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Tuesday, 3/4/13, Public Square

I am sick of the anti-American rhetoric coming from the mouths of McCain, Graham and the rest of the war-hungry ‘right.’ If there is anything which is weak in a situation like the current one in Ukraine, it is congressional leaders blatant disrespect for our country.

Here are Bush’s words from his ranch is Crawford:



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Does Hayworth pose a real threat to McCain?

This is John McCain’s challenger for his Senate seat.  I cannot believe we still have people who are trying to beat the birther drum.  I wonder if he drinks tea?




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Truthful or Agenda Driven?

Does Joan Walsh have a point about these unnamed sources?   Is this another book that is clearly one of those that people will see what they want to see and disregard those parts that don’t fit their personal agenda?




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McCain Palin tweets

geezer-and-gidgetMaureen Dowd has a hilarious, must not miss column in the New York Times!

“It was only a matter of time, once John McCain joined the 21st century and got himself a Ford Fusion Hybrid, a Facebook page and a Twitter account, that he would reconnect with people out of his past he would rather forget.

But some people, including the conservative posing on the cover of this week’s Time wearing purple toenail polish, are unforgettable.

And so comes this remarkable exchange of tweets between the erstwhile mavericky twins.

PALIN: @SenJohnMcCain — How the heck are ya, ya big hero?? Long time no hear, pardner. Y did u defriend me on Facebook?”

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