Wednesday, 2/12/14, Public Square

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by | February 12, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. “Obama is coming for your guns” still works to stir the fear. The antidote to fear is knowledge and republicans have next to none of that. They wallow in their fear.

    • They not only wallow in their fear – they thrive in their fear.

      This is what makes these folks very dangerous – IMHO

      The most evil person is the one who ignorantly believes they are the only ones that are right and they’re God’s favorite.

    • wicked

      Isn’t that thar sign kinda a oxymoron thang?

  2. R.D. Liebst

    I hit them with logic and finally get them to either stop because they think it is no good or they are convinced that their opinion was wrong.

    Appears some cryptic emails have been sent to Republicans at their very secret email addresses.

    One GOP lawmaker said it sounds like it is from one of their ‘crazy ones’.

    Pray tell, how would the GOP ever determine who is exactly the crazy one out of all their crazies?


    Chris Christie must be trying desperately to get people off the subject of his Bridgegate and Sandy FundsGate.

    Or is he steering his particular GOP clown car even more into the middle of Krazee Town because he still plans to run for president in 2016?

    Don’t you just love it when these Republicans praise GWB because you always knew where Bush stood on some issue?

    What is there to praise about some LIttle Cowboy knowingly sending thousands of our military men and women into an unnecessary and unwinnable war?

    But…then again….Bullies do tend to praise themselves for being such tough and macho guys who will use other peoples’ loved ones to do the actual fighting and dying.

    • BTW – Chris Christie also praised GWB for winning two elections.


      President Obama did the same thing….so where is the GOP praise for Obama?

      Oh, I forgot, Obama won his two elections fair and square.

      Georgie won his through the installation of the Emperor’s crown from the Supreme Court – huh?

      Republicans – God love ’em because they make it very hard for anyone else to tolerate their hypocrite asses.


    Remember what happened on this date 8 years ago?

    Let’s just play the game of what if…

    What if Cheney had been a young black man who shot an old white dude in the face?

    And then did not report it to the authorities right away.

    And then the victim apologized to the shooter and his family upon his dismissal from the hospital.

    Can you imagine the self-righteous outrage from Republicans?

    My God….Rushbo and his fellow Hate Talk Radio overpaid shock jocks would all blow out their microphones from all their bellowing going on…


    Debtors prisons…….wasn’t this what Ebenezer Scrooge was strongly in favor for BEFORE he discovered he had a heart inside that cold, empty wealthy body?

    But….hey, this is nothing new for Republicans. Remember the time when Newt Gingrich wanted to house kids in orphanages when they were taken away from their parents on welfare.

    But…the kicker to this entire nonsense is that the same folks who push for these ridiculous ideas are also those same folks who want to ban birth control.

    You just cannot make this shit up……

    • Where are these mega church preachers and their cousin Bubba the Televangelist when these poor people need help to turn their lives around?

      At least this would be something worthy of their non-profit – tax free status.

      But, alas, that will never happen. Fancy Dancy Preacher Man and his cousin Bubba need a few more Gucchi suits, gold jewelry to bling around and, of course, the latest luxury car.

      Isn’t that what Jesus would do??

  7. R.D. Liebst

    LOL it is time for me to get the W-2 form for my S. S. disability. After spending an hour calling different numbers in the phone book and getting nothing but recordings. One finally told me that the damn office is not open today! Try the web site…. Ok since I am already on it and was needing the w-2 for the filing of Federal income tax forms. I went there… and was told that I could not get the answer to my question from the web site and to call the office!

    Really I am the one with the brain damage, no really keep telling myself I am the one who is having trouble thinking! Laaaa laaa lllaaa

  8. R.D. Liebst

    I finally had enough and this is what I just put on my face book page:
    It is kind of odd and funny ( no in a laughing way) but since I have made it public that I am both a Christian and a Republican I have been getting a lot more hate full and non-sense things on face book. About God, the President, the country. I am not a Christian because I am stupid, I am not a Republican because I am a racist. Please do not make the assumptions I am either because of what I say I am. thank you.

    • R.D. Liebst

      Gee some people are thinking when they were going in to fix something about me that they should have fixed other things too! As chuckle said ” I AM HERE!”.

    • I love to see the faces of these Religious Right Republicans when I tell them I am a registered Republican and a Christian.

      But it is always this part of my speech that makes their head spin – I do not hate the black man in the White House.

      Each and every one of these RRR’s will look me straight in the face and tell me that they don’t hate the president – they hate his sin.

      Yeah, what sin? The fact he is black or he is a black man that will not sit down and let these RRR’s run over him?

  9. This article says so much about people. It’s oh so true!

    (from the link): A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter, or to others, is not a nice person. (This rule never fails).

    CEOs say how you treat a waiter can predict a lot about character