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Palin’s Co-Author Hints at Going Rogue’s Slant

LynnSarahWorldMagazine[2]Lynn Vincent, Palin’s co-author for her upcoming book gives hints as to what the finished product will look like. 

 This Politico article suggests: “Palin’s choice of Vincent suggests that her [book] will be, emphatically, a partisan tract.  And it is of a piece with a post-election posture in which the nation’s most intensely popular, and most intensely unpopular, Republican has chosen to deepen her bond with her base at the cost of antipathy from the independent voters who decide presidential elections.”

Vincent assisted with the book of General William Boykin, whose military career ended when he preached from the pulpit about our country’s holy war with Islam.  Vincent believes that one in ten Muslims are peaceful and the remainder warrent careful monitoring. Terming Vincent’s political posturing as being on the side of fascism is a little mild, actually.

There are already signs that Palin’s book will be a huge best-seller.  Hopefully the book will get the word out about Palin and she will become the laughing-stock she so richly deserves to be.




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