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Fighting Themselves

Infighting could hurt Republican chances in midterms, RNC members say

Republican National Committee members urged each other to put aside their squabbles and focus on winning big in this fall’s midterm elections at a closed-door meeting this week. After November, and only after November, “if we want to have a convention to argue among ourselves, we can do that,” said former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, chair of his state party. Sununu later said that infighting is a luxury a party can indulge in only with a super majority. Republicans, eying the president’s slip in the polls, are confident they can win the 40 seats needed to retake the House, and some are optimistic about winning the Senate. But little leaks have become distractions, like a letter saying the RNC is deeper in debt than reported, and an email to foreign ambassadors offering meetings with Chairman Michael Steele. The Nevada Republican Party chair told members, “Forget this fighting—just send us money,” as she tries to help Sharron Angle unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Read more here.


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Deliberate Deceit or Just Plain Stupid?

As I seem to recall, Michele Bachmann, who once told Michael Steele that he was ‘the man’, was encouraging every American to refuse to participate and ignore the census form.  So, I am puzzled as to why the GOP would choose to use a census-like form for their fundraising?  Further puzzlement is why did they send it to the Democratic Governor in Montana? 




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Oops….I did it again!

I have to wonder about this guy.  Is he simply following the latest GOP strategy of claiming to have not been  there so they are not responsible – or is he just stuck on stupid?

Is this strategy working for the GOP ?




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Oops…I Did It Again

Fox News Scrubs ‘Honest Injun’ From Steele Transcript

Steele Know What The Kids Like

As you may have heard, two days ago while sitting for an interview with Sean Hannity, RNC Hip-Hop Guru Michael Steele made some unwanted waves when he used the phrase “Honest Injun” to underscore his contention that the GOP doesn’t need to be more moderate.

Wordplay, apparently! Well, the phrase is a racial epithet that Native Americans find offensive, and Representative Dale Kildee (D-Mich.), who co-chairs the Congressional Native American Caucus, has demanded an apology from Steele.

Well, the good news is that Fox News is doing its part to alleviate the controversy. What, exactly, are they doing? I’m glad I posed this question on your behalf! Via Sarabeth at 1115.org, Fox is helping Steele out by altering the transcript of the segment:

HANNITY: But there’s — but there’s a battle, and you know this is going on, because you’re the chairman. I’m sure you deal with this a lot more than I do. There are those that are saying that, for the Republican Party to be successful, they’ve got to, quote, moderate — be more moderate.
STEELE: No, no!

HANNITY: You hear that.

STEELE: That’s what has gotten us into trouble, when we walked away from principle. Our platform is one of the best political documents that’s been written in the last 25 years, honest engine on that.

Exactly! Surely we should ask of our lyin’ ears if Steele didn’t actually say “honest engine.” Except: WTF is an “honest engine”? Well, as luck would have it, some Urban Dictionary user hooked on all the wrong phonics gives “honest engine” the exact same definition as “honest Injun.” Or, maybe, Steele was referring to Sacramento, California’s Honest Engine auto repair company, employing the hip-hop tradition known as the “shout out.”

Or, maybe, Michael Steele literally is a machine into which gas is poured, that produces toxic exhaust.


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RNC spending more than it raised

According to an article at The Hill

A 2009 spending spree has left the Republican National Committee (RNC) with its worst election-year cash flow this decade.  The RNC had $22.8 million in cash and no debt when Michael Steele was elected chairman at the end of January, but has since seen its cash on hand drop to less than $9 million at the end of November.

It will be interesting to follow the money, and equally interesting to see how long Michael Steele keeps his job.  It’s sad that the party that was once well-respected for their fiscal restraint now outspends their fund raising performance.  Could they instigate an almighty tax cut of some sort?   They say tax cuts are the solution for all economic woes!

One of the comments to this story is worth repeating here —  “If the Republicans are not frugal with money that was given to them voluntarily, just imagine how they’ll waste money raised through taxes. The Myth of Republican Frugality has taken another hit.”



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Michael Steele: The New drag queenRepublican!

steelecowMichael Steele, the leader of the Republican party, except when he isn’t and Rush leads, has stated:

“The feeling in some circles is that this health care train has left the station with the president at the wheel, and Republicans better jump on board,” says our host.

“Well I’m the cow on the tracks,” proclaimed Steele.  “You’re gonna have to stop the train to get this cow off the track to move forward.”

That statement is pretty hilarious, considering a cow is female. Apparently, Steele will then be dressed in drag, a picture nobody should be required to see, let alone visualize.

However, besides the ridiculous statement, what he is proving is the fight is a long way from being over. Even though the bill passed the financial committee, with the help of one Republican, to get the bill passed by both houses, and in a form that will actually benefit the people of this country, will require some serious debate.

Our President will have to step out of his comfort zone and start using the fact Democrats control congress to our advantage.  So far, he hasn’t shown a whole lot of leadership ability in that area. He needs to quit sniping at news pundits and get on with the business of seeing to it true health care reform, as he promised, is passed. Putting road blocks like Steele in their place shouldn’t be all that difficult when you control congress. The Democrats need to remember that trains have cow catchers on the front for a reason. Start using it.

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