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What is my job as a citizen?

I’m struggling.

I want to toss some thoughts out because I’m not sure what a citizen’s role really is in the US anymore. I’m curious what people here think.

Until recently, I thought that my primary role in the running of our country was to communicate and understand what my elected officials were doing. Those who communicated effectively with me and who made decisions I either agreed with (or at least understood the logic behind) were to be rewarded with my vote. Those who were less effective in those tasks I’d vote to replace. That’s what I understood in my civics class back at Oxon Hill High School.

Maybe high school civics from the 70’s doesn’t really apply anymore.

A few years back, I resolved never to speak again on two things – faith and politics. It seemed to me that there was no longer the convention that folks could talk about these things, disagree, and move on as if they’d spoken about nothing of more consequence than the weather.

All the same, I slip up on that resolution sometimes.

Whats the point? Were not changing each others minds

What's the point? We're not changing each others minds

It has come to the point that when people discuss those topics, the goal is very often to bring the other person to the opposite side, or berate them as a fool, or worse. Continue reading


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The Argument Clinic.

Whats wrong with this picture? Not a damned thing.

What's wrong with this picture? Not a damned thing.

This morning, I had the opportunity to sleep in. I woke to the sound of my wife getting ready for work and watching the news. She passed on the news that Laura Ling and Euna Lee are on their way home from being captive in North Korea. It is a good day. What could be bad about that?

Well, apparently it can be bad, because according to the Republicans, sending Bill Clinton to speak to the North Koreans was wrong because it gives that countries leaders opportunities to use the release and photos of Kim Jong Il and the former president  as propaganda tools. Continue reading


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Sunday, 05/31/09 Public Square


Is everyone enjoying the dog days of summer?



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Thursday, 05/28/09 Public Square


Are there some times when you just get tired of the craziness of everything and you just want to let go with a a big fat raspberry, a Bronx Cheer, a nice wet pthththththhtht!?

Ah, I feel better.

What’s going on in your world?



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Sunday, 05/24/09 Public Square


Just a little ho-hum, everyday sunset over the prairie.  No big deal, they happen all the time.  😉

How are you doing?  Is the long weekend bringing at least some of what you hoped for?



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Saturday, 05/23/09 Public Square

right left brain

If a person is a ‘leftist,’ does that mean they’re controlled by the right or left side of the brain?  How does that work?  Most of the time I think my brain doesn’t know which side to choose from and just gives up!  😉

What’s everyone up to this long weekend?



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Monday, 05/04/09 Public Square


Have some extra time?  Wrap the blog in colorful conversations.


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