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Out Of Africa: Human DNA

dna_rgbDid anyone watch “The Human Family Tree” recently on the National Geographic channel? One of the most fascinating facts found out, after checking the DNA of 350,000 human beings from every corner of the planet, is we all come from the same area of Africa.

200,000 – 150,000 years ago: The genetic journey of everyone alive today began with one woman — “Scientific Eve” — who lived in Africa and passed along her DNA through special cell structures called mitochondria, which only women pass down to further generations. What that means is, we are all related: Black, White, Yellow, Brown . . . we’re all the same. Our DNA varies by 1/10 of 1%, and that small percentage is what gives us our individual identities.

The color of a humans skin comes not from DNA, but where our ancestors migrated to. European ancestors lived in cold climates, so skin pigmentation lightened over generations. Those living in warmer or hotter climates retained the darker characteristics. It makes it interesting, then, how much race (which actually doesn’t exist) plays the role it does in society.  I wonder how racists would actually feel if they knew they were hating their brothers and cousins?  My guess is they would not believe the evidence when presented to them. All one has to do is look to people like Linda Jenkins, Bill O’Reilly and their ilk to understand facts have little meaning to them.

So, readers, how do we change the minds of people bent on destroying race relations, when the evidence of DNA points to the non-existence of race? Is it even possible?



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What’s up with White Men calling minorities “Racist”?

glenn-beck[1]The Gates arrest incident and Obama terming the situation as “stupidity”, has prompted conservative host, Glenn Beck, to call Obama a “racist”.  What is up with poor persecuted white men calling any minority a “racist”? 

I cannot understand this.  I get it on how people want things to be fair.  But, calling people names for what they have suffered for thoughout history, seems really, really bizarre to me.

Read the full story here.


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The Implicit Association Test as a B.S. Repellent

FF_raves_gates1_f[1] The Gates arrest controversy brought with it a storm of comments from conservatives as to how racism is dead and that we can now move forward with the meritocricy that has been true for a long time in this race-blind country. Yep, you betcha. The only problem with this assertion? That’s right, it is not true in any way, shape, or form.

The Implicit Association Test viewable at the linked Harvard website lays to rest the conservative “race-blind” myth.   The test reveals that racism is alive and well even though many who genuinely believe that they are free of racism, in truth, really are not.  Including, yours truly, the author of this post.  The IAT is one of those pesky reminders that we have not grown much past our Jim Crowe roots.  My test results revealed that I have a strong preference for European whites over African Americans.

Take the test to find out the truth about yourself.



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Reverse Discrimination: A Talking Point the Right Cannot Give Up

cagle00The BTSNBN served as an important inspiration for me today.  On a thread at that place there was a discussion about how “racist” Rev. Wright, Obama’s former pastor, is/was.  My point to the many intellectual giants that frequent that blog was that it seemed to me that the damages done unto whites because of racism were pretty minor compared to the results of racism practiced (and codified in law) against black people in this country over our history.

Needless to say my position did not match up with the conservative talking points.  One conservative blogger who, before today, I did not necessarily consider stupid, argued that racism against whites resulted in them being denied entrance into college in California.  My first thought was the expression made famous by P-mom – “boo-fucking-hoo!”  Slavery and Genocide vs. having to apply to a community college or a private college – I was, and still am, having a hard time seeing the moral equivalency.

Does anyone understand why those dudes over there and white dudes like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh, want to hold on to the argument that white men are victims of minority racism and discrimination?  It honestly bewilders me.

This is how I relate to the conservative position (not very well, actually):  where I work we have a pretty ardent feminist CEO.  I think it is empirically true that if you are a woman, you have a better chance of being promoted than if you are a male.  Do I go around griping about that?  I’d  be too embarrassed to, quite frankly.  Who cannot argue that the tables were tilted in the opposite direction for far too long in this culture?

I’ll conclude by saying:  conservatism – it’s better than thinking… (for some people any way).

Iggy Donnelly


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