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Two Views on John Roberts’ Complaints About The Justices Attending the State of the Union Address

George Will and Ruth Marcus provide contrasting views on the complaints of John Roberts about the Supreme Court having to attend the Sate of the Union address.  Funny: we did not hear from Roberts about the political “pep rally” when the cheerleader-in-chief was one George W. Bush.

First of all, the Supreme Court justices are not required to go to the speech.  Justice Scalia sits out these speech opportunities.  I think Marcus is correct:  Justice Roberts is a “cry-baby” and if it is too much for him to hear criticisms of this Court, maybe he should stay home.

Finally, we all know, too, that the Supreme Court is completely divorced from any political c0nsideration, so why should they go the SOTU address?


P.S. Love this photo of the “ever-dignified” Justice Scalia


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