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Tuesday, 10/8/13, Public Square


Is the Speaker of the House of Representatives Being Truthful to the American Public?


Offer up the clean CR with the same budget numbers you agreed to last month then count the votes.


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Tuesday, 09/01/09, Public Square

TruthI watched news on PBS last evening and there was a panel discussion of what the news delivers to America about the health care debate.  It was agreed that most news outlets highlighted much more of the process — town hall meeting disruptions, arguing between members of Congress, the current sensational rumor — than information about the content of the bills being considered.  The panel was comprised of representatives of news organizations and they admitted they didn’t cover nearly enough about our current health care system — its weaknesses and what needed to be fixed — along with what each of the bills Congress is working on does to address those needs.

We want, need and deserve the truth.  Where do you listen or read to get actual, factual news?



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