woman would have gotten laid – she would not have had the time to make other people so miserable…

    Maybe that is the problem?

  2. Happy Vday to you and yours, Indy, and to everyone else here. I love you all for supporting equality and love the graphic for today.

    And… for everyone who supports equality, this is the best Valentine’s Day we’ve had in a long time, thanks to our old friend Tom Witt. I got this from him about 8pm last night but just saw it this morning. Oh, happy day!

    “In a statement released an hour ago, Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle said:

    “After an initial review, I`ve grown concerned about the practical impact of the bill. A strong majority of my members support laws that define traditional marriage, protect religious institutions, and protect individuals from being forced to violate their personal moral values. However, my members also don`t condone discrimination. If we cannot find ample common round to ease legitimate concerns, I believe a majority of my caucus will not support the bill.“

    Equality Kansas has responded with the following statement:

    “We are glad Senate President Wagle agrees that certain provisions of HB2483 promote discrimination. Equality Kansas proposed amendments in the House that we believe would have made the bill more acceptable, and if the Senate chooses to move forward with hearings, we look forward to working with them to draft language that will protect the religious liberties of all Kansans, while at the same time ensuring the dignity of gay and lesbian couples across the state.“

    There will be more details tomorrow.

    You can view this on our website at:

    I’m so proud of Tom and KEC. This is quite a coup for equality. Sad that something like this is the cause of so much celebration, but it is bleeding Kansas all over again for us queers.

    Way to go, TOM!

    • This is good news….

      But, I wonder how long will the Rabid Religious Righties allow Susan Wagle to ‘compromise’?

      You know – the word compromise to these Rabid RR’s is a dirty word – and many Republicans have felt the sharpness of the Rabid RR’s sword as they have been labeled RINO – or worse.

      In order to find common ground – one has to be willing to let the other side be validated..

      In too many instances – these Rabid RR’s do not validate anyone or anything else that is not exactly like them.

      Hopefully, Susan Wagle and other Republicans will continue on this current path of seeking to NOT discriminate.

      I guess we’ll see what the Rabid RR’s will do to Susan and other like-minded Republicans.

      Will Wagle and others be cut out of the GOP?

    • wicked

      I just saw that on FB, so I’m smiling. Between Tom, KEC, and an abundance of others who have set up an uproar over this disturbing bill, word about it has spread throughout cyberworld and into the mainstream of this country. I read a diary and comments on Daily Kos yesterday, and Slate had an article. Add to those the inimitable Rachel Maddow, and this will not be fought with a whimper. The entire country is up in arms about this hideous bill, the unmitigated gall of the Kansas legislature, and the current, brainless governor of this state.

      • Do you think the Rabid Religious Righties will intensify their fight – even to the point of replacing Wagle and other Republicans who have chosen to not do the RRR’s bidding?

        I read somewhere that the midterm elections will be about the future of the GOP.

        Depending on the outcome of the elections, will the RRR’s leave the GOP to form their own party or will they choose to burn down the current GOP and try to take over?

      • I have NO confidence Wagle is making this move because she wants to — all the things wicked mentioned, plus others she didn’t, forced Wagle to (at least) say the right thing. I’m watching closely. Maybe she will wait until after midterms, but I fully expect this hate legislation to resurface.

      • I agree with you, Fnord. I think Tom kicked her sorry ass and this was the best face saving statement she could issue. I just hope KEC isn’t forced to compromise in a horrible way. I’d settle for awful. 🙂

        I spoke with Tom this morning and he said he had a lot of help getting this done, but it takes good leadership and people in Kansas are lucky Tom is there for us. This is a great day for Kansas even if the majority of Kansans don’t realize it.

      • Wagle (at present) has no primary opposition, and is in zero political danger. The bill will eventually be passed, I am sure.

      • I’m sure you are correct, 617 that it will pass in some form. That’s why I said I hope KEC doesn’t have to compromise the farm away. I think it will pass without the government service refusal part. It will all have to be fought in the courts anyway with our tax dollars. Yet another wingnut law the state will choose to defend.


    I wonder….where is the protest from these Rabid Religious Righties over stuff like this Sports Illustrated cover photo?

    Let’s see…….three half naked women with no tops on and their hands on each other’s half-naked butts.

    But….not one word of protest from these RRR’s – unless, of course, any of these three women were lesbians and they wanted to get married….then all HELL would break loose.

    Hmmm……so, it’s okay to ogle three half-naked women but it is evil if one of the women were to be gay – is that the deal?

    I will NEVER forget the argument I had with a person on that other blog when he made the comment “YUM” when those pictures of Miley Cyrus came out – when she was 15 yrs old and was half-naked and posed with her daddy – remember those pics?

    This guy – DAD was his name – proudly professed he was a devout Catholic man, married and with three kids of his own.

    So, when he posted the comment “YUM” – not once, but several times – I confronted him with what I thought was his inappropriate behavior and attitude towards a 15-yr-old girl.

    This guy then told me he was just joking and he said it was no big deal.

    No big deal to make the public comment “YUM’ about the half-naked pics of a 15-yr-old girl?

    And all the time this guy professed to be such a good Catholic man that supported traditional marriage?

    I called B.S. on this guy……several times……..but he still kept it up. He even had his supporters all saying that this guy really was just joking and he was a wonderful husband and father.

    Really? I wonder – does a secure married male feel the need to make a public comment ‘YUM” about some half-naked pics of a 15-yr-old girl?

    Sounds more like a pervert – to me…IMHO

    • Read the article about with the link… of these models was so excited because a cover photo on Sports Illustrated is a major boost to her career.

      Wow – that sums it all up – doesn’t it?

      It’s about the money……and we all know in Puritan America – it’s those Rabid Religious Righties who seem to have the insatiable thirst for such pictures….all the while these same folks seek to judge others for their perceived sins..

      RRRs certainly do live by the Puritan Code – Rules for Thee and Not for Me

    • wicked

      What’s next? A “swimsuit cover” with no swimsuit?

  4. R.D. Liebst

    (In response to a comment on a story on the blog:)
    Ed it is true that no one be it Republican or Democrat pleases everyone. But the simple answer is that the current President has done nothing to warrant impeachment. My Republican brethren in Congress needs to stop thinking and obeying the select few like the Koch Brothers. They care nothing about the country and only for what is best for their own companies. This is the United states of America not the select holdings of Koch industries

    • Good response – and a true assessment of the current Republicans.

      As I posted above – is the midterm election about the future of the GOP?

      I’ve heard and read several places where the GOP is currently in a civil war over the control of the Grand Old Party.

      Have we yet to see the war break out?

      This time, please let the Southern States Republicans secede and go find themselves a big boat so they can follow the footsteps of their ancestors – the Puritans.

      If there is a God – these Puritans will get on a boat and get lost at sea. Maybe the Bermuda Triangle will swallow them up?

      God – even the mysterious Bermuda Triangle would probably spit these nasty Puritans out once they start to spew their B.S.

      • wicked

        I don’t trust these MFers. I tend to look a little deeper, and my imagination can run wild. Could it be that this is manipulation of constituents? Could they have planned this in advance? Even to the point where the Senate pulls back? This would prove to their blind followers that they “tried” and would earn votes. Come on, we all know how the Radical Right Sheeples verge on brainless. No thinking, just mimicking what they’re told.

      • The redistricting after the last census was a good move towards ensuring the republicans keep the House until the next census. UNLESS minorities and women get out and vote in large numbers. We can beat them in their gerrymandering if we all vote!

      • wicked

        I will vote, as will my four daughters, and I can promise you there won’t be one vote among the five of us that will be for a Republican.

  5. New York Times does a piece about the state’s head idjit, Brownback. Much of it is ‘fluff,’ and some of it downright not factual (the kind of untruths Brownback used in his State of the State address), but here it is —

    Brownback Leads Kansas in Sharp Right Turn

    • There’s a click in the upper right-hand corner for “COMMENTS,” and some are better reading than the op-ed piece.

      • wicked

        I do love reading comments. 😀 People around the country are getting the downlow on what’s going on. Of course, that means no one will be moving to Brownbackistan, and we get the fallout from that. Oh, to find a nice, usually pleasant place, but it’s been snowing big-time in Oregon…

      • Heck, wicked, I’ve been contemplating a move to the East Coast Portland area. While the current governor is nuttier than a fruitcake, the Legislature passes whatever bills it wants then happily overrides his vetoes. I understand the current gov’s days are numbered, given the care that is being taken to ensure no 3 way race (as there was last time, which is how the damned fool won). Oh, they’ve been having a lot of snow, too. . .

  6. wicked

    Please allow me to vent. I sent an email to Pompeo, regarding the Farm Subsidies. I don’t remember what I said, but I can assure everyone that it wasn’t flattering.

    A few minutes ago, I receive a reply. (har har har) In it, he “says,”

    In fact, the vast majority of farm bill funding isn’t even spent on agriculture, but on food stamps, now called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This open-ended welfare program continues to make up 80 percent of the farm bill. That means $800 billion of this $1 trillion bill is out the door before the first dime is invested in agriculture. The bill that passed the House last summer made much needed reforms to this program to help Americans move from dependency to self-sufficiency, while saving taxpayers nearly $40 billion. Unfortunately, this final bill makes only cosmetic changes to this out of control entitlement program.

    My reply to that would be that if there were enough jobs, and jobs that paid a living wage, there would be less need for SNAP. These days, since they’ve cut benefits, SNAP is a joke. I now receive less than 2% of what I had a year ago, and my income has decreased. Try eating on 50 cents a day.

    And here’s more…

    There are other troubling issues as well: billions of dollars for President Obama’s pet “green” energy projects and commodity programs that ignore market realities at taxpayer expense are further examples of needed reforms that were not undertaken by the conference committee.

    Go ahead, destroy the earth, destroy people’s. Who cares, as long as you, Pompeo, and your buddies have money in your pockets?

    Last year I voted in favor of a farm bill that was not perfect, but a step forward. Voting against this farm bill was not an easy decision, but I believe it reflected a step backward to the old Washington of pet projects, reckless spending, and harmful regulation. I remain committed to ensuring that Kansas farmers, ranchers, co-ops, and other agribusiness have the support they need to compete in the global economy.

    In the area of the state where I grew up, small farming operations are dying. Farmers are selling their land to housing developers. I know one of these personally and he’s an ass. This new bill was not only not perfect, but nothing more to put more money in the pockets of agribusiness. I’ve lived on a farm. I can personally say that even 20+ years ago, small farmers were on the losing end.

    Screw Mike Pompeo and his “concern” for farmers.

    • If the SNAP was the lion’s share of the farm bill (as Pompeo tried to say) – then why were farm subsidies increased? Even to those Congress Critters who are farmers on paper?

      Pompeo is just a puppet on a string……and we all know what type of puppet master is pulling that string. …don’t we?

      • Like I stated below – I don’t mind helping family farms by giving them subsidies….but are these Congress Critters truly a family farmer or are they just in line to gorge themselves at the government trough?

        I personally know of people who qualify as farmers on paper – but have not grown a crop or raised livestock in years……..and yet they STILL get that subsidy.

        And let’s just say – their subsidy check is a lot more than SNAP benefits …

      • Gee, Indy. Sounds like you are talking about little timmy hueslkamp (R-Crazytown)

      • Bingo…give that little lady a Kewpie Doll….

        BTW – do some research as to how many Loud-N-Proud Congress Critters that hate that Evil Federal Government who have their fat, chubby little hands out to grab their checks….

        Let’s just say….a certain little lady from up north whose husband is also on the government dole since he has a health care clinic….

  7. Wicked, the market for farmland out here has dropped through the floor. Last year prices were headed for $3000 per acre. Right now, latest auction was for about $1500 per acre and heading downward. Commodity prices suck, drought enters 7th year, and cattle pairs are $3000 when seven years ago they were $900. Since the state is abandoning all it’s responsibilities, property taxes and local sales taxes are skyrocketing. I think we’re headed for another ag crisis like the 1980’s.

    Hope all these freakin’ repuke farmers who voted for all the Kansas repuke office holders choke on it. How do you like them now?

    Of course, you know it will all be Obama’s fault….

    Stupid is as stupid does. Jesus wept. Even Forrest Gump was smarter than these republican farmers in Western Kansas.

    Thomas Frank was so right. They vote against their own best interests at every opportunity.

    • wicked

      I have no idea what land is going for where I came from. I can tell you that it’s close enough to the “big city” to draw those who want to get away from it. The housing developments buy in 5 acre packets, I think, perfect for those who want to live the “country life.” I’ve heard the developer mentioned above is trying to grow another small town, several miles south of where the farm-I-left-behind is, and southwest of where fnord’s hubby came from. We’ll see how that goes.

      I don’t recall getting any subsidies, except for not planting. Or maybe we did. I stayed out of that, except to go up and sign papers, when I was told to. 😉

      • I don’t mind helping the family farms with subsidies – but I do not like giving taxpayer-funded subsidies to huge agricultural corporations.

        That is where I draw the line in the sand…

      • There are not many real farms with real farmers left. Mostly, they are all corporate ag deals. Even the remaining family farms are huge corporate entities unto themselves. Small farming is gone. So any subsidies handed out will, by definition, go to big ag. I wasn’t whining about subsidies, I just want to sell my land and get the hell outa Kansas!

      • wicked

        Agree 100% with PP. Corps are getting the money.

      • I agree with both PP and Wicked – corporations are getting the money…but yet will sit and demonize the black man in the White House for giving out money to those who are ‘unworthy’…

        Go figure…

      • The 5 acre packets are because of the “anti-mobile home zoning” that was quite popular in this general area 30+ years ago. . .

      • wicked

        Quick question, 6176. Is there a difference between corporate farming (as in family) and incorporated as a family farm? I know a family who did that in Sumner County…related to that developer ass I mentioned above.

    • Prairie Pond – is the reason land prices at auction is going for less is because there are fewer people with the money to buy the land?

      Or are there not enough people willing to be a farmer these days?

      • Both, Indy. When a section of land is being sold for over $1 million, it requires over $200,000 for a down payment. Most real farmers have had their cash reserves depleted over the last 7 years of drought and don’t have that kind of cash unencumbered.

        Also, the average age of farmers in KS is 58. It’s a hard occupation on the body if someone is actually doing the work, and as people near retirement, they don’t want to take on the debt of buying land.

        And, there are fewer real farmers every year and even fewer young farmers who want to buy land and could buy land at the record prices we’ve had.

        I think everyone out here is in “wait and see” mode. They were waiting to see what the farm bill would be, waiting to see what lending restrictions and interest rates will be, waiting to see what land will be on the market this year, waiting for the drought to end, waiting for commodity prices to go up, waiting to see what fuel and fertilizer will be given how propane is, etc.

        Just freakin’ waiting so everyone sits on their hands. Meanwhile, old folks are dying or in nursing homes, kids who live away are auctioning land just to get rid of it. Those “kids” are my age and may need the money for retirement or just to get to retirement.

        And, the last person investing in Kansas should turn out the lights when they leave. The only folks still buying farm ground are people with oil money.

      • That’s what I thought.

        This does not paint a pretty picture for the future of our country – does it? First we lost manufacturing and now farming to overseas?

        IIRC – wasn’t there some proposed trade agreement with China to sell us chickens? It’s been a few months ago when I heard about that.

        I figured it was a big trade agreement to make mega chicken producer – Tyson – even more record-breaking profits.

        Hell – at this rate – what will American-made mean – other than American-made arrogant and ignorant buffoons that eat up the cotton candy from Foxxies Hen House and Hate Talk Radio shock jocks…

        Chickens from China….

        I wonder if these chickens are Godly enough to end up being an overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich so some folks can prove how much they love their Jesus..

      • A quick note: some family farm corps were formed as a part of estate planning “back in the day”. Bluntly, I did several, and in each case, it has allowed something resembling a “family farm” to continue in existence through the years. I know this isn’t always the case, but wanted to put this out there. N.B. In one case, the family is farming 6,000+ acres; in another, >3,000 acres. While this is a whole lot of land, arguably necessary to justify the equipment purchases.

      • Indeed, 617. A lot of those corps and trusts were set up also so the nursing homes didn’t get the family farms when grandma and grandpa needed care. Leaves the rest of us to pick up the tab with private pay or Medicare. And.. out here, 3000 acres is barely enough to support a full time farmer. Hell, 6000 acres is not considered too big. That’s why I always say my little 500 acres is a postage stamp sized farm.

  8. On a totally different note…

    Since farming sucks as bad as the newspaper business right now, I’ve been working with some friends in Austin to revive my consulting practice. I’ve finally been forced to join the modern age and get a twitter account. I know some of you use twitter, and right now, to get a certain gig, I need all the followers I can get. If you would, I’m begging for followers.

    I am @skstenzel

    Thanks for your support!

    The next time a Rabid Religious Right Republican makes the claim that Christians are not terrorists that kill people – tell them to do some research about this current bloodshed in South Africa.

    As you will note – there are Muslim-led group and Christian-led group and they are both killing in their name of their particular God.

    I say – to Hell with them all…

  10. I know absolutely nothing more than than this press release tells me about this former mayor of Manhattan, and I have NO VOTE in the Big First, but I’m tickled someone is opposing little timmy.

    Jim Sherow Officially Declares Candidacy for Congress

  11. Valentine’s Day, as many Christian holidays, started out as a pagan festival which was then co-opted. In this case, it was the festival of Lupercalia — the wolf. So, if all the hearts and flowers and candy and teddy bears are making you nuts, enjoy a more traditional day — get naked, throw on a goat skin, parade around the city, burn a salt cake, and enjoy three days of um… bawdy amusement. If you can’t think of someone to do that last part with, old school Lupercalian etiquette says to draw a name out of a hat. Never a dull moment in ancient Rome.

  12. This comes closer to the truth on WHY Wagle decided this wasn’t the time to take up legalizing discrimination —

    (from the link): Yesterday evening, Sen. Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, started talking about holding up the legislation because of concerns over its scope and constitutionality. Today, citing concerns from Kansas businesses, Wagle and other Kansas Republicans continued to back away from the House’s discriminatory bill. It looked like the Kansas GOP really wasn’t that bad after all.

    Don’t believe it for a second. This retreat by the Kansas GOP has nothing to do with principles and everything to do with politics. The Kansas GOP has never been worried about the constitutionality of bills, passing legislation time and again that is unconstitutional.

    What the Kansas GOP and Sam Brownback are worried about is losing the governor’s office. Voters overwhelmingly oppose this legislation and are embarrassed by the national attention it has received. What Brownback wants to avoid is being forced to make a decision on whether to sign this legislation

    – See more at: