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A Record Day Which Ended a Record Month

400_F_4811867_SouyWOKfYlBYYyD5IYy2Edk7AzAHPXni[1]Yesterday we set a new daily record for the number of views; we had 812 views which beat the earlier record of 701 views in a day which was set on a Wednesday in August.

We set a new monthly record of views last month also.  We started  midway in March 2009 and got 2,818 views that month.  The monthly totals since then have been: April, 8,472; May 9,080; June, 9,344; July, 9,851; August, 11, 404; September, 12,460.

As I said yesterday, I think the record day and month were the result of more people contributing threads.  Diversity and numbers are our strenghs.  Thus, I want to urge you all to start threads.

Enjoy the blogging and let’s set some new records!


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