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Eagle Article on Kansas Trails


In today’s Eagle, there is a story about various trails across Kansas.  Check it out here.  The story is concerned with how recent federal legislation could elevate trails running  through Kansas to national status.

A lesser trail that is not mentioned in the Eagle article is the Osage Trail.  J.R. Mead, widely considered the founder of Wichita, was interested in this old Indian trail.  His daughter recalls him taking her to this trail which is located roughly at 61st North and the Little Arkansas River.  A brief description of the Osage Trail is here.

I have been to meetings of a group of amateur and professional hisorians who study the Santa Fe Trail (see above map RE: the Santa Fe Trail).  On alternate years they meet in Larned at Ft Larned.  There are some pretty serious amatuer historians involved with that group.  See the group’s website here.


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