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The more ‘things’ change, the more they stay the same

Here’s what Moonshadow has to say —  “I’m attaching the article I spoke of. I’d like someone that has more knowledge of our political/economic history to comment on it. I can see a lot that sounds just like the tea partiers. Saying that, how did things progress then and wouldn’t the same approach garner a similar outcome? Let me know what you think and turn it over to whoever can speak to this.”

Know who I think can speak to this?  YOU!



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Shedding Tears about the Burdens on Rich White Men

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1937

In Politico today a main story is about how difficult it is for D.C. bookstores to keep the book The Forgotten Man on their shelves.  The “forgotten man” in this case are the men who  took on the burdens of “weaker” men during the 1930s Depression.  The book is critical of the FDR and the New Deal – one of the very few which takes this unusual approach.

From the article:   ” ‘Republicans are gobbling it up — and so are other lawmakers — because it tells you what they did, what worked and what didn’t.'”

Also:   “It also looks at the Great Depression with particular sympathy upon the plight of those who were burdened with supporting the ‘weak members of society’ during the New Deal and endeavors to give a voice to those ‘forgotten men.'”

Want to talk about a populist winning strategy . . . How can the GOP go wrong with this one? … I’d like to know.

Read more here . . .

Maybe there is a market for my new book, How Average People Really, Really Enjoy Living Under the Oppression of Robber Barons! Shaking my head…



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