Wednesday, 12/25/13, Public Square



by | December 25, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. I hope everyone has someone to do a little extra for — that is truly what the season is all about in my book.

    I am blessed with family right here in town so we’ve already gotten together the last two evenings to share meals, laughs, games. My four grown grandsons are all home from far and wide. I had forgotten just how quickly food disappears when they’re all together. There is NO ONE more appreciative of home cooking than a twenty-something who has been off on his own for the last few years. We’ve planned a repeat for today! Next weekend we add the bunch from Boston and my sister from Charlotte to the fun times.

  2. Sounds like you and yours are having a wonderful holiday. You deserve all that and so much more. I’m wishing you lots of fun and happiness.

  3. wicked

    So here’s something to think about on this Christmas Day. I’m a little befuddled and don’t know how this came about.

    Last night, in the midst of family drama (thankfully by phone), I heard a knock on the door. When I answered it, a man stood there with a sack in his hand, introduced himself by name as a neighbor from down the street and offered the Christmas present he held. A ham. I was…flabbergasted and thanked him. For a while, because he talked about my grandsons, I thought he was the father of a little boy at the end of the block where the boys go to play. He said something about hoping it helped and stood there talking for several minutes. I said something about how each of my daughters and I contributed food for our Christmas dinner and how we would all enjoy the ham, then he asked where the boys fit into that. He thought they were mine. LOL He was having Christmas dinner with friends across the street from him and pointed out the house. Okay, things were beginning to fall together. He mentioned that he lived in the house “with all the flags.” My scrambled brain kept thinking he meant those little orange gas line flags and didn’t put one and one together. I thanked him several times, then went inside and realized who the man was.

    Mr. Impeach NOBAMA.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! May the blessings of the season continue throughout the year.

    • I could say something very churchy like – God works in mysterious ways – at a time like this.

      Or……I could say…..Karma is coming back to you by having the man you least expected to be that nice – was actually nice to you.

      Maybe your warm, compassionate and caring attitude towards has been noticed by this NOBAMA man – and a seed has been planted in his heart?

      As for the NOBAMA politics – that is something being driven by hate talk radio and Foxxies 24/7 – and is harder to get that out of one’s system.

      • wicked

        Indy, the “God works in mysterious ways” works fine. 🙂 The names we give whoever/whatever watches over us doesn’t matter. And, yes, it gave me pause to think. People, whether we agree with them or not, can be kind and thoughtful. We all need to realize, accept, and embrace it. My family and I appreciate his gift, not only of the ham, but of friendship and thoughtfulness, for whatever reason. I learned a lesson and feel that the simple gift was much, much bigger. We are all “God’s children,” no matter what side of the political or religious or anything else side we’re on. We are all one in this universe.

        Now to finish the dishes from last night and move on to the cake baking!

    • I have seen you, wicked! Take a closer look at yourself and realize what a beautiful woman you are. That’s before you get to know the even greater beauty inside! I am not even a teeny tiny bit surprised a man would knock at your door and want to ingratiate himself.

      Who the man was is funny tho! 🙂 We should take away the fact that kindness exists in people of all political persuasions.

    • R.D. Liebst

      I have the same dilemma with some one from church I am always getting e-mails about the President from her and saying he is a secret Muslim and a Socialist/ Communist hell bent on the destroying of the United States.
      I always respond with logic and if something is stated I correct it to her.

  4. Even though I am a confessed cynic of the Catholic Church – and I have publicly stated that I am still leery of this new Pope and waiting for my final judgment until I see some action behind his ‘purty words’.

    Like my Grandpa always said……don’t just say those purty words – put some muscle into making those words work…..

    I am hopeful this new Pope means what he says….and he has the power to actually change things from within his own ranks…

  5. bobwhitenks

    The Pope can’t change the world, only preach to it. But he can change his church which would help the whole world.

  6. R.D. Liebst

    On another side of a coin, I received a message that in the United States there is a movement to stop people from saying marry Christmas and of course you will never guess whom they are giving credit for it from?

    Here might be a hint, it seems that Moslem and leftist pretenders to the Presidency do not believe in Christmas! I countered with his is not a Moslem, leftist he is really the lock Ness Monster and you can be believe that since the space aliens in my head told me it is true!

    • R.D. Liebst

      I am such a bad Republican am I not?

      • I am registered Republican – but I consider myself a member of the RINO Club….

        The basic premise of limited government inference in one’s private life and low taxes is something I would love to see happen…

        I’m waiting for the GOP to actually practice what they preach……instead of starting wars, denying people access to health care and taking away my tax dollars to give to some 1% businessman which in turn lays off thousands of American workers and ships jobs overseas…

        And…as for limited government interference in one’s private life…..exactly how is banning birth control and taking away women’s right to make their own health care decisions limited government interference?

        Yeah….like I said….the GOP needs to practice what they preach!!

  7. I hope all of you have been having and continue to have a fantastic holiday. As for me, this has been the best one in six years. Next year looks bright for me and my offspring (and their families) for a number of reasons. May the same be true for each of you and members of your family.

  8. I believe there are angels on this Earth…….if we only open our hearts, minds and spirits and look outside of our own lives to really see what is important ..