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Lights! Cameras! Action!

Movies comes in all forms, action, drama, horror, Westerns, comedy, chick flicks, guy flicks, action movies and just plain dumb movies.  Movies are based on best selling books, original screen plays, short stories, historical characters and events and some apparently are based on what is written on the Boy’s Room walls at the local Junior High School.

Many of us like to “get away” and watch a good movie, either at home or in the theater. I prefer mine in the comfort of my television room (cheap SOB) but some like the experience of the really big screen.

Nearly everyone has their list of best and worst movies, and their list of favorite actors and actresses. Some, like me, have a mental list of actors they hate seeing in any type of movie.

So, this thread is a combination of the Academy Awards show and the Razzies presentation:

The Best and the Worst!

Who and what are your favorites and who and what are like fingernails on a blackboard to you?

No one is watching, so trot out your lists.

William Stephenson Clark


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