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Saturday, 4/28/12, Public Square

Women (and men) will march and rally today in state capitals and major U.S. cities against the recent attacks on women and in defense of women’s rights.

This initiative, started by two women on Feb. 19 with a Facebook page titled, “Organizing Against the War on Women,” has caught fire with angry women all over the country.  The response was immediate. By the next morning, almost 500 women had asked to join and organize for April 28 in their states. As of April 15, the group has 21,300 members and organizing centers in all 50 states.

Among its four basic action goals are “to inform women and men, the public, policymakers and media about issues from our life experience as women,” and to nurture intergenerational networks of women, so we can recognize and respond to the range of issues women experience across their lifespan, and fulfill our full potential as women and as human beings in our society.”

National endorsements for the April 28 mobilization include such groups as the Coalition of Labor Union Women, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Catholics for Choice, the National Organization for Women, Code Pink — Women for Peace, and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.



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