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Obama is an Intelligent Liberal and Many are Rooting for Him

In his NYTimes op-ed Timothy Egan asserts that many in our country recognize that Obama is a liberal AND  are still for him.  He says:  “Nearly 60 percent in the NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll viewed him as ‘very or somewhat liberal.’ And, with a shrug and thumbs up, they’re cheering for the new guy.”

Egan further states “Obama’s broad support points to an old American character trait – pragmatism. It can tilt conservative or liberal, as resilient as the times.”

Is it really possible that we are opting for pragmatism, i.e. “getting the job done” regardless vs. ideology?  I want to believe this is true, but I fail to be this optimistic.  I hope I am wrong.  What do you bloggers think?

iggy donnelly


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