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Tuesday, 12/9/14, Public Square



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Wednesay, 3/26/14, Public Square

love people use things


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Sunday, 12/1/13, Public Square

the radical


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Saturday, 4/7/12, Public Square


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Saturday, 10/23/09, Public Square

NoBadDayLet’s plan to not miss any opportunity to dance.

Life is short.  Break the rules.  Forgive easily.

nobadday2Kiss slowly.  Love truly.

Laugh uncontrollably.

And never regret anything that made you smile.

Let’s refuse to have a bad day!nobadday3


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Saturday, 06/06/09, Public Square


It’s the weekend — hope it brings you peace, love and happiness!  What are you thinking about today?  What would you like to share?



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It started out just an errand, I needed something from the store and the choice was car or the 1100 cc Honda shadow? The sun is out and the temp not too bad so an easy choice in my mind. Speaking of my mind, heavy with thoughts and worries in a world that seems to get more insane with each sunrise. I need some relief from feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Over ten years ago my wings has failed me, I loved my 650 but it had been a compromise after turning twenty-four. Years before I had made myself a promise:  I would have a Harley by twenty-four and a Helicopter by thirty-eight.  A Harley remained out of my price range so the Cherry red 1980 Yamaha 650 special came into my life.

That damnable maturity and responsibility!  When the bike broke down the choice was clear.  The money could go to keeping a car going that would carry the likes of a wife and three kids or to fix a motor cycle that would carry me.

In the years since there always seemed a hole in my life, something missing. And either through maturity or simply not wanting to admit it, I kept ignoring what caused that hole.  Over a year ago the answer suddenly came clear, my brother-in-law brought his bike down in the back of his pick-up. Getting my help in off loading it came with a price. I would get to ride it out to where my wife worked and I would pull the same joke I did after buying my last bike. “Look honey what I bought!” Continue reading


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Sunday, 05/10/09 Public Square

parentsHappy Mother’s Day.

To those Dads, Grandparents and others who also make great mothers, thank you — here’s to you too!  Biology is not what makes someone a mother.

Being a mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.

Tell us about your Mother.

This is your thread, take it and run with it!



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