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Monday, 8/31/15, Public Square



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Thursday, 10/17/13, Public Square

mental illness


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Saturday, 10/10/09, Public Square

mentalMaskWorld Mental Health Day is October 10, 2009.

Mental illnesses do not discriminate according to culture or age, and an individual’s mental health is an integral aspect of overall health and wellbeing.

The 2009 World Mental Health Day is a global awareness campaign which addresses the continuing need to make mental health issues a global priority.

Come on girl, brush yourself down
Cast aside this darkness
‘Action speaks louder than words’
Now is the time to advance
Not ponder, or doubt, or look back

Problems can be dealt with
And that you intend to do

Now girl, pull yourself from the depths
Start to live again
And laugh once more
Remember what they say…..
‘You’ are your harshest critic
So critical
Of every thought and word and deed

Be kind to yourself
And then, and only then
Be kind to those who deserve it more



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8 New Ways You Might Be Mentally Ill

dsm_ivLast week the American Psychiatric Association held their annual meeting in San Francisco.  One of the topics discussed was an upcoming revision of a book titled, “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.”  It was originally published in 1952 and is revised about once a decade.  This “bible” for the mental health industry has been translated into 13 languages and is recognized around the world as the authoritative text on mental health.  Some of the new “mental illnesses” under consideration for the next revision have been leaked, and are described here.

They got me on Internet Addiction.  No question.  I am fnord and I …

There are a couple of new mental illnesses I smiled about. Embitterment Disorder and Pathological Bias.  As if the Republicans didn’t already have enough problems!  Now the whole bunch needs treatment for these new mental illnesses!  Oh, and on that Pathological Bias — some are saying if bigotry makes the cut for the new DSM, it could have profound implications for our justice system, sparking more defense-attorney tactics that begin with, “Your Honor, my client suffers from…”



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