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Tuesday, 8/1/17, Public Square

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by | August 1, 2017 · 11:12 am

The Argument Clinic.

Whats wrong with this picture? Not a damned thing.

What's wrong with this picture? Not a damned thing.

This morning, I had the opportunity to sleep in. I woke to the sound of my wife getting ready for work and watching the news. She passed on the news that Laura Ling and Euna Lee are on their way home from being captive in North Korea. It is a good day. What could be bad about that?

Well, apparently it can be bad, because according to the Republicans, sending Bill Clinton to speak to the North Koreans was wrong because it gives that countries leaders opportunities to use the release and photos of Kim Jong Il and the former president  as propaganda tools. Continue reading


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Secretary Clinton asks for advice

hillary-clinton2North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan…the list goes on. So, how does Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cope? By requesting the advice of her predecessors, apparently. On Tuesday all but one of the living secretary’s of state convened at Madeline Albright’s home in Washington, D.C. to talk diplomacy. The list of those seated at the dinner table was full of political all-stars, including Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, and James Baker. The only one missing was Alexander Haig.

And after she asks all those who have experience and knowledge she will be well prepared to make decisions for America. I’m proud of her.

What do you think of the job Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is doing?



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Is North Korea a serious threat?

APTOPIX China North Korea Journalists Held North Korea’s recent nuclear weapons test flies in the face of everything diplomatic. “”Our army and people are fully ready for battle . . . against any reckless U.S. attempt for a pre-emptive attack,” the reclusive country’s state-run news agency said.” They seem prepared to go to war, despite both Russia and China condemning this latest nuclear gaff.

North Korea is so poor in everything needed to survive as a nation, one wonders what this backwards country could be thinking. Reports out of the country suggest people are selling their children as food, that cannibalism is common.  Their prisons are operated as slave camps, with rape, murder and torture as common as it is cold. Kim Jung-iI must be operating on pure paranoia. The total resources of the country are tied up in the military. Their propaganda machine paints any Western country as the home of the devil himself.

This is a scary scenario, and one that could test Obama’s resolve. That they have both short and long range missiles puts us, South Korea and Japan in real danger, and a war with them will cost millions of lives, of that I have no doubt. I wish I had a decent suggestion on this, but I’m stumped. Anyone else have something worthwhile?



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