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Contest: Name Sarah Palin’s Memoir

palin_winkSarah will be publishing a memoir this spring.  She will cover her trials and tribulations, Politico reports.

The article says unnamed sources confide that a title for this memoir has not been chosen.  Let’s help Sarah out.  Post your suggestion for the name of her autobiography.  If any, or all, are good, I will forward them to the Governor’s office.

My choice: Did Life Throw Me Some Curves?  You Betcha – wink, wink…

Another idea:  Too Few to Pray with, Too Many to Monitor…

One more:  Pallin’ Around with Jesus, Instead of Terrorists…

Sorry.  I will stop now.

Other comments, unrelated to a title, of course,  are welcome, too.

Winners of the contest can get to have lunch on  iggy – in a place of my choosing… (fnord may chip in too).

Deadline for entry:  A week from today – 05-20-09.

iggy donnelly


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