Wednesday, 10/31/12, Public Square


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  1. I DO believe in humans! The ones around this blog are top notch because they know the language of gratitude and how to love. They know people are important and they know kindness. I’d say you humans know everything that is important!

    • wicked

      I didn’t feel too loving this morning when I dropped off g-kids at school. One vehicle ahead of me in line. It wasn’t traffic jam time quite yet, but the van/SUV didn’t move after my small fry had gotten out and were into the school. So I sat there, while the line of cars behind me grew longer, and people who’d dropped off were going around me to get out of the drive and onto the street. I waited and finally decided to try pulling around the parked car, but didn’t have room. Then I realized there was no driver in the car! A woman finally came out with a toddler and took her time getting toddler in car and in seat. By then I was able to back up and pull out as she was walking around the front of her vehicle. The sign where she was parked said: Drop off/Pick up only. No Parking.

      Love? It wasn’t in abundance this morning. Not only from the inconsiderate woman, who could have pulled on up and used a real parking space, but from me and those who were forced to go around me because of her thoughtlessness. This kind of crap happens every day.

      What happened to common courtesy? What happened to obeying the laws? People in NYC were more considerate than the people I deal with here on a daily basis.

      Thanks for letting me rant. 😉

      • I pick up my granddaughter every day in Augusta. There is one particular woman that constantly double parks her SUV and refuses to move – even when the school bus is trying to get down the street.

        And let’s just say – the older streets in Augusta are narrow in the first place – there is only so much room for parked cars on and a bus – that SUV that is double parked is not needed at that time.

        But – this womna has been yelled at , cursed at and asked to move – sometimes she will and sometimes she refuses…..

        I don’t know who she thinks she is…..but she must be too important for us ‘little people’.

      • rd liebst

        Indy I so relate, this morning I went to take pictures of the kids parade at their school here in Augusta. I ended up parking nearly a block away and then never did get to see my grandsons in the parade because of the people crowding and the cars parked where they were not suppose to be. I think for my problem they still have two different schools using the same block one old school and one newly built building.

      • R.D. – you talking about Garfield and Lincoln? Isn’t that a mess….

        We’ve been told the new Garfield school is on track to open after the Christmas break….

        That will be here before we know it…

        My granddaughter did the parade thing this morning…. I didn’t get to go but my DIL stayed for the parade … I’m sure her boss at the greedy bank will have something to grumble about …..LOL

  2. What a difference a hurricane makes… 🙂

    Disclaimer: This photo was taken in 2011 after Irene.

    • wicked

      Really? 2011? I saw another photo this morning that was similar, but didn’t know it was 2011. I’ll have to find it again to check it out.

      Christie understand or at least is learning that partisan politics don’t work all that well, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be in favor of privatizing FEMA.

      • I think that’s the lesson everyone has the opportunity to learn. America wins if we are in this together. Government is effective, and it’s needed. The difference is how well it works when competent people are in charge!

      • wicked

        I’ve always felt that working together is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution. That’s why there are 2 parts to Congress, and 3 branches of government. Working together gets things done. Compromise is much better than stalemate.

        I am truly beginning to think the Rs blocked Obama and Congress as much as they could, only because they knew that when those things worked out well (health care, the repeal of DADT, and others), it made him and the Ds look good. God forbid that would happen, so “let’s kill it before it can happen and if it somehow does happen anyway, let’s lie, lie, lie, because there are stupid people who will believe anything if we say it enough.” If only the Rs would share the glory of a better economy for all. But no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o! (As Steve Martin used to say.)

        Damn, it must be rant day for me. That full moon has got me roaring. LOL

      • rd liebst

        I am sure it will all depend on which way the wind is blowing during the Political season as to whether he would be or not. Having a core value is something that is only affordable to those not running for relection within the Republican party politics.

  3. Imagine being trapped on the roof of your home that is flooded to the attic, surrounded by water, no way out.

    Under a privatized FEMA, how much do you think that rescue will cost you? What happens if your town doesn’t have the money to pay the private companies to perform this rescue? What if your state used the funds given it for such emergencies on say, tax credits for big business and now there is no money to rescue you? No money to rebuild infrastructure, water lines, sewer, roads?

    This is your world under Romney leadership. Get used to it or VOTE Democratic!

    • Romney will use your tax money to help rebuild Iran or Syria and all the countries where he wages war. The last republican president made sure every Iraqi citizen had health care available on your dime. Plus he kept all those war costs ‘off budget.’

      When President Obama took office and ended the accounting tricks of the Bush Administration by putting the costs of two wars back in the public budget our debt immediately went up $1.6 trillion and reflected the reality of what had been hidden. During the time Obama has been president the interest on the Bush debt has been $1.4 trillion. Yes, that’s $2 trillion of the $5 trillion the republicans claim President Obama has added to the debt!

      Another $1.6 trillion of that $5 trillion figure you hear republicans scream about is lost revenue due to the Bush tax cuts. Yes, Obama continued those tax cuts and added more — all of which increased the lost revenue figures. Because Obama had to help Americans while our country’s economy got back on track from the devastation wrought by Bush policies. We’re better, but there is still work to do. The last thing America needs is to go backwards and voters know all Romney offers is Bush policies on steroids.

      • wicked

        $1.6T (2 wars) + $1.4T (interest) = 3.0T of the $5T

        Then add that last $1.6T, and Obama has only added .4T. If I was good at math, I could quickly put that in Bs (billions), but I’ll let the number wizards here do that. 😉

        Anyway you look at it, it’s pitiful, infuriating, and just plain uncalled for.

      • The unfunded Medicare prescription drug program — another Bush policy — takes care of some more of that $5 trillion the republicans scream about.

        Republican myths are easily debunked — by people who think.

      • The Medicare Drug program is just another example of how programs are passed with no thought to the actual costs down the road.

        With the advances in drugs and treatments – people are living longer. Medicare (even without the drugs program) has kept alot of people alive longer where as before – perahps these people would have died?

        So – then we add the Medicare Drug Program?

        We need to decide if we are a society that values all life – or are we just Pro-Birth?

        The fastest growing population is 85 yrs +. ….

        Think about that…

        My grandmother is a perfect example – she turned 98 yrs old this past August. She was a housewife – never worked. My grandfather died when he was 64 yrs old. My grandmother has been on Medicare and Social Security for a long….long ….time. The amount of money my grandfather paid into these two systems have no way covered the benefits that she has used.

        But I can tell you – if it had not been for Medicare when she burned herself at her own home – she would have been one of those 47% that don’t pay any income taxes and she would have not gotten the medical treatment and therapy and nursing home services that she received back then.

        She lived through that ordeal – and she remains in the nursing home to this day. She is on Medicaid now……

        So – this is but one example of how these well-intentioned programs can soemtimes go beyond their intended purposes?

        The more advances we make in our medical drugs and treatments – the more people will be surving – just like my grandmother. And the costs will be racking up faster and faster…

        In the ‘old’ days – alot of these people would not have survived the devastating burns that my grandmother suffered (she pulled a coffee pot over on to her lap while in her wheelchair).

        Just saying…….maybe it’s time we do look at these Medicare and Social Security programs and we decide to either keep paying or in the case of SS – raise the income cap on paying into the SS system. That would bring in alot of money.

        As for Medicare – maybe those drug manufacturers and doctors who have pickled and pumped these old people (sometimes against their own wishes because these folks were talked out of being a DNR?) are made to lower their prices or to raise taxes on the rich – who are probably connected to those drug manufacturers and doctors making millions off Medicare…

        I know several doctors who are making alot of money off Medicare…..and some even brag about talking the patient into being a Full Code status to continue treatment.

        But……I wonder, did the doctor have to talk to the grown kids to get that patient to change their DNR to a Full Code out of concern what is best for the patient…..or was it so they can continue to bill for their services?

        Hmmmm… in the health care business for a littl while… will wake you up to what is really going on…

  4. wicked

    Back in 2001, before we moved into the city, I was driving 30 miles to work everyday. That got me to wondering what the price of gas was back then, so I decided to look it up. I found a couple of great graphs at the link below that are quite telling. While I don’t doubt that the president doesn’t set gas prices, it’s interesting to see how that plays out in the graphs, one of which is adjusted for inflation.

    • Really interesting! Boy, a lot of info and it could take time just to analyze all of it! Imagine the time it took to gather and compile!

      (from the link): When taking inflation into account, average annual gas prices (in 2012 U.S. Dollars) were $3.35/gallon in 1919… and $3.57/gallon in 2011.

      The point he is making is that prices are not unprecedented. In other words, relative to 1919 they haven’t really weakened purchasing power.

  5. Can you smell the desperation? I almost feel sorry for Romney, no person should ever lower themselves like this. What a sad man — continuing to divide people by their ‘worth,’ and harping onandon about those Romney feels have no worth — the poor, the under privileged…

    All people are worthy! Don’t listen to the guy who doesn’t worry about 47% of Americans!


    Romney Releases Another False Ad, Revives Claim That Obama ‘Gutted’ Welfare Reform

    (from the link): After releasing false radio and television ads about the auto bailout, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign unveiled a new commercial that highlights another one of the candidate’s favorite false claims.

  6. I have two comments about Mitt Romney and Gov Chris Christie

    IMHO – Chris Christie is being a governor at this moment – and he knows that FEMA and Obama has and is doing an outstanding job with the Hurricane mess.

    But, more than that, Christie is thining about 2016. If yoiu think back to the RNC speech Christie gave – when did he finally mention Romney’s name – well into the latter part of the speech. The speech was mainly about himself.

    And now I come to Romney.

    While I watched Romney and Gang collect all those canned goods, water and other supplies that were donated and then taken to the trucks – I wondered ….

    Is this really what the victims of Sandy needs at this time? Some truck from Ohio filled with canned goods which will take how long to get there?

    What I saw before me is what dog and pony show church people do – they give things but they want you to know they are giving and they really didn’t even ask if what they were giving is what is needed.

    I remember during Katrina when Red Cross was telling people to give money donations rather than donated goods during the immediate aftermath.

    But – then I had another thought – if Romney knows all these CEOs and is so bipartisan – then why didn’t he got on the phone and get all his CEO buddies to have their corporations send in the stuff – it would be faster and much more donated goods would be sent to the greatest need.

    I don’t know – call me crazy – but some little campaign event in Ohio where Romney is seen as carrying boxes of canned goods is just a publity stunt – IMHO.

    Like I said – a dog and pony show – that is what we’ll get from this Dancing Horse.

  7. How many women know which candidate has their back and which one wants you to be on your own if help is needed? 🙂

    • wicked

      Dang, that pic of Trump looks like the kid across the street.

    • Another thing to think about…

      Those first responders are law enforcement, firefighters, nurses….. I wonder how many are union members?

      Aren’t these the same folks that Republicans (ie WI Gov Scott Walker) wants to lay off becaus they are lazy and greedy people?

      Republicans are blithering idiots that love the sound of their own voice. Trouble is – they also have the biggest mouths and no filter.

      • As Zippy pointed out last evening — a for-profit society is the republican goal. And they’re stacking the deck to ensure only a few realize the profits!

      • I wonder if these fools have thought this out?

        If people are only working low-wage jobs – or if Romney stays true to his past behavior and ships most of the jobs overseas to China = no jobs – then who exactly is going to be able to pay for the privatized services?

        It’s like the illegal immigration issue. Republicans were the ones that have been exploiting this cheap labor for several decades. So – now – these same Republicans are pissed because the Hispanics are the fastest growing population of voters – and these folks are not voting Republican?

      • “I wonder if these fools have thought this out?”


        Don’t they have ‘people’ to do things for them? And if a single one of those ‘people’ has a different view do they risk their job by expressing it?

        I don’t live in that world, and they sure as hell don’t live in mine. I’ll admit I don’t know. Is there anything they admit to not knowing?

      • For all the bragging these Republicans do about how they can run successful and profitable businesses – these same fools sure do look like the ass at the family reunion.

      • wicked

        The sad thing is that in this state, many of those first responders vote Republican. Just like the military.

      • wicked

        I’ve been saying for a long, long time that if these rich bastids want to destroy jobs in this country, they’ll play hell finding people here to buy their products and services. Do they think the Chinese who are working for 50 cents a day will be buying the products they make?

        But then these moneylovers don’t think ahead that far.

  8. More and more pictures of the devastation from Sandy are available.

    Lots of jobs are going to be created to rebuild that! Although there will be insurance to defray some of the costs, there is also going to be a lot of federal money going to that region of the U.S. Kind of a ‘regional’ jobs bill. People working, making infrastructure improvements and repairs, paying taxes on their wages…

    • But…but…..government never creates jobs…. Haven’t you been listening to Romney and his fellow GOP whiners?

      Have you ever noticed – those same fools that demonize the government are also the ones that use every special tax break and/or subsidies for their businesses.

      But yet these same fools are the ones out yelling at the top of their lungs how government is so evil….

      Please, just pass the barf bag now….

  9. prairie pond

    Wicked, I think the full moon has me unsettled just like you. Unusual, because the full moon always cheers me up. Maybe it’s because I have no one to share its beauty. And it has been gorgeous here the last few nights. Maybe it’s unsettling because it’s the Hunter’s Moon and I can’t hunt anymore. Or maybe because each of these moon phases may be the last I see here. Somehow, I don’t think it will look the same in Hawaii or anywhere else.

    Anyway, happy Samhain, Wicked. Another new year. Yipee.

    • wicked

      Happy Samhain back at ya, Ms. Pond! My favorite time of year! Tonight is the night when the veil between the worlds thins, and we can reach out to those who’ve gone before us. I always say I’m going to give that a try, but never seem to get it done. Maybe some other time. This year there are more kids in the neighborhood, and I’ve decided to turn on the porch light and stand ready with the bag of candy…placed in my big cauldron, of course. 🙂

      I can only imagine what the moon must look like in Hawaii. Maybe reflecting off the ocean? It’s going to be beautiful no matter where you are.

  10. rd liebst

    after getting kind of lost coming home from century two my wife got me a cell phone with GPS. LOL right now I am either setting in the lake or somewhere on North Broadway in Wichita? No hope… No ficking hope!

    • You need me to come help? I once left Wichita for Shell Knob, MO, and ended up in Kansas City. My family gives me maps so they can laugh at me. I’m like their entertainment… 😦

  11. Did you hear about this ? The Romney Campaign strikes again – why waste a perfectly good disaster and not get that photo-op that makes the candidate appear to be compassionate?