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Penn Puts Gay Box on Application

The University of Pennsylvania last week became the first school to announce that it will provide a spot on its application for students to indicate their sexual orientation. Is this a good idea? There seem to be some obvious objections—for example, hyper-competitive students will simply lie about their sexual orientations if they think it will give them an edge. But Gabriel Arana raises some more interesting points at the American Prospect: “Students who are out in high school live in communities that are more tolerant. Statistically, these communities are more educated, less religious, wealthier, and whiter. Having grown up in a conservative, largely Hispanic community on the U.S.-Mexico border, I would not have felt comfortable identifying as gay on college applications. So if the intention is to recruit gay students, the effect will be felt only by the subset of gay applicants who, at 18, feel comfortable identifying as such. It really becomes a proxy for other demographic attributes that on the whole are largely indicative of privilege.” Furthermore, Arana points out that elite schools like Penn already have large and active LGBT communities—in general, they don’t face the same problems in attracting gay students than they do with students of racial minorities.


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Reverse Discrimination: A Talking Point the Right Cannot Give Up

cagle00The BTSNBN served as an important inspiration for me today.  On a thread at that place there was a discussion about how “racist” Rev. Wright, Obama’s former pastor, is/was.  My point to the many intellectual giants that frequent that blog was that it seemed to me that the damages done unto whites because of racism were pretty minor compared to the results of racism practiced (and codified in law) against black people in this country over our history.

Needless to say my position did not match up with the conservative talking points.  One conservative blogger who, before today, I did not necessarily consider stupid, argued that racism against whites resulted in them being denied entrance into college in California.  My first thought was the expression made famous by P-mom – “boo-fucking-hoo!”  Slavery and Genocide vs. having to apply to a community college or a private college – I was, and still am, having a hard time seeing the moral equivalency.

Does anyone understand why those dudes over there and white dudes like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh, want to hold on to the argument that white men are victims of minority racism and discrimination?  It honestly bewilders me.

This is how I relate to the conservative position (not very well, actually):  where I work we have a pretty ardent feminist CEO.  I think it is empirically true that if you are a woman, you have a better chance of being promoted than if you are a male.  Do I go around griping about that?  I’d  be too embarrassed to, quite frankly.  Who cannot argue that the tables were tilted in the opposite direction for far too long in this culture?

I’ll conclude by saying:  conservatism – it’s better than thinking… (for some people any way).

Iggy Donnelly


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