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Sunday, 09/06/09, Public Square

laborday2Enjoy your Sunday!  Rest, relax, do what makes you happy.

Any thoughts you want to share?



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Friday, 07/17/09, Public Square

ConsAfraidOfHealthCareReformIt’s Friday.  I wanted to put one of the important discussions into the proper perspective, and I think affordable health care that is available to every citizen of the United States of America is an important discussion.  Further, I think the above cartoon puts that discussion into the proper perspective!

Weekend is so close we can see it on the horizon!  Will you do something enjoyable?  Will you get recharged, relaxed and refreshed?



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Tuesday, 06/16/09, Public Square

What do you do for a hobby?  I paint rocks, I’ve painted hundreds of rocks.  There’s just no accounting for taste, or lack of (giggle).  It’s relaxing.  I give them away and so far no one has been brave enough to refuse.  😉  Left to right, a few examples of what I paint:  My sis works for ESPN / ABC Sports covering open wheel racing (Indy cars) so she got a rock car, a family of foxes all curled up fit the rock, these are my ‘pocket pals,’ and I try to have an assortment ready so every child who would enjoy one of these critters can leave with one (note the penny in the middle for perspective), and last is a koi pond — again the rock suited itself to what I painted.



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Sunday, 05/03/09 Public Square


Good morning!  It’s a peaceful Sunday morning.  What are you thinking about, what would you like to share?



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