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  1. I don’t know why it should surprise me that republicans lie about this Super Majority. They lie about most everything so this is nothing more than one of many items on the long list. They can’t be trusted to tell the truth — just like their candidate for president can’t be trusted.

  2. prairie pond

    As we used to say in Texas, “they’d rather crawl up on the roof and tell a lie than just stand on the ground and tell the truth.”

    You know what I always say about the stupidity of American voters. There is no lie so outrageous they won’t believe it. The rude one had a great post yesterday about repuke aversion to facts. I’ll see if I can find the linky.

  3. prairie pond

    As always, Rudie nails it. Bad language warning. Hell, TRUTH warning!


  4. prairie pond

    Fnord, and anyone else with loved ones in the east, how goes it with the fam?

    • I had a text from my grandson who lives in Brooklyn — he is fine. He even has power so can accomplish much of his work from home. His job is in Manhattan and he may not get there for many days.

      I haven’t heard from my son and his family in Boston but I think that’s because Boston was spared the wrath of the storm and experienced a windy rain.

      It looks awful, doesn’t it!? So much devastation.

  5. Speaking of lies…

    (from the link): The Power to Block the Affordable Care ActWhat Are the Limits?

    The Republican health care plan states, “On his first day in office, Mitt Romney will issue an executive order . . . to issue Obamacare waivers to all fifty states,”1 which appears to envisage authorizing states to waive all, or major parts, of the ACA. The Constitution, however, requires the president to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” meaning that he lacks the power “to refuse to execute laws passed by Congress with which he disagrees,” unless Congress grants that discretion.3 Because the ACA provides no such blanket waiver authority, granting states authority to disregard the ACA’s key provisions would likely violate the “take care” clause.


    • I understand that what Romney says isn’t the motivation to elect him any more than doing what is good for America and her citizens is the driving force of republicans. Their motivation is: get the black guy out of the White House.

      Another one on the same subject —

      Romney says he’ll undo Obama healthcare reform on Day 1. Can he?

    • rd liebst

      I f he would do so I think it would be the ole saying about shooting himself in the foot. By that time enough of the people and particular the older Americans will have seen the effects of it on their medical needs and bills. Along with on their famlies and the like, so to then try to get rid of it would go over like a lead ballon. In effect distroying a large piece of the base.
      So it would be killing off support for the party.

  6. prairie pond

    If I ever win the lottery, I’m going to get one of those fancy, automatic kick-on generator thingys that hooks up with the propane tank and comes on automatically when the power goes out. Or.. if I sell an article for the needed $18,000 or so it would take. About the same odds of doing that as winning the lottery!

    • Are you without power?

      • prairie pond

        Hi Fnord, no, thankfully, I have full power, sunshine, and almost no wind. A rarity out here. I was just thinking, though, about the two consecutive years when I lost power for a week or more in December or January. It can easily happen out here in the wilds, and if so, the roads are likely too bad to get to town. So… lots of my neighbors have generators that use gas. They drag them from their sheds and hook them up to the power pole and fill with gas every four or six hours.

        Can you see me doing that on ice with my knees? Lol.

        That’s why the dream situation would be one of the generators that hooks up to the propane tank, which is right next to my power pole, and that switches on automatically.

        But… that’s a lotta dough for something used only once in a while. However, having been caught out here, freezing for four days with no power, water, etc., it’s worth it if you need it even ONCE!

        Just thinking today about how awful it is to be without power and water in the cold. Pity the poor folks in that situation for a week or more.

    • rd liebst

      LOL my grandfather made it into the Eagle for a saying he had painted on his barn. “KEEP THE FAITH” around the part the water reached up to. With all the flooring of his farm when ever the river would break its banks was often all he had to hold on to. Lottery or article will do so Pond keep the faith!

      • prairie pond

        Heh, thanks, R.D. But I think everyone here knows faith isn’t my long suit. Even just “everything will be ok” kind of atheist faith eludes me. Life just doesn’t seem to work that way. I lean more to the “anything that can go wrong, will.” And it usually does.

      • Pond – I am a big time cynic when it comes to religions – but I do have a core belief in some power greater than humans.

        AT least – I hope there is something more intelligent than the examples of alot of these humans have displayed.

        You do have alot of powerful energy and love from yoiur blog friends here at PPP – and that is the best energy of all – isn’t it?

  7. So much devastation from Sandy. But I do have to give NJ Gov Christie kudos for saying that President Obama and FEMA has been great about handling this crisis.

    He even stated that Obama called him and several other governors before Sandy hit in order to determine what needed to be done and etc.

    And what was it again that Mitt Romney said about dismantling FEMA and letting the states go it alone?

    Do you think we’ll hear much from Romney about that one??

    There are things that only the federal government can do – because it takes big pockets.

  8. Andy Borowitz
    I fear that the outrage about Romney wanting to eliminate FEMA will make us forget he wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood & healthcare.

  9. Republicans limit federal government spending to tax cuts for the wealthy and war.

  10. Romney will try to wiggle out of those comments he made about FEMA.

    Pay close attention to the most bothersome part in his comments – when he said that the federal government should turn things over to th eprivate sector is even better.

    So – are disasters supposed to go to privagte sector now to make profit fot the 1% who are are already getting the lions share of those govenrment tax breaks?

    Just asking..


    • If there’s any need to back off any statement Romney made in the past, he’ll just lie — flat out lie — and make up something new that sounds like what people want to hear. He’s done it overandover.

    • prairie pond

      OMG. Think about Haliburton in charge of disaster response. Woof.

      • EXACTLY….. Hey – have they ever found out where those missing millions of dollars from the Iraq War went? Last time I heard – they were sent to Halliburton…

        But yet – these very same Republicans that gladly handed Halliburton those no-bid conracts do not even care to go looking for those milling millions.

        And as far as theis B enghazi thing thse same REpublicans are trying to push as an Obama cover-up and lying to the American public.

        I guess Dubya taking us to war on false pretenses was not the biggest lie of all?

        Republicans = selective memories – but always with the biggest mouths.

  11. I am being very cynical here (which is my nature anyway) – we have all been waiting for the October surprise ….maybe Mother Nature/God or whatever energy force is in control brought the perfect October surprise?

    And perfect timing to make Mitt the Twit look even more uncaring than he already looks?

    Hey – if that Fund y preacher can blame the gays/Obama/Romney for the hurricans – why can’t I have this theory?

  12. prairie pond

    I dare Grover to come out right now and say he wants government small enough to drag into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.

    Tell that to the folks depending on local rescue, state aid, and federal dollars.

  13. I just recently learned that my hairdresser is an Obama supporter. We’ve never talked politics before – but she said something about Romney lying so much – and that broke the floodgates!

    Anyway – this woman put it best about Obama . She said that Obama has that gift of knowing hos to phrase things in such a way that the other person who is trying to knock Obama down – ends up lookig like th efool.

    And this is what I call – using yoiur brainpower to win your battles.

    You see – Republicans prefer to use the bullying and brute strength way to try to win their battles – and that is not what usually wins.

    Well – on second thought – if it requires brainpower to win battles – I can now see why Republicans have to use what characterististics they do have – bullying and spending our tax dollars to get that brute strength.

    • wicked

      Lucky you. My hairdresser is a friend from HS. Her hubby went to Jr High with us, then moved to near Wasilla, AK. He moved back here after a his time in the Marines (Vietnam) and they married. After learning we’re polar opposites where politics are concerned, she and I agreed not to discuss anything political.

      • Best to leave things unsaid – especially if she has scissors in her hands?

        This is, of course, a tip of the hat to that story about Mitt tackling that classmate of his and cutting his hair ….remember that one?

  14. I just listened to a NPR radio program about this Romney ad saying that Jeep is outsourcing American jobs to China.

    This is not the first time Romney has said this – it also said this lie in a speech before the ad came out.

    Chrysler even came out and said it was not true – and in fact, 1100 jobs are being added to Ohio plant.

    So – is this why Ohio is the only state where Obama is leading Romney with white male supporters? Hmm…..do you think these are auto workers who know that Obama did manage to rescue the automakers?

    Romney’s campaign has not backed down from this ad – and in fact, they are doubling down on it.

    So – if this is how a Mormon Bishop conducts his campaign – by willing to tell lies that has been debunked by the very company that Romney talks about in this ad – isn’t there something extra wrong about this?

    Romney prides himself on how religious and faithful he is – but if this is how a Mormon Bishop truly conducts his campaign – then why would I want to be in that group of liars?


    • The link PrairiePond posted this morning to The Rude Pundit spoke about this lying ad, and the fact that Romney just is a liar — it’s a fact.

      • Doesn’t it just make you angry to think that Romney is telling these bold-faced lies and his supporters (who profess to be such morally superior Christians) are sitting there and applauding him?

        I just don’t get it…

    • If Romney is willing to double down on a lie that has been debunked – what else would he be willie to lie about?

      Going to war with those 15 warships he wants to build every year?

      If these Holy Rollers wasnt to go to war – then they can go to the moon with Newt Gingrich and colonize the place – and then have their fun.

    • Yes, Gov. R was untruthful in the speech. However, listen very carefully to the wording of the ad. Wjy? Because Jeep is trying to penetrate the Chinese market, and has plans to build a plant in China (as must be done under current Chinese government rules) to produce vehicles for sale in China. From hearing how the ad is phrased, it is indeed accurate, but easily subject to the construction that production is going to China.

      Parsing words and sentences – ain’t it grand. 😦

      • He leaves room in the ad for the lies he repeats on the campaign trail. That doesn’t make it better in my book. When you’re caught in a lie and you double down, that speaks to a deficit in character and then some.

      • Exactly. That’s how it’s done in all varieties of advertising, it’s just more egregious when in political ads. Remember, wrong and strong beats right and weak.

      • Isn’t it nice to know we have parsing liar who wants the power of the White House?

        What words will he parse next – I do not plan to go to war with Iran – I’ll just hit Syria and then Iran will jump in – is that the plan?

      • Don’t know. I parse words, not read minds.

      • But I find this willingness to parse words – even when there are several groups that have debunked your ad – a sad commentary when a proudly boasting Mormon Bishop is the one doubling down…..

        Does that not bother anyone else but me?

      • I see a person campaigning for elected office. Nothing else (whether a Bishop in his church, a deacon, etc.) makes me wonder.

      • So it’s okay to parse words because the objective is to win at all costs?

      • If one considers politics a game, damn right. If one does not, then no. The GOP has, in its rightward move over time, has generally thought of elections, etc. a a game that must be won.

      • Of course, that sums it up well, but to all us average folks it’s not a game because they affect our lives in real ways.

    • wicked

      Lying for the Lord. I doubt he knows what truth is.

  15. Since we had this picture yesterday – I noticed the bayonets also and I wondered if some Conservative would pick this up and run with it…



    • wicked

      There was a photo taken yesterday of the soldier guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was raining, but not near the way it was in the one fnord posted from September.

      • wicked

        My apology. I should’ve clicked on the link first, then blathered. 🙂 Or just shut my mouth and sat on my hands.

  16. Romney has also promised that he will bring all of us together if he is elected and he knows how – just trust him.

    How can I trust him when he has put out – and doubled down on – so many very-well-parsed ads?

    • I can’t trust Romney! I don’t even know which Romney would show up. He has stood for so many different deeply-held convictions…

      One thing we know is who he chose for a running mate. No matter how often he and Ryan tell people Romney is at the top of the ticket, we aren’t fooled. We also know who advises him. We can tell that points to another Bush2 term, but this time on steroids.

      Plus, I’m a female and there’s NO WAY I will cast a vote against my own best interests by voting republican.

    • wicked

      He’ll bring us all together under the bridge…where the 98% will be living.

      • Hope that bridge is not one of the thousands of bridges across this country that is crumbling from lack of maintenance…….

      • Speaking of the many crumbling bridges…

        President Obama’s “JOBS BILL” would have addressed infrastructure and added many jobs all over our nation, but the republicans would have none of that. After all, they sure didn’t want jobs added and the economy improved. Now, because Hurricane Sandy tore up our east coast, federal money will address infrastructure and add jobs but it will be regional instead of national. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut… will get lots of federal money and new jobs to rebuild.

        What will the republicans do to stop that infusion of federal money?

  17. Romney refuses to answer questions about FEMA. Does anyone know if Romney has even said anything about how President Obama and FEMA has handled this Hurricane Sandy disaster?

    Hey – NJ Gov Christie had the decency to say that Obama and FEMA have been grat.


    • A Romney presidency would cut / eliminate federal spending for ESC research. It would go on, but it would be slowed down and we’d be back to the stupidity of not sharing expensive instruments and equipment, etc., etc.

      That would be the best-case scenario!

      Romney might be able to do even more harm with SCOTUS appointments. Shoot, just as women who miscarry could be criminals so too could scientists who conduct ESC research — with or without federal funds.

      • I know, thus the need for the president to prevail in the EC.

        Anyone interested in an analysis of the Twelfth Amendment? Let me know (and yes, this appears to me to be something we need to understand, although hopefully as an academic exercise).

      • I always appreciate your lessons! Of course, I only understand English so lots of your native language goes over my head. The other good part about your lessons is that you’ve never made me feel anything more than someone needing clarification when I ask questions.

  18. The show must go on…… Wasn’t it about this time four years ago when John McCain dissed David Letterman to run down to Washington DC to save the economy?

    Hey – even David Letterman knows to show up and still do his show…

    I also remember how the Repulbicans mocked David Leterman for constantly talking about how John McCain dissed him but yet could go on the evening news with Katie Couritc (?) and even stay in New York City before he had to run down to Washington to save the economy.

    Republicans thought that David Letterman was no big deal……and how exactly did that election come out? Alot of people follow these late night shows. I wonder if Republicans have learned their lesson yet?


  19. I VOTED! It was such a lovely day and the nearby church where I could vote today a pleasant walk away.

    When I got there I realized the last time I voted early was in 2008, the first time I voted for Obama. All I had remembered about voting in advance was that on election day I felt at loose ends like I should be doing something but wasn’t. When I got to this particular church I remembered that my youngest son and I went together in 2008 on his day off work and we both felt so good about our vote for Obama.

    I felt just as good this time! 🙂

    The ballot is 7 pages long, but most pages are contests with one candidate and I don’t vote when no one is opposing — seems such an exercise in futility. Of course NOT voting in some contests gets you the flashing screen warning you didn’t.

    Another thing I wasn’t sure of, and was pleased about — there is a paper trail on our electronic voting machines. I didn’t remember whether we were one of those states where there isn’t.

  20. Okay, no one, ever again, can say irony is dead!

    ‘Heckuva job Brownie’ rips Obama for moving too fast on Hurricane Sandy


    • wicked

      Wasn’t Dubya eating birthday cake and playing the guitar (or attempting to) when New Orleans was hit? The difference between the 2 presidents is breathtaking. It boggles the mind that these idiots are showing even more of their asses, especially during a time when people are enduring hell.

    • I suspect this is in reponse to the FEMA guy on NPR yesterday talking about the difference between the current FEMA under Obama and the days of ‘heckavu job Brownie’.

      I swear I heard the host of the show chuckle on that one…

      Alot of people thought Bush and Gang were being racist in their reaction to Katrina. I don’t think so – I suspect it was all about economic class (and that is not an ethnic race – is it?

      The poor people (white, black and all colors in between) were shoved into that SuperDome….

      It was all about who had money and who did not…IMHO

    • wicked

      Amazing, My memory isn’t completely gone.

      Videos and photos tell the story
      You can argue over the details, but the government videos and White House photos make one thing clear. Bush is not a take-charge President. He did nothing during the crucial two days. He’s not even a “can I lend a hand” President. In the briefing the day before, he made not one suggestion—did not even ask a question.

      The day-ahead warnings were dramatically clear. Next morning, as Katrina hit New Orleans, Bush left his ranch for a drug-benefits, politicking tour starting with a birthday celebration for McCain, then a visit to “El Mirage Country Club”, then on to Cucamonga, California. He missed that day’s video conference on Katrina. Next day he continued his tour in California.
      His sole contribution was to “assure the folks at the state level that we are fully prepared” the day before.” That assurance flies in the face of everything he had just been told, and could not have proved more wrong.


      • But you don’t suffer from either amnesia or Romnesia. Living in the real world isn’t convenient to republicans as it ruins the make-believe world they want to promote.

  21. Sea level rise will make Hurricane Sandy’s NYC typical by the year 2200
    With climate change, a 9-foot water level rise isn’t that far off.


  22. Helpless in a Hurricane: Mitt Romney’s Five Dumbest Budget Cuts
    The Republican challenger’s policies would be disastrous for federal emergency relief efforts

    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/helpless-in-a-hurricane-mitt-romneys-five-dumbest-budget-cuts-20121030#ixzz2AoteksMz

  23. Don’t know if you’ve seen this. . . 🙂

  24. A cynical person might remember how he was roundly criticized for being absent during the snowstorm in 2010, but you know what? I believe he completely means it. This event is off the scale, and the man’s just trying to do his job, or he wouldn’t have thanked Obama for anything.

    Good for you, Chris.

  25. Look! If a republican gets in and privatizes disaster response, Jeb Bush can build quite a business! Romney says they’ll start out by forcing the states to stand alone, and he feel good that will bring about hiring private businesses. The haves and the have mores, the 1%, keep the money and never worry about people realizing that when competent people are in office government works very well! Bush’s FEMA Director, Michael Brown, did his job exactly the way republicans do government jobs! “The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then get elected and prove it.” — P.J. O’ROURKE

    Problem with their plan is that we’re seeing President Obama in action and he is proving them wrong!


    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is getting into the for-profit disaster response business. A veteran of emergency response operations — having personally weathered Hurricane Andrew and then shepherded the state through 7 mega-hurricanes as governor — Bush has joined forces with O’Brien’s Response Management, an emergency planning company, according to a story in the Maritime Executive on its web site today.

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is getting into the for-profit disaster response business.

    • SIgh. . . . .for-profit society, for those who can afford it. We got ours, you can do it, just climb up the ladder, well, waddya know, we pulled it up behind us! That’s too bad. Sucks to be you.

      • And the entire time they making profits …these folks are proudly boasting they are the morally superior Christians.


        All I can say is – if Mitt Romney is an example of how a Mormon Bishop treats conducts his life and treats people – then tax the Hell out of these damn Corporate Churches – they’re as worthless as a chastity belt on a 100-yr-old virgin.